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Plaice Sea Fishing Holidays

Plaice are a cold saltwater species, although they are usually small they are aggressive predators and will take most of the common sea fishing baits. Although not normally a species that anglers travel to target alone, they are a welcome change and great species to catch on light tackle on many of our sea fishing destinations. Plaice are also considered to be great eating fish.

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17 Tours available

Tour code: NOR040

Boat fishing is not for everyone and with that in mind, we have worked hard to bring you something different. This exclusive shore fishing destination will give you the opportunity to catch one of the many sizeable Halibut which frequent these waters well within casting distance. On top of this, you will be joined by an extremely experienced shore angling guide who will assist you with everything you need.

   Season: February to April & September to November

From: £1,026 per person including flights

Tour code: NOR033

Everybody in the sea fishing world has heard of Sørøya in northern Norway and how it is home to the world record rod and reel caught Cod at 104LB, well we are extremely pleased to be able to offer, you the angler, the chance of fishing for these might Skrei Cod fishing in Sørøya northern Norway.

  Category: Sea Fishing
   Season: March to October

From: £1,292 per person including flights

Tour code: NOR031

We are delighted to be able to offer yet another fantastic opportunity as a single angler or small group to join us on a fully hosted sea fishing adventure to this amazing destination located off Andöya which is located in Northern Norway. The huge advantage of joining tour hosted trips is to learn off your host who will have been fishing the sea off Norway for many years.

   Season: April to September

From: £1,782 per person including flights

Tour code: NOR030

If you are serious about your sea fishing in Northern Norway you will of heard of Andöya, which is located in Northern Norway. This destination called Risöysundet is located on the south-east part of Andöya, in a strait called Risöysundet. The cabins are well protected from the wind and offer great possibilities for a big variety of both fishing areas and species to target.

   Season: April to September

From: £1,359 per person including flights

Tour code: NOR004

This spectacular sea fishing destination is exclusive to Sportquest Holidays and includes everything you need for an action-packed weeks fishing. Subject to availability you will receive a full day guided fishing free of charge. On top of this, there is a fully stocked tackle shop on site so you can turn up with no end tackle and be rest assured that you can purchase everything you need for a full weeks fishing at very good prices.

  Category: Sea Fishing
   Season: April to September

From: £1,446 per person including flights

Tour code: NOR011

We are extremely delighted to be able to offer you a hosted fishing trip to Å Norway which is on the stunning Islands of Lofoten. This trip will be hosted by one of our guides and he will be with you every step of the way helping you to get the most out of your sea fishing holiday.

   Season: April to September

From: £1,682 per person including flights

Tour code: NOR020  

If you have been looking for a fish packed holiday in stunning surroundings then look no further than the Lofoten Islands dubbed as the jewel of Norway. The area around the camp is famous for large Halibut and one only needs to travel a short distance to find some of the best grounds.

  Category: Sea Fishing
   Season: April to September

From: £1,446 per person including flights

Tour code: NOR015  

Ever fancied going to Norway to do battle with some of the hard fighting fish that this part of the world is known for and struggled to get your friends to join, well now is your chance to come on your own and fish with like minded anglers. The waters around Lofoten Islands are a magnet to the mighty Halibut plus all the usual species.

   Season: April to September

From: £1,639 per person including flights

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17 Tours available

Additional Information

Name: Plaice

Also known as: European Plaice

Scientific Name: Pleuronectes platessa

Description: The characteristics of the common Plaice ranges from a dark green to dark brown back with irregularly distributed orange spots and the underside is pearly white. The skin is smooth with small scales and they are able to adapt their colours to match their environment, but the orange spots always remain.

Average Size: Plaice have been caught ranging from 0.5lb to over 14lb but an average would be 3lb.

Where to catch: The range for the European Plaice is huge and they can be found off all coasts including the Barents Sea, the Mediterranean, the Northeast Atlantic and off Greenland. Some of the most popular destinations are in Norway. The grounds where Plaice can be found vary from clean smooth sandy bottoms to muddy grounds and usual depths of 5 – 50m. The smaller of the species can be caught from very shallow inshore waters.

Fishing Methods: The normal method to target Plaice is to fish with bait from strips of Mackerel to whole prawns. The rigs normally consist of Size 1 long shank hooks on a range of different traces depending on the tide, range and system you are using. You do not have to have the baited hook tight to the bottom, Plaice are aggressive hunters and will move off the substrate in order to secure a meal.

  • Pimp your rig – Plaice love bling such as beads, spoons and other attractors are worth using to increase your chances. Adding movement and visual stimulus to your bait is important, these guys are visual hunters.
  • Flowing trace – Use as lighter lead as possible to allow your end gear to move around in the tide and currents.
  • Pulley rig –This is a simple rig and it allows for powerful long casts. It also helps in hooking the fish as the weight is connected directly to the weight.
  • Multiple hook paternoster – Any combination ie 2 up and 1 down will work. Some people prefer wide white booms as they create movement when they are caught by the current giving life to the bait. It is really up to you.