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Smoothhounds Fishing

The smooth hound is a species most UK anglers will be familiar with, feeding on crustaceans mainly these sharks have no teeth, hence another common name for them being Gummy Sharks. These big grey dogs fight hard and grow in excess of 50lb in these warmer waters, these sharks are a lovely species to catch and a welcome addition to any anglers species list.

Guided Shark Fishing Jeffreys Bay | South Africa

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to catch some of South Africas biggest and toughest species from the shore. Here at the beautiful destination of Jeffrey's bay, you will be fishing from the shore with a very experienced guide who will aid you while on your holiday to land some of the Indian Oceans most hard fighting species. This holiday will see you fishing big baits from the shore hunting down the very big sharks that inhabit these waters, these enormous specimens will see you doing battle as you pit your wits to defeat the king of the seas and land that fish you have always wanted to catch... Read more

  Category: Big Game Fishing, Fishing Holidays, Sea Fishing, Hosted Hosted Popper, Jig & Big Game Fishing Holidays, Hosted Saltwater Fishing
   Season: October to April

Bronze Whaler Shark | Hosted Shore Fishing | Namibia

If you have ever dreamt of targeting the top of the food chain from the shore then this the perfect trip for you to get your teeth into. This will be an exclusive trip for a small group of anglers meaning you will have the maximum attention from our hosts, ensuring you are getting optimum fishing time with the best advice to catch... Read more

  Category: Hosted Fishing, Popper & Jig Fishing, Hosted Hosted Popper, Jig & Big Game Fishing Holidays
   Season: October to April
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Additional Information

Name: Smooth-hound

Also Known As: Hound, Gummy Shark, Smut, Smoothie

Scientific Name: Mustelus Mustelus

Description: The Smoothhound is a member of the shark family and can be found in many of the world’s seas. This Shark does not reach anywhere near the sizes of its close relatives in the family of sharks and is unique in the fact that it has no teeth, instead, it has bone crushing pads that are perfect for crushing its favoured prey of crabs. This pretty little shark is normally of a grey colour with a white belly, although some variations will have many white speckles on their backs.

Average Size: These fish can reach sizes over 40lbs but the average size that you will catch is around 8lb.

Where To Catch: These sharks can be found in many of the world’s oceans with prime locations to catch them being Namibia and South Africa. In the summertime, the Smooth-hounds arrive on UK shorelines making for great sport with top UK destinations being Selsey, Pagham and Holderness.

Fishing Methods: The Smoothhound is predominantly a bottom feeding fish so the best method to target them is by using a ledgered bait. Casting this from the shore, you will then wait for the rod tip to show indications that a fish has picked up the bait, these fish will hit hard and run fast so ensure that your drag is set on your reels or you may be chasing your rod down the beach. Baits for Smooth-hounds will vary from region to region but the most common bait is crustaceans (crab, prawns) followed by small fish baits which are normally cut into chunks before being placed on the hook.

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