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Tuna Fishing Holidays

Tuna Fishing Holidays have grown over the last few years, with the introduction of fishing for huge Bluefin Tuna all on a strict catch and release basis. Sportquest Holidays has been specialising in Big Game fishing holidays around the world for many years. Over this time we have built up an amazing knowledge base of the worlds Tuna fishing destinations allowing us to make sure, we only send our customers at the correct time of year and only with first class crews.

Panama Sport Fishing Lodge | Panama

Every sport fisherman has heard of stories of how world-class the fishery is in Panama and it's no wondering when Panama is the home to so many IGFA records of all manner of species and our lodge is right in the thick of it. The Gulf of Chiriquí is a real treasure of Panama and with the likes of world-renowned areas such as Hannibal Bank and Isla Montuosa being the fishing grounds.. Read more

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Dogtooth Tuna Fishing | Hawkins Bank | Rodrigues | Mauritius

This fishing adventure is like no others out there! Rodrigues Island offers anglers a unique opportunity to fish for some incredible species. The fishing style used is completely down to you as the itinerary can be completely tailored to suit how you wish to fish and the species you wish to target. In addition to this, we some excellent tackle package waiting on board for you to use completely free of charge... Read more

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Additional Information

The Tuna family are a variety of fish that need no introduction to the travelling angler. These solid lumps of muscle will put a smile on anybody who is lucky enough to hook ones face, ranging in size from the smallest Alabacore Tuna which reaches only a few pounds all the way up to the monstrous Blue Fin Tuna.

These Blue Fin Tuna will test not only the strongest of tackle but also your own mental and physical strength. Of course it is not only the fight that makes the fish so highly sought after, Tuna are also a fine tasting meal and there is nothing nicer that freshly prepared sasheme

Name: Tuna

Also known as: Blue Fin, Yellow Fin, Albacore, Dogtooth, Big Eye

Scientific Name: Thunni



The tuna is a sleek and streamlined fish torpedo shaped fish which is adapted for speed. It has two closely spaced dorsal fins on its back, seven to ten yellow finlets also run from the dorsal fins to the tail. The tuna’s dorsal side is generally a metallic dark blue, while the ventral side, or underside, is silvery or whitish, for camouflage.


Average size for Tuna

Tuna can rang from just a few pounds in weight all the way up to the biggest specimens that can weight in excess of 1000lb in weight.


Where to catch Tuna

Tuna can be caught all over the world in the many oceans but there are certain places where you have a better chance of catching these fantastic fish. Places I would recommend to fish would be Mexico with destinations such as Palmas de cortez being a big draw to Big game anglers, Costa Rica where Crocodile Bay and Zacundo lodge will provide you with the chance to do battle with Tuna and Florida.

Heading around to Africa you can fish in the waters around South Africa where the Tuna grow big and powerful. For the huge monsters of the Tuna world I would suggest heading to places like Nova Scotia where you can do battle with some huge leviathans.


Fishing methods for Tuna

Big game fishing methods are normally the way forward when targeting Tuna, they often targeted by trolling big lures behind a Big game boat, teasers will draw the fish up getting them interested and encouraging them to hit the lures. Tuna will also hit baits like squid that are dropped into a feeding shoal behind the boat.

Another way to fish for tuna is to feed chum/rubby dubby/ fish behind the boat enticing the fish up to feed and then once feeding you can flick a fish bait in amongst them and watch as they smash the bait and run like a train.



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