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Irigoyen River Argentina Q&A

Relatively unknown to the modern world of traveling anglers, the Irigoyen river and its sister systems in southernmost Tierra del Fuego win top honours for the smallest systems with the largest Sea-run Trout. No other system comes close to this for Trout anglers who enjoy small water, complex woody stream structure, solace from the wind […]

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Better Casting In Blustery Conditions

  When it chooses to blow hard, casting can become more complicated. With the right equipment and the proper technique, however, a blustery forecast can be easily conquered.   Casting into or against the wind is a tiresome task. Fortunately, the beats at Kau Tapen, on the upper river, and Villa Maria, on the lower, […]

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Top Flies For Rio Grande Sea Trout

  Argentina’s Rio Grande and its Rio Menendez tributary are home to healthy returns of migrating trout that can reach near-mythical proportions. In order to turn dreams into reality, preparation is key. In this short series of articles, we intend to help you do just that by sharing tips and tricks. Below are the top flies […]

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