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Species Spotlight: Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon

Name: Coho Salmon Also known as: Silver Salmon or Silver’s Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus kisutch Description: As their common name would suggest, when Coho enter the rivers to start their breeding migration they tend to be bright silver with darky blue upper backs. The longer these fish spend in fresh water the more they start to […]

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Tips On Strip Setting For Salmon

Strip set for Salmon

“Don’t trout set” are words nearly every saltwater angler has heard at one time or another. That’s because when it comes to hard mouthed species like Bonefish it’s crucial to set the hook by stripping the fly as opposed to raising the rod in typical ‘Trout’ fashion. Raising the rod does a great job at […]

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Kalum River Lodge 5th Oct Report

  We have received this report in from the Kalum River Lodge, the customers fishing the first week of October had some amazing fishing with many big fish being landed. Take a look below at the pictures we have received, I am sure you will agree that the fishing this time of year looks phenomenal. […]

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Drama On the Alagnak Wild River

Its all good fun when you are out fishing, but we do need to remember that we are fishing in the natural world that mother nature creates and man is not always at the top of the food chain….. As everyone has now arrived at the lodge the staff have all been busy getting everything […]

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Brand new Salmon Destination Alaska

We are so pleased to finally bring you this great brand new destination which is a real gem for all fly anglers who like to swing flies for both Salmon and huge rainbows. Also for an introductory period and to encourage customers to try this new destination we are happy to offer you a deal off the […]

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