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Farquhar Fishing Report Week 1

This week we enjoyed generally calm conditions throughout the week, with bluebird skies and very little wind. Visibility was good and the days heated up quickly. On the last day of fishing, we did however, experience a morning squall but it passed by 9:30 am and it was back to fishing as usual shortly after. […]

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Species Spotlight: Dogtooth Tuna

Dogtooth Tuna

Name: Dogtooth Tuna Also known as: White Tuna Scientific Name: Gymnosarda unicolour Description: The Dogtooth Tuna can reach up to 250cm in length and weights of over 250lb have been recorded. These large sized Tuna have a streamlined shape and a distinctive colour to their bodies. Dogtooth Tuna have a stunning blue-green colour on their […]

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Astove Island Fishing Q&A

Astove has become synonymous with the largest flats-caught GT’s in the Indian Ocean. Its shallow lagoon and small entrance, surrounded by sheer drop-offs makes the experience truly unique. This lagoon is a sanctuary for both juvenile and trophy-size fish that feed on the shallow white sand flats that line the inside of the lagoon. Astove […]

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