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“The UK’s leading website for worldwide fishing & shooting holidays”   Fly Fishing Alphonse Island Seychelles We are pleased to offer you £500 off per person on this selected week to Alphonse Island. The Seychelles has become the mecca for saltwater fly anglers but one location stands out above the rest, the Alphonse group. The […]

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Farquhar Fishing Report Week 8

Our last week of the Farquhar Atoll 2019 season proved to be a tough one from a weather perspective with heavy rain and strong winds. We experienced big spring tides to start with that progressed to neaps towards the end of the fishing week. Due to the strong winds we couldn’t use our boats for […]

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Farquhar Fishing Report Week 7

This week turned out to be a great one from a weather perspective with sunny, warm conditions being the norm. Tide wise, we began the week with neap tides that later built to springs giving our guests a great mix of fishing scenarios. Our guests were treated to a number of shots at GTs this […]

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Providence Fishing Report Week 6

Providence Fly Fishing

The harsh weather we experienced last week unfortunately resulted in us losing a day’s fishing of our final week of the season, an unfortunate and exceptionally rare occurrence. With 5 days of the season remaining, we were determined to make the most of the time we had left on the atoll. Day 1 – We began […]

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