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A Typical Day Fishing In Mexico

Mexico is a truly fantastic destination enjoyed by many anglers who travel there every year. This destination provides travelling anglers with some fantastic fishing in some beautiful surroundings and the destination of Palmas de Cortez is one of the finest places to visit. Here I will take you through a typical day at the destination […]

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Zancudo Lodge Costa Rica Q & A


The Zancudo Lodge, where over 70 IGFA records have been set, is world-renowned for its lure and fly fishing inshore and offshore. You will receive access to all the required fishing tackle from ultra-light to heavy fly fishing tackle with all poppers, lures, jigs and small flies will also be included, all tackle is of […]

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Big Game Fishing – Is It Suitable For Everyone?

  Categories: Sea Fishing

Big Game Fishing, also known as offshore fishing and blue water fishing, is a form of fishing in the big wide oceans designed to target large and elusive fish such as, Marlin, Sailfish and Tuna which are just some of the various species available. Many people ask what is big game fishing like? Will they […]

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