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Zancudo Lodge Costa Rica Q & A


The Zancudo Lodge, where over 70 IGFA records have been set, is world-renowned for its lure and fly fishing inshore and offshore. You will receive access to all the required fishing tackle from ultra-light to heavy fly fishing tackle with all poppers, lures, jigs and small flies will also be included, all tackle is of […]

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Species Spotlight: Sailfish

Sailfish Fishing

Name: Atlantic or Indo-Pacific Sailfish Also known as: Sailfish Scientific Name: Istiophorus Description: Sailfish start their lives as tiny larvae no bigger than a few millimetres but their growth rate in the first years is immense. When they are fully grown Sailfish can reach lengths of 10 feet from Bill to tail and upwards of […]

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Top Tips On Speed Jigging

Speed Jigging

The term jigging is a well-known tactic when it comes to fishing for certain species. This method is popular at our Guinea Bissau, Madagascar, Andaman Islands, Gabon and Costa Rica fishing destinations.   There are many different ways of jigging all involving dropping a metal lure into the dark depths and then working it to […]

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