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The Finest Bonefish Fly Fishing St Brandons

The Finest Bonefish Fly Fishing St Brandons

We knew we were in for a really enjoyable week at Fly Fishing St Brandons in Mauritius when we met up with our group of guests onboard the 21-30 Oct 2014 trip. Needless to say, excitement levels were high among both guests and guides as we began our journey to the finest Bonefish destination on the planet.

Upon arriving Fly Fishing St Brandons we jumped straight into action with the teams reveling in some classic skinny-water fishing for big Bones, as well as racking up the numbers as some of our large resident shoals hovered up a well-presented fly. It had been a good first day and with the group mingling well, stories about their own personal experiences on day one flowed well past dinner.

Despite a tricky very early morning low tide, we managed get everyone consistently into the some solid fish over the next two days. Granted it was not fireworks by Fly Fishing St Brandons standards but good enough to keep even the most ardent Bonefish enthusiast more than happy. As the low tide started to move further into the morning sessions we were able to fish to our spots of choice and ambush the fish as they were moving onto the flats. This resulted in more classic skinny-water fishing to Bones between 6-8lb, which is exactly what St Brandon’s has become such a coveted fishery. There is simply nothing quite like seeing the slow determined motion of a large Bone as he moves up onto the flat with the tide behind him. His tail and dorsal fin glisten in the sunlight and the excitement mounts as your fly lands softly 2 feet away from. It’s what saltwater flats fishing is all about and a real privilege to share with our guests!

As the week developed further some really good Bluefin Trevally also started to make an appearance. They, along with the odd brute of GT could be seen tracking big Nurse sharks as they scoured the flats. These are great scenarios to encounter fish and so after some well presented flies a few monsters came charging off their host and devoured a well-stripped fly.

By the second last day everyone had caught more than there fair share of Bonefish and so attentions turned towards searching for a GT. Two shoals of 50 plus fish were spotted during this time, however luck was not on our side when it came to the GT’s this week. On one occasion a single strip after a well-presented cast resulted in a GT rushing up to and engulfing the fly. Sadly the hook never found purchase but that’s GT fishing for you. The Permit too proved tricky to hook this week. Despite multiple sightings and opportunities at holding and tailing fish we just could not manufacture a hook up. A real pity as there was some really nice size fish around!

All in all however, our guests enjoyed some world class Bonefish fishing (the largest weighed fish coming in just over 8.5lbs) as well as some really exciting Bluefin, GT and Permit fishing. We would like to thank each of them for joining us this season, you were great fun to fish with!

Things are however looking really good on the atoll at the moment so keep checking on us as we have a feeling some really special fish are just around the corner!

If you are interested in this tour our any of our fly fishing holidays for Bonefish Click Here

Until Next Time, Tight Lines

Peter Collingsworth

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