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More From Soroya Norway Fishing Report

More From Soroya Norway Fishing Report

Norway Fishing Report starts the 2012 season at our lodge in Northern Norway, and by the looks of the first few Norway Fishing Report we’ve received from the guides it has been an absolutely amazing start! Now if anyone doesn’t know our lodge is on an Island called Soroya which is way up North, this lodge specialise’s in huge Cod, a run of migratory Cod known as Skreifiske. These fish are found in the first few months of the year, with the months of March and April being prime time, fish of 15-20kg are common and fish of 30kg+ are caught regularly!

Fishing has been going for nearly a week now, and we have just had the first few reports and pictures…

On Saturday the boats fished an area called Kveitegrunn and had some great sport with Jakob Lindberg and two other guests landing a stunning string of specimens, with fish of 21.5kg, three fish of 25kg and two fish over 27kg!

The tally for the first few days fishing read something like this… 25 Cod over 20kg and 12 over 25kg, with the biggest fish weighing in at 30.5kg. That’s without all the smaller fish (they class anything that isn’t over 20kg as small!) they also report how in this best ever start to a season that 97% of the catch is released, which is great news.

On Monday the great fishing continued, with 21 Cod over 20kg between the five boats, with Johan Mikkelsen landing his second 30kg fish of the week! He’s the chap with the funny hat!!!! 😉

Yesterday saw lots of fish between 10-18kg but only one fish over 20kg, one landed by guide Uffe which weighed in at 27kg. It also saw the departure of the first guests including an angler who they call ‘the terminator’ Jakob Lindberg who’s catch report for the week included 7 Cod over 20kg with his biggest weighing in at 34kg!

We hope the good fishing continues, as our first group trip heads over there in three weeks time… I’m lucky enough to be going and I simply cannot wait! Don’t worry though we’ll be reporting from the camp each day so be sure to keep an eye on our Norway Fishing Report!

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Until next time, tight lines


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  • Albert Lennox

    The fishing looks good Iam trying to fufill my bucket list catch as many big species fish before I kick the bucket

  • Albert Lennox

    The fishing looks good Iam trying to fufill my bucket list catch as many big species fish before I kick the bucket

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