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Freshwater Fishing Holidays

We can send you all over the world with our freshwater fishing holidays. We have incredible destinations to Hungary, Thailand, Canada, Sweden, Brazil and Spain. All of which allow you to target some incredible species. Additionally, all our holidays are fully packaged meaning you do not have to worry about anything.

Cascade Fishing Adventures| Sturgeon Fishing | Fraser River | Canada

The giant dinosaurs of the Fraser River also known as the White Sturgeon attract many anglers from across the globe and come as no surprise that anglers tend to return year after year to try and beat their personal best. With Sturgeon averaging between 75 – 200lbs now being the norm this truly is a wilderness adventure for the true specimen angler... Read more

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One of our popular freshwater destinations is the River Ebro. The River Ebro is world famous for its Catfish fishing, but one little known fact is in the upper reaches the Common Carp fishing is truly second to none. Over the years we have been fishing this area concentrating on the Catfish with live baits. All the time while fishing we have seen hundreds of Carp rolling, crashing and feeding right in the margins. This is Catfish fishing at its best, for the experienced or for those, who have never even caught a Catfish – this trip is designed for you. An amazing one out of five Catfish are over the magical TON-100lb. The river we fish starts at the large dam just above Mequinenza, which is the mecca of the Catfish world.

Another favourite destination is Lake Sibbo. The Lake Sibbo has been known for its predator fishing for centuries, firstly for its Pike and Perch and more recently for its potential record sized Zander. The fact that Sibbo is connected to the Baltic Sea allows these colossal predators to migrate out into the Baltic and gorge themselves on the huge herring shoals that inhabit these waters. Sibbo is an all-around predator anglers dream with the chance of taking personal bests of all species on both lure and fly.

This incredible destination has a 12-acre lake stocked with 51 species of fish from around the world. Six of these species exceed 100lbs, with Arapaima, Chao Phraya Catfish and Siamese Carp to name a few. Gillham’s Fishing Resort has constructed a new fishing resort in the beautiful coastal area of Krabi, southern Thailand. The fishing lake, restaurant and well-equipped bungalows are surrounded by limescale karsts and protected in tropical rainforest 5 km from a beautiful sea kayak centre, and 19 km from the lively seafront town of Ao-Nang.

If monster Sturgeon are at the top of your list, the Fraser River in Canada is an ideal location for you. With its year-round action, you will be in a fishing paradise. This part of Canada is world famous for its huge run of the White Sturgeon and it’s not just the number that is present, it’s the size that attracts anglers from around the world as these prehistoric beasts grow very large and fight very hard. With Sturgeon averaging between 75–200lbs now being the norm this is an action-packed wilderness adventure not to be missed. The fishing takes place from a town called Chilliwack which is the perfect base for your adventure and with it only being a short 40-minute drive from Vancouver.

The beautiful Gillhams Resort is the perfect freshwater fishing destination.  There are 52 different species in Gillhams from small species to truly huge monsters that will pull you all over the lake. There are 6 different species in the lake that exceed 100lbs these being; Arapaima 500lb+, Chao Phraya Catfish 160lb+, Mekong Catfish 300lb+, Siamese Carp 200lb+ and Wallago Leeri 150lb+. There are several other species in the lake that are fast approaching the magical 100lb mark including the Redtail Catfish which is a very sort after specimen. All the fish in Gillhams have grown bigger and faster than anybody would have imagined and ever thought possible, especially the Siamese Carp which there are over 70 Carp that exceed 100lb and at least 4 that go over 200lb.

We specialise in making sure you get the best freshwater fishing experience available, our experts in the office will be on hand to offer any advice and answer any questions you have leading up to the holiday of your dreams. You can contact us via our website or call us on 01603 407596.

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