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Freshwater Fishing Holidays

A freshwater fishing holiday is a must do on many angler’s bucket list, we can send you away on a freshwater fishing holiday to one of our many destinations across the globe targeting some truly amazing species. Firstly any Carp anglers wishing to go away should check out our amazing Carp fishing holidays we offer, our Carp fishing holidays could take you to one of the many lakes or river destinations we offer and these carp fishing holidays can help you land a personal best fish of a lifetime with some absolutely huge fish being caught by many of the anglers that have booked up on one of Sportquest Carp fishing holidays.

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15 Tours available

Tour code: SWE005

Exploring this vast area of water is an eye opener to what real Swedish Pike Fishing is all about. Casting your fly into parts of this water system that no other angler has, for fish that have never seen a fly or lure before. These fish are all about raw aggression and the takes can literally take your breath away!

   Season: June to September

From: £2,427 per person including flights

Tour code: HUN004

Given how popular Carp fishing has become we have been searching the world for top quality Carp venues. We would like to introduce Carp Heaven Lake located in Hungary only 10km from Nyíregyháza which is the northeast side of the country. This stunning piece of water is 59 acres and with it being over 40 years old. The owners have stocked over 25,000 Carp in this lake from 20LB - 40LB

   Season: April to October

From: £1,339 per person including flights

Tour code: CAN001  

Have you ever fancied doing battle with one of the Worlds largest freshwater fish where fights can last over 2 hours surrounded by some of the finest scenery? Well look no further than the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada. We use only the best Guides and equipment to tackle these giant Sturgeon.

   Season: All Year

From: £1,662 per person including flights

Tour code: THA001

Every one has heard of Gillhams fishing resort in Thailand and it is our pleasure to be able to offer you this fantastic destination as a complete package just make your own way to your local airport and we will take care of everything else. So if you are a seasoned angler or a beginner then Gillhams resort in Thailand has it all

  Category: Freshwater Fishing
   Season: All Year

From: £2,172 per person including flights

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15 Tours available

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Is monster Catfish your thing, then if so why not take a look at the superb destinations we offer where you can try and catch one of the huge moggys that live in the areas we send you on one of our Catfish fishing holidays? Another amazing freshwater fishing holiday we offer is a trip to Canada amazing Fraser River targeting the monstrous Sturgeon that inhabit the area, we have many anglers coming back saying this is the ultimate freshwater fishing holiday available to anglers and we always have anglers wishing to return year after year looking for that 500lb+ sturgeon.

Not only do we send anglers away to cooler destinations we also do many freshwater fishing holidays to hotter climates where we can send you away to target some truly amazing species in some absolutely breath-taking destinations. Why not book up on one of our Peacock Bass fishing holidays where we will fly you to Brazil to catch some of the most stunning freshwater species out there, another great idea for a freshwater fishing holiday is to let us send you into the stunning land of the Golden Dorado in the jungles of Bolivia.

Another very popular holiday with freshwater anglers is the destination of Thailand, many freshwater anglers are flying out here to sample the astonishing fishing on offer from the beautifully marked Red Tail Catfish, the huge Siamese Carp to the Jurassic looking monster of lakes that is the Arapaima this is a freshwater fishing holiday that you will never forget.

So whilst you are out on the bank fishing your usual lake or river think where you could be, Sportquest holidays can send you away to target the monster fish of your dreams, our freshwater fishing holiday dossier reads like a where’s where of the destinations of any freshwater anglers ultimate places to fish. These freshwater fishing holidays can be as relaxed or as much of an adventure as you like, speak to us in the office and let us help you to go on the freshwater fishing holiday of a lifetime.