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Freshwater Fishing Holidays

We can send you all over the world with our freshwater fishing holidays. We have incredible destinations to Hungary, Thailand, Canada, Sweden, Brazil and Spain. All of which allow you to target some incredible species. Additionally, all our holidays are fully packaged meaning you do not have to worry about anything.

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Tour code: CAN002  

Ever fancied doing battle with these mighty freshwater beasts, but struggled to get the numbers together? Well this trip is for you as it is based on single anglers or small groups and is a very cost effective way of fishing for the Sturgeon. Based on just three anglers per boat you will no doubt get your strings pulled more than once.

   Season: All Year

From: £2,818 per person including flights

Tour code: SPA001  

This is Catfish fishing at its best, for the experienced or for those, who have never even caught a Catfish - this trip is designed for you. An amazing one out of five Catfish are over the magical TON-100lb. The river we fish starts at the large dam just above Mequinenza, which is the mecca of the Catfish world.

  Category: Freshwater Fishing
   Season: All Year

From: £950 per person including flights

Tour code: THA002  

Thailand is an amazing place and with all the different species of fish that live there, we thought it was time to offer them to you. We have access to the one and only Predator Lake, which offers anglers the chance to do battle with such fish as Arapaima and the famous Redtail Catfish that grow to gigantic sizes.

   Season: All Year

From: £3,259 per person including flights

Tour code: THA003

Exclusive to Sportquest Holidays, we have teamed up with our guides in Thailand and we are very pleased to be able to offer you this very unique chance of fishing for lots of different species from different lakes around the magnificent city of Bangkok. One day you could be fishing for 140kg Arapaima, the next Alligator Gar to 30kg.

   Season: All Year

From: £3,387 per person including flights

Tour code: BRZ001  

Peacock Bass is the most incredible game fish in the Amazon basin, it is the fish that has received the most attention. Their remarkable explosive top water strike combined with an astonishing ability to break heavy lines and straighten even stout saltwater hooks, makes them one of the most sought after species in the world.

   Season: September to April


Tour code: SPA002  

This amazing destination located on the lower River Ebro is a world away from the normal bank fishing. Here we utilise modern boats to target these freshwater beasts and once you have caught your first Cat from a boat, you will not go back. So far our customers have landed fish to 198lb and the average fish around 100lb.

  Category: Freshwater Fishing
   Season: All year

From: £1,372 per person including flights

Tour code: SPA003  

Ever dreamt of doing battle with one of the hardest fighting freshwater beast on the planet? Well, now is your chance, as we are offering Catfishing at its best. Imagine standing on the side of a huge fast running river holding on to a very angry Catfish, as it tries to get back to its hole? As you can imagine, it is an experience not to miss!

  Category: Freshwater Fishing
   Season: All year

From: £1,140 per person including flights

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15 Tours available

Additional Information

We offer a wide range of freshwater fishing holidays allowing you to catch monster fish. If you are after a giant Catfish, then take a look at our superb Gillhams Fishing Resort. This incredible destination has a 12-acre lake stocked with 51 species of fish from around the world.

Another amazing freshwater fishing holiday we offer is a trip to the Fraser River in Canada where monstrous Sturgeon inhabit the area. We have had many anglers coming back from this trip and telling us this is the ultimate freshwater fishing holiday.

Not only do we send anglers to cooler destinations but we also do many freshwater fishing holidays to hotter climates. One of our most popular destinations is the Peacock Bass fishing destination in Brazil which provides the most incredible most incredible game fish in the Amazon basin.

Another very popular holiday with freshwater anglers is the destination of Thailand. Many freshwater anglers fly out here to sample the astonishing fishing on offer from the beautifully marked Red Tail Catfish, the huge Siamese Carp to the Jurassic looking monster of lakes that is the Arapaima.

If you have any questions on our freshwater fishing holidays, contact our expert team or request a free brochure.