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Freshwater Fly Fishing Holidays

Our freshwater fly fishing holidays give you the chance to travel the world whilst catching monster species. We have a wide range of exclusive destinations for our customers which provide top conditions for freshwater fly fishing. Our team takes care of organising the entire holiday for you, including flights, accommodation, transfers and fishing tackle if needed.

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49 Tours available

Tour code: ARG001

Unbelievable Sea Trout fishing on the Rio Gallegos, where the sheer numbers and size of fish is just outstanding. A trip to Rio Gallegos offers the adventurous angler the opportunity to pit their skills against the explosive Sea Trout of Patagonia. These fish reach 30lbs and will reward you with arm wrenching takes and blistering runs.

   Season: November to March

From: £6,038 per person including flights

Tour code: ALL025  

If you are looking for a Fishing Lodge that puts you and the fishing first, then look no further. Goodnews River Lodge is the ONLY full service lodge on the entire river system. Experience the solitude and peaceful beauty of Alaska; it’s just you and the fish. No crowds, no flying to the “best” river. It’s all here on the Goodnews River.

   Season: June to September

From: £7,556 per person including flights

Tour code: BOL003

Secure Lodge is the perfect destination for just 6 fly anglers looking for the jungle experience. With access to lots of water giving all anglers lots of opportunities for fly fishing with both heavy and light fly rods. The rivers contain hundreds upon hundreds of Dorado all aggressively feeding on the migrating bait fish. One fly fishing destination that you will remember for many years to come.

   Season: May to October

From: £6,126 per person including flights

Tour code: CAN006  

What makes camp Bonaventure so unique and special is it gives you the opportunity to fish for Atlantic Salmon in some of the most clearest and pristine waters of the world. If that was not enough it is also one of the best places to sight fish for Atlantic Salmon with fish ranging anywhere between 10lb to 40lb.

   Season: June to October

From: £6,875 per person including flights

Tour code: ARG017

Worlds’ End Lodge and the Irigoyen River offer the most unique and otherworldly fishery in Patagonia. No other Tierra del Fuego fishing lodge or river offers 10-20 lb Sea Run Brown Trout in small water that is laden with logs, surrounded by dense forests and protected from the heavy Austral winds.

   Season: December to April

SAVE £750) off the advertised price

Tour code: BRZ002

Visit the best destination in the world to catch Arapaima all exclusively on the fly. Enjoy 6.5 days fishing at Pirarucu Lodge, which is the largest Arapaima fishing reserve on this planet, all set in the stunning Amazon rainforest. Also how about on average catching 3.5 Arapaima EACH day, plus many other species all on your fly rod.

   Season: 15th September to 30th November

From: £6,659 per person including flights

Tour code: NOR001  

Winsnes Lodge on the River Guala is a great destination for any Salmon angler wishing to experience a well run Salmon river. The Gaula River appears in the top five rivers in Norway most years for its regular catch statistic’s and Winsnes Lodge is a very large contributor to these statistics.

   Season: June to August

From: £1,838 per person including flights

Tour code: ALL031

Located on the Kanektok River, only 5.5 miles from its mouth is by all standards a remarkably diverse fishery. Perfectly suited to both single-hand and spey anglers, offering one of Alaska’s best opportunities to catch Salmon where high catch-rates and easy wading is the norm.

   Season: Mid June to September

From: £7,204 per person including flights

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49 Tours available

Additional Information

Our freshwater fly fishing holidays will take you to some amazing destinations including Norway, Argentina, Brazil, Greenland, Sweden, Iceland, Bolivia, Canada plus more. These destinations give you the chance to target some incredible species such as Atlantic Salmon, Pacific, King, Silver Chum and Sockeye Salmon. You can also target Sea Trout, Brown Trout and massive Rainbow Trout.

Las Buitreras Lodge on the Rio Gallegos in Argentina offers an unparalleled Sea Trout fishing program. Catch statistics for size and numbers on the Rio Gallegos and Rio Grande are similar, however, many anglers remain loyal to the Rio Gallegos for it’s a dream to fish  with its low gradient, technical characteristics, exclusivity, outstanding guides and just the vast number of pools you get to fish each day always providing well rested water.

Tsimane is located within the National Park Isiboro Secure and an Indigenous Territory, where the Amazon jungle meets the foothills of the Andes Mountains. The location is an Indigenous Territory and a National Park where the catch and release fly fishing activity is solely allowed for Tsimane projects. The landscape is incredibly wild and remote, the rivers where we fish are the headwaters of some Amazon tributaries, and its gin-clear currents run through jungle and mountains. This is one of the most pristine environments in the world.

The Goodnews River Lodge is the only fully serviced lodge on the Goodnews River and because of this, the river receives very little fishing pressure. There is no commercial fishing in the estuary or river allowing all 5 species of Pacific Salmon a free run. In addition to this, Goodnews River Lodge is the only full-service lodge on the entire river system.

If you are looking for an incredible fly fishing holiday for Steelhead, Salmon or Trout with the comfort of having your own single room with a private en-suite bathroom the Kalum River Lodge on the banks of the Skeena River is the perfect destination. Our guided Steelhead and Salmon trips offer spectacular fishing for all levels of anglers. The Kalum River Lodge is located near Terrace in British Columbia, Canada. They are in the heart of some of the finest waters in the world.

We specialise in making sure you get the best fly fishing experience available, our experts in the office will be on hand to offer any advice and answer any questions you have leading up to the holiday of your dreams. You can contact us via our website or call us on 01603 407596.