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Saltwater Fishing Holidays

Saltwater fishing holidays are designed for the angler who wishes to travel abroad with lure, popper and jig fishing on their mind. These saltwater fishing holidays will transport you to some of the most exotic destinations on the planet, these fishing holidays abroad will see you fishing from both boat and beach working those artificial lures in the hope of catching a true toothy monster from the deep. These types of saltwater fishing holidays are becoming more popular every year due to the fact more anglers are being drawn to this exciting type of fish, being on a lure or popper fishing holiday means you will not be sitting still for long.

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13 Tours available

Tour code: NAM002

This trip has to be on every shore anglers bucket list! You will travel to Namibia with Sportquest host Matt Crowe to target the immense, super hard fighting Bronze Whaler Sharks from the Skeleton Coast shoreline with renowned Shark guide Simon Mcgowan. This is one shore angling holiday you will not want to miss.

   Season: October to April

From: £2,451 per person including flights

Tour code: MAG004

Sportquest Holidays is proud to be able to offer you an exclusive fishing holiday like no other. We have, with our Madagascan partner, Nirvana Fishing put together an exclusive Popper fishing school designed around teaching you the angler everything there is to know about the art of popper and jig fishing.

   Season: All Year

From: £4,000 per person including flights

Tour code: CAP001

We extremely pleased to be able to offer some of the finest Yellowfin Tuna fishing the world has to offer, team this up with the best boats and tackle available and you will soon find yourself living the dream of being hooked up to one of the hardest and dirtiest fighting Tuna that swims our oceans.

   Season: All Year

From: £3,531 per person including flights

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13 Tours available

Additional Information

You will be working for your fish making these lures and poppers work the water hoping for a hit from a colossal creature from the depths, these really can be some of the most exciting fishing holidays you will go on and with the exceptional resorts we offer we can honestly say you will come away wanting to return year after year.

Our saltwater fishing holidays will provide you with the chance of catching many different species for example you can catch members of the tuna family, snappers, trevally including the super hard fighting Giant trevally and the razor-sharp toothed barracuda.

When you book a saltwater fishing holiday with Sportquest holidays you will have the usual amazing service we are renowned for and you will have the expert advice from our consultants who understand the needs of the saltwater angler and you will travel on your saltwater fishing holiday safe in the knowledge everything has been taken care of and that you are properly prepared. Now let your mind drift away and think about this.

You are out in a truly exotic destination, the sun is beaming down and you are working surface popper lures, thrashing the water and creating lots of disturbance and white water, out of no where a dark shape appears behind your popper and then, in a split second this dark shape hits. Your rod doubles over and the drag on your reel starts singing as this fish screams off making a bid for freedom, trying to shake the hook and find a bit of reef to snag you in. You apply pressure and after a ferocious scrap you stand victorious as a very large and very toothy predator fish lays beside the boat.

If a saltwater fishing holiday sounds like something you want to do then contact us in the office to have a chat about what we can offer you and you too could well be flying out for the saltwater fishing holiday of a lifetime.