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Saltwater Fishing Holidays

Saltwater fishing holidays are designed for the angler who wishes to travel abroad with lure, popper and jig fishing on their mind. These saltwater fishing holidays will transport you to some of the most exotic destinations on the planet. These fishing holidays abroad will see you fishing from both boat and beach working those artificial lures in the hope of catching a true toothy monster from the deep.

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Tour code: NAM001

Every shore angler has heard of the amazing Shark fishing for Bronze Whalers along the Skeleton Coats of Namibia, so called due to the amount of whale and sea bones that litter the sea-shore.  The coast sits in the cold, nutrient rich Benguela current the cold current brings a mass of plankton which in turn, brings the fishy predators.

   Season: October to April

From: £2,323 per person including flights

Tour code: GAB001

With popper and lure fishing fast becoming the biggest technique practised amongst the travelling angler so if you take any activity and push it to the wildest edge, you create magic. Sport fishing along the pristine coastline of Gabon is definitely one such activity. Your need to fish wild remote waters, may well be what drives you.

   Season: November to April

From: £4,615 per person including flights

Tour code: COS007  

Silver King Lodge in Costa Rica has over the last few years built a reputation as one of the best huge Tarpon destinations around the world. Silver King Lodge is located in a lush tropical environment on the banks of the Rio Colorado on the northeast coast of Costa Rica.

   Season: January to June and September to November

From: £4,414 per person including flights

Tour code: CHR002

Christmas Island is one of the best places in the world where you can either fly fish, try your hand at popper & jig fishing or even try light trolling lures to catch a huge variety of species such as 100lb plus GT'S, 100lb plus Tuna, double figure Bonefish plus much much more. Perfect destination for all anglers.

   Season: All year

From: £5,078 per person including flights

Tour code: GUI001  

For many years Guinea Bissau has been kept under the radar, until now. As we have formed a great partnership with this fishing resort, now we can offer you fishing around the many Islands. One day you could be fishing for the Tarpon, then the next day fishing for Jacks and the hard fighting African Snappers.

  Category: Saltwater Fishing
   Season: All Year

From: £2,779 per person including flights

Tour code: GUT001  

Guatemala is the most prolific and talked about Sailfish destination in the world. Home to so many world records it really is classed as the number one place in the world. With regular 50 shot days in peak season and 15 – 25 shots on a regular day you will soon find your self realising that this part of the world is a must visit Sailfish destination.

  Category: Saltwater Fishing
   Season: April to November

From: £4,212 per person including flights

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14 Tours available

Additional Information

Our saltwater fishing holidays will take you to some of the most spectacular destinations including Africa, Namibia, Madagascar, Andaman Islands, Christmas Island and Guatemala. These destinations will give you the chance to catch some monster fish such as Giant Trevally, African Snappers, Tarpon, Sailfish, Dogtooth Tuna, Shakes and many more.

One of our most popular destinations is Christmas Island. Our Christmas Island saltwater fishing trips offer diverse habitats, endless flats, along with miles of offshore fishing. There are a huge variety of species to catch over the 100lb mark.

Namibia shore-based Shark fishing is another spectacular holiday. The Namibian coast boasts one of the largest populations of Bronze Whaler Sharks in the world.  These huge sharks can reach well over 400lbs. You will be targeting them from the shore on heavy surfcasting tackle and bait.

When you book a saltwater fishing holiday with Sportquest holidays you will have the usual amazing service we are renowned for and you will have the expert advice from our consultants who understand the needs of the saltwater angler. You will travel on your saltwater fishing holiday safe in the knowledge everything has been taken care of and that you are properly prepared.

Our experts in the office will be on hand to offer any advice and answer any questions you have leading up to the holiday of your dreams. You can contact us via our website or call us on 01603 407596.