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Grouse Shooting Holidays

Unlike any other game bird the undisputed king of them all is the Grouse, which can fly in a most unpredictable fashion, twisting and curling as they hug the contours of the moor, skimming the tops of the heather. We specialise in arranging dedicated shooting for travelling guns to the United Kingdom, providing full Grouse shooting opportunities. As a leading sporting agent, Sportquest can arrange a package that suits the needs of you and your party in stunning landscapes that dresses our traditional Grouse shooting days.

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August the 12th also known as the”Glorious 12th” marks the start of the Grouse shooting season. People travel far and wide for this incredibly popular Game bird and it is the start of the social calendar for many guns. The season lasts from August 12th to December 10th in mainland Great Britain and from August 12th to November 30th in Northern Ireland. Enthusiastic guns travel from all over the world to the moors of Northern England and Scotland to partake in such a traditional sport.

Grouse shooting takes place in the most formal of settings where birds are driven over the guns. The guns are placed in a hide for shooting screened by a turf or a stone wall called a “Butt” and the Grouse are flushed towards them by beaters. The shooting attire of which is recommended is that of a green or brown tweed suit with no bright colours as these will put off the birds. There is a strict code of conduct governing the behaviour on the Grouse moor for both safety and etiquette which everyone must adhere to.

There are four species of Grouse in Britain including the Red Grouse, the Black Grouse, the Ptarmigan and the Capercaillie. The Capercaillie, with fewer than 2,000 are a protected species found mostly in the woodlands of Scotland. The Ptarmigan are also found here but only above 800m altitude and are notoriously hard to monitor. The beautiful Black Grouse population UK wide are estimated to be around 5,100 males. They can be found on moorlands and woodland edges, either coniferous or birch. The stunning Red Grouse are one of our few endemic sub-species, meaning that they are only found in the UK and which have a population of around 230,000 pairs.

The Red Grouse is regarded internationally as the paragon of game birds and their attraction has not been super seeded by the ubiquitous Pheasant. The Red Grouse is a wild bird and unlike the Partridge or Pheasant who are reared and released, they do not survive well. This is why why moorlands are so well preserved and maintained to allow a suitable ecosystem for that of wild birds including the Red Grouse.


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