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Perdiz Shooting Holidays

Perdiz shooting, which is very closely related to our European Partridge as they explode up into the air and fly swiftly in a straight line making it a very challenging target. At our lodges we have literally millions of acres of brush land, which is home to large populations of fast-flying crested Tinamou (giant Perdiz), larger cousins of the Perdiz. The Perdiz that are flushed out with pointer dogs, provide fantastic European-style driven Perdiz shooting for the guns seeking a more testing target.

Perdiz or “Spotted Tinamou” is the Argentine counterpart to the Partridge. Native to the grassy areas north of Buenos Aires province, they are members of a larger family consisting of roughly 12 varieties of differing sizes. Perdiz thrive in low lying grasses in undisturbed fields and pastures.

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Perdiz is a very exciting quarry to shoot and a chance to test the skillset in the field. We have some wonderful holidays where you can enjoy the most satisfying hunts and immerse yourself into the culture and hospitality offered by our world renowned lodges.

At Los Crestones we believe we have created a unique opportunity – a wild mixed bag hunt, supported by a great staff and great working dogs, all within a short drive of the international airport.

Located in the Province of Buenos Aires, just 85 minutes from the Ezeiza International airport is Los Crestones Lodge, which was named for the Rosy Billed Pochard-Argentina’s most distinctive and sought-after duck. Set in a mature parkland and surrounded by fertile countryside, Los Crestones will offer discerning guests a combination of decoyed ducks followed by Perdiz over dogs. For those who appreciate shooting behind a well-trained dog, Los Crestones is special.

Your host, Claudio Villalba, has been breeding and training pedigree sporting dogs for 25 years, and they are a joy to see in the fields and in the marshes. On duck hunts, you will be accompanied by a team of well trained Retrievers, making sure that lightly hit birds are recovered. The Perdiz (a prized Argentine game bird) will be shot over German Short-Hairs and English Pointers. Watching them work is a joy in itself.

If its not Argentina you fancy then why not set your sights on the stunning San Juan Lodge which is perched majestically atop a knoll with a striking 360 degree view of the fertile Uruguayan countryside. Managed by long time shooting hosts Bernardo and Mercedes Barran, San Juan offers the convenience of shooting all game birds in Uruguay, ducks, doves, pigeons and Perdiz, from just one destination and the assurance of a world class outfitter known for attention to detail and quality.

Hunting and shooting at San Juan offers a variety of game that makes Uruguay a very unique destination. Hunters can enjoy the pursuit of the upland mixed bag in the same day, each and every day. Each morning you will hunt wild partridge or Perdiz in short grass pastures, and over pointers and English setters, or ducks and big wild pigeons by decoying in lagoons and ponds nearby. In the afternoons, volume dove shooting is on the shooting schedule, and normally doves are encountered, in large numbers, on a flyway en route to a roost or at a big roost that is very close to the San Juan Estancia. However, when planning your shooting holiday to Uruguay, please consider these seasonal limitations as a guideline:

Perdiz hunting runs May 1st to July 31st, Duck hunting runs from May 1st until September 15th, Pigeons generally run from May 1st to September 15th, Dove shooting is available and productive year round.



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