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Mefjord Brygge | Cod & Halibut Fishing | North Norway


Tour code: NOR024

If you are looking for a family fishing holiday then Mefjord is the destination for you. Not only is this an anglers paradise with super-sized specimens coming out of the waters at various times of the year but there are also a huge variety of activities to keep the whole family entertained such as hiking into the local mountains where you may encounter some of Norway’s most spectacular wildlife including Reindeer and Eagles. Mefjord is also renowned for its Northern lights shows, the lack of artificial light here makes seeing these wonders of nature a very big possibility. Also, the sheltered fjords on offer minutes away from the cabins offers families the perfect place to take a day out fishing for smaller species


The stunning island of Senja in northern Norway offers the travelling angler many different fishing opportunities from sheltered fjord fishing, fast running channels and then, of course, the open ocean experience that every angler should experience. The Island of Senja is one of Norway’s biggest Islands full of old fishing towns with Finnses a short drive away which is the major town on the Island. There you will find supermarkets, shopping centres and many other local shops and cafes. The village of Mefjord is located on the edge of some stunning mountains which offer superb backdrops to any one’s photos. Right in front of the cabins is a fjord that offers some fantastic fishing opportunities at the right time of year, or simply drive 30 minutes around the cost and you will have the choice of many other fjords all holding potential hotspots.


You will be fishing the North sea and these waters are rich with life and nutrients which makes for some incredible fishing at certain times of the year. In March and April the Skrei Cod flood these waters to breed creating some of the best big cod fishing that you will find anywhere in Norway. These Cod reach astronomical sizes with fish being in excess of 70lb and the chance of a 90lb+ fish being a possibility. These fish are caught by drifting over the shoals and using shads to entice them to smash your rod over and give you a fight from a Cod like would never have experienced before.

As the waters warm up the fishing changes and Halibut becomes the main fish to target. These enormous flatfish can be targeted in the fjords or the open sea with some monster fish lurking beneath the waves that can be caught using either trolled dead baits or by jig fishing from the boats. One of the best things about fishing in the summer in Norway is the fact you can fish in the midnight sun. This is where the sun does not set properly leaving just twilight.


There are 20 boats parked at the two floating bridges. The boats you will using are 19ft Kværnø aluminium boats equipped with 50 hp four-stroke engines, GPS, chart plotter and fishfinder. The boats are very good and safe for the conditions that are on the far side of the island, towards the open ocean. The boats are also equipped with AIS (Automatic Identification System) to improve security and safety. This makes sure we can follow your boat’s position from the land and send a rescue boat in case of an emergency.


If you would like a little more comfort at Mefjord we can organise special custom-made packages for guests who enjoy the comfort and extraordinary experience of big fish hunting, especially cod and halibut fishing on Senja. Our V.I.P, fully equipped 36 ft Big Boat is especially recommended for a greater experience. We can offer you three different levels of experience onboard this stunning boat.

  • The Deluxe Fishing Experience Silver – Big boat rental (36 feet), Experienced captain and fishing guide.
  • Deluxe Fishing Experience Gold – Includes the above but also comes with all fishing equipment, flotation suits and a filleting service.
  • Deluxe Fishing Experience Platinum – Includes the above with 24/7 Exclusive services and priority VIP assistance and Helicopter airport transfers
  • This deluxe fishing boat is capable of taking up to 12 people but only 4-5 fishing at once. All the above can be booked and you must speak to a member of the Sportquest Holidays team for any additional costs.

Other Activities

Mefjord is also a brilliant destination to travel to if you enjoy spotting wildlife. You will have the opportunity of seeing sea eagles swooping down to take fish from the water and reindeer wandering the local area looking for their next meal. When out at sea you will be captivated by the many Puffins and Gannets that you will see diving for baitfish on the water, these beautiful birds will provide many a great photo opportunity if the fishing slows down. If you are very lucky you may encounter the humpback whales that come into the area to feast on the huge shoals of baitfish that appear at certain times of the year.

If you have any questions on our Mefjord sea fishing trips contact us in the office, our experienced team will be happy to help you with any queries you have. We also host an exclusive Halibut Fishing Competition in Norway every year. Spaces are limited and go fast, so make sure to reserve your teams place early and be in with a chance of winning £4000. Additionally, you can request a free brochure.

You can see all our sea fishing holidays in Norway here.



Mefjord Lodge

Mefjord Brygge is situated on the beautiful Norwegian destination of Senja, this small fishing town is located within the mouth of a huge fjord giving the angler visiting this destination the perfect opportunity to access the open sea for some fantastic fishing.

The Lodge

Mefjord Brygge Lodge cabins have a small terrace overlooking the sea and also offer the benefits of stunning views. Our cabins have a living room equipped with cable TV and free WiFi meaning that whilst you are not fishing you can make contact with family or surf the web and upload your monster fish pictures to social media. There are two bedrooms, the first ground floor bedroom has two bunk beds and the loft bedroom has two single beds. The kitchen is fully equipped and the bathroom is spacious and roomy with a hot shower which is perfect to use after a long day on the water.

Food & Drink

When staying at Mefjord Lodges you will be here on a self-catering basis. We would suggest taking a coolbox out with you in which we would suggest taking items with you like pasta, rice, meat and cereals. These can be bought in Norway but the costings for these is a lot more than you would pay in the UK. To get fresh items like milk, bread and eggs you have a shop in the next village, now this can be accessed by walking which takes an hour, by asking the camp to take you in the minibus which costs a little bit of money or by driving to the harbour which is a little way down the fjord. You will be able to drop people off on the jetty and they can walk a couple of minutes to the shop, grab the food and walk back to the boat for pick up. This is by far the quickest way to get food from the shop.

Also on the Mefjord camp, you have a very nice restaurant, this restaurant serves some fantastic food including homemade burgers (we highly recommend these), reindeer steaks and on the od occasion they have specialities like King crab or Whale steak on the menu. You will be looking to pay around £20 -£40 a meal. They also have many great drinks on offer along with local beers and a stunning wine list.

At this destination, there are many other activities to take part in during the evening such as a fully dedicated BBQ area which you can hire. There is also an outdoor wood-fired hot tub, a sauna and a solarium all hireable for a small fee and is a great way to relax after a hard days fishing.

If you would like to know more about Mefjord Cabins, please feel free to contact our experienced team who will be happy to answer any queries you have. Alternatively, you can request a free brochure.

Board: Self Catering
Rooms: 2 x twin rooms
Internet: Free WiFi
Power: 230 volts
Meals: Onsite restaurant (not included)
Alcohol: Available to purchase
Equipment Hire: Chargeable
Shop: Tackle shop
Cards Accepted: Debit / Credit Cards
Cash Accepted: Norwegian Kroner
Freezer Room: Walk in freezer
Filleting Area: Dedicated filleting area
Species Information
Season: March to October
Peak: March to May
Weight: 10lb to 90lb
Average Weight: 30lb
Season: May to September
Peak: June to September
Weight: 20lb to 350lb
Average Weight: 60lb
Season: May to September
Peak: June to September
Weight: 5lb to 40lb
Average Weight: 15lb
Season: May to September
Peak: July to September
Weight: 1lb to 8lb
Average Weight: 4lb
Season: March to October
Peak: March to October
Weight: 5lb to 15lb
Average Weight: 7lb


Although the fishing has set weeks, we have daily flights departing from the UK, therefore should you wish to either extend your stay with additional days in the beginning or end in Norway, the itinerary below can be tailored to suit.

Day 1:

Depart UK (alternative routes available)
Arrive Oslo

Depart Oslo
Arrive Bardufoss

When you have arrived at Bardufoss make your way to the baggage collection area and wait for your bags. Once your group have collected all your bags make your way outside of the terminal building where there will be minibus and driver from Mefjord Brygge waiting to transfer you to the destination. The transfer takes approximately 1 hrs 30 mins.

Overnight accommodation: Norwegian Cabin (Twin Rooms) R/O

Days 2 to 4: Fishing Days

As you have your own boat, there is no time limit to how much or how little you wish to fish and even at certain times of the year, it remains daylight for 24hrs. The fishing can be as close as a couple of minutes of steam from the cabins. We provide you with many different GPS marks to try as far as 20 km from the camp. There are still many marks that we have yet to fish so why not explore, as there are new marks around every corner.

Overnight accommodation: Norwegian Cabin (Twin Rooms) R/O

Days 5 to 7: Fishing Days

It is your responsibility to refuel the boats after each day of fishing. The fuel containers are located outside of the tackle shop, speak to the onsite fishing manager and he will arrange a time to fuel your boats each day. There are chart plotters on all the boats with preprogrammed fishing marks. These are updated regularly. However, we strongly suggest doing some research before heading to Norway on some fishing marks near to Mefjord, this will give you a good advantage before you even get there. There is also a BBQ area at Mefjord that you and your group can hire for a small fee that comes complete with seating area and coal for you to cook your fresh catch.

Overnight accommodation: Norwegian Cabin (Twin Rooms) R/O

Day 8:

Depending on your return flight times, the fishing manager will arrange a time to transfer your group back to Bardufoss airport for your return flights.

Depart Bardufoss, Arrive Oslo

Depart Oslo
Arrive UK


Remember that Sportquest Holidays' services are completely FREE! When you book a trip with Sportquest Holidays, you never pay more than when you book directly with the lodge and flights independently.

Start Date End Date Days Nights Fishing Angler Non-Angler Availability Notes
13/04/2022 20/04/2022 8 7 6 £1,332 On Request Enquire Now N/A
20/04/2022 27/04/2022 8 7 6 £1,332 On Request Enquire Now N/A
27/04/2022 04/05/2022 8 7 6 £1,332 On Request Enquire Now N/A
04/05/2022 11/05/2022 8 7 6 £1,332 On Request Enquire Now N/A
11/05/2022 18/05/2022 8 7 6 £1,347 On Request Enquire Now N/A
18/05/2022 25/05/2022 8 7 6 £1,347 On Request Enquire Now N/A
25/05/2022 01/06/2022 8 7 6 £1,347 On Request Enquire Now N/A
01/06/2022 08/06/2022 8 7 6 £1,365 On Request Enquire Now N/A
08/06/2022 15/06/2022 8 7 6 £1,440 On Request Enquire Now N/A
15/06/2022 22/06/2022 8 7 6 £1,460 On Request Enquire Now N/A
22/06/2022 29/06/2022 8 7 6 £1,465 On Request Enquire Now N/A
29/06/2022 06/07/2022 8 7 6 £1,460 On Request Enquire Now N/A
06/07/2022 13/07/2022 8 7 6 £1,505 On Request Enquire Now N/A
13/07/2022 20/07/2022 8 7 6 £1,415 On Request Enquire Now N/A
20/07/2022 27/07/2022 8 7 6 £1,415 On Request Enquire Now N/A
27/07/2022 03/08/2022 8 7 6 £1,415 On Request Enquire Now N/A
03/08/2022 10/08/2022 8 7 6 £1,430 On Request Enquire Now N/A
10/08/2022 17/08/2022 8 7 6 £1,500 On Request Enquire Now N/A
17/08/2022 24/08/2022 8 7 6 £1,405 On Request Enquire Now N/A
24/08/2022 31/08/2022 8 7 6 £1,360 On Request Enquire Now N/A
31/08/2022 07/09/2022 8 7 6 £1,327 On Request Enquire Now N/A
07/09/2022 14/09/2022 8 7 6 £1,327 On Request Enquire Now N/A
14/09/2022 21/09/2022 8 7 6 £1,327 On Request Enquire Now N/A
21/09/2022 28/09/2022 8 7 6 £1,372 On Request Enquire Now N/A
28/09/2022 05/10/2022 8 7 6 £1,417 On Request Enquire Now N/A
05/10/2022 12/10/2022 8 7 6 £1,372 On Request Enquire Now N/A
05/04/2023 12/04/2023 8 7 6 £1,356 On Request Enquire Now N/A
12/04/2023 19/04/2023 8 7 6 £1,341 On Request Enquire Now N/A
19/04/2023 26/04/2023 8 7 6 £1,416 On Request Enquire Now N/A
26/04/2023 03/05/2023 8 7 6 £1,436 On Request Enquire Now N/A
03/05/2023 10/05/2023 8 7 6 £1,441 On Request Enquire Now N/A
10/05/2023 17/05/2023 8 7 6 £1,436 On Request Enquire Now N/A
17/05/2023 24/05/2023 8 7 6 £1,481 On Request Enquire Now N/A
24/05/2023 31/05/2023 8 7 6 £1,391 On Request Enquire Now N/A
31/05/2023 07/06/2023 8 7 6 £1,425 On Request Enquire Now N/A
07/06/2023 14/06/2023 8 7 6 £1,425 On Request Enquire Now N/A
14/06/2023 21/06/2023 8 7 6 £1,440 On Request Enquire Now N/A
21/06/2023 28/06/2023 8 7 6 £1,510 On Request Enquire Now N/A
28/06/2023 05/07/2023 8 7 6 £1,415 On Request Enquire Now N/A
05/07/2023 12/07/2023 8 7 6 £1,370 On Request Enquire Now N/A
12/07/2023 19/07/2023 8 7 6 £1,370 On Request Enquire Now N/A
19/07/2023 26/07/2023 8 7 6 £1,370 On Request Enquire Now N/A
26/07/2023 02/08/2023 8 7 6 £1,370 On Request Enquire Now N/A
02/08/2023 09/08/2023 8 7 6 £1,415 On Request Enquire Now N/A
09/08/2023 16/08/2023 8 7 6 £1,460 On Request Enquire Now N/A
16/08/2023 23/08/2023 8 7 6 £1,415 On Request Enquire Now N/A
23/08/2023 30/08/2023 8 7 6 £1,370 On Request Enquire Now N/A
30/08/2023 06/09/2023 8 7 6 £1,336 On Request Enquire Now N/A
06/09/2023 13/09/2023 8 7 6 £1,336 On Request Enquire Now N/A
13/09/2023 20/09/2023 8 7 6 £1,336 On Request Enquire Now N/A
20/09/2023 27/09/2023 8 7 6 £1,336 On Request Enquire Now N/A
27/09/2023 04/10/2023 8 7 6 £1,336 On Request Enquire Now N/A
04/10/2023 11/10/2023 8 7 6 £1,336 On Request Enquire Now N/A
11/10/2023 18/10/2023 8 7 6 £1,336 On Request Enquire Now N/A

Price Notes

Prices are based on four adults sharing transfers, fishing and accommodation (unless otherwise stated) and are correct at the time of going to press. Subject to time of year or date and currency fluctuations, these prices may fluctuate slightly due to flight price increases or fuel surcharge.

Note: If you are born after 1980, a motorboat certificate is required by Norwegian Law to operate the boat. Please contact a member of the Sportquest holidays team for further information

Holidays or flights booked with Sportquest Holidays Limited are protected by the Civil Aviation Authority by our ATOL bond (Number 6371). ATOL protects you from losing your money or being stranded abroad. It does this by carrying out financial checks on the firms it licenses and requiring a guarantee, called a bond.

What's Included

  • All international flights (Based on London departure)
  • Transfers to and from Mefjord and Bardufoss
  • All accommodation as per itinerary
  • 6 days fishing via self-drive boat
  • Fishing boat
  • GPS
  • Chart Plotter
  • Echo/fish finder
  • Boat safety equipment
  • Life jackets
  • Bed linen, towels and final cabin cleaning

What's Excluded

  • Fuel for boat
  • Fishing tackle
  • Personal holiday insurance
  • Meals
  • Final boat cleaning
  • Powerboat licence (See price notes)


  • Other UK departure airports are possible (additional cost) Please call a member of the Sportquest team for further information.

  • Additional luggage can be added, please enquire about up to date prices

  • Rod & Reel hire £120 pr week
  • Flotation suit hire £100 per week
  • Boat Cleaning £50

  • Restaurant:

  • Breakfast starting from £14 pp

  • Lunch pack (Take away) starting from £14 pp
  • Dinner starting from £28 pp
  • Dinner (two-course) starting from £35 pp
  • Full Board starting from £70 pp per day

Price Supplements

  • If your group size is smaller than the standard 4 people travelling then please contact a member of the Sportquest Holidays team who will provide an up to date price for your group size

Price Match Promise

We are so confident that our packaged prices are the best available and offer great value for money.

If, however, you find an identical holiday available with any other fully bonded Tour Operator at a lower price, we will match that price.

Financial Security

Holidays or flights booked with Sportquest Holidays Limited are protected by the Civil Aviation Authority by our ATOL bond (Number 6371). ATOL protects you from losing your money or being stranded abroad. It does this by carrying out financial checks on the firms it licenses and requiring a guarantee, called a bond.

Tour Notes


A machine-readable passport with at least 6 months before expiry. No visa for UK citizens required.

Medical Requirements

No vaccinations currently required

Please Note

All details of visa and medical requirements are correct at time of press however please check these requirements for changes.

Departure tax

There is no additional airport departure tax when leaving Norway

Flight Route & Flight Time

UK – Oslo (approx 3 hrs) Oslo to Bardufoss (approx 45 mins)

Baggage Allowance

Your actual allowance is based on both which airline you are flying with and also what class of seat you are travelling in. Normally in the economy it is 1 checked bag, Premium Economy / Business 2 checked bags, First 3 checked bags. In addition to your checked bags, you are also allowed 1 cabin bag and either 1-laptop bag or ladies handbag. The actual size and weight limit for bags are dependent on the airline. We, therefore, recommend that once your flights are booked you check on the airline’s website for the up to date allowances.

If your itinerary includes private light aircraft or helicopter flights we will advise you on your baggage and weight allowance.

Transfer Time

Bardufoss – Resort (approx 1.5 hrs)

Questions & Answers

Where is the Lodge?

Mefjord Brygge is located on the island of Senja, Norway’s largest Island. Located in the North of Norway Senja is a stunning Island capped by some huge mountains and stunning scenery. With it only being a short 1-hour transfer from the nearest airport sea fishing Mefjord is a great destination.

Where do they fish?

The great thing with sea fishing in Mefjord is that you have direct open ocean fishing as well as wind-protected fjords in case the weather is against you.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?

This depends on which species you are targeting. The main Cod fishing grounds are directly in front of the fjord where the cabins are located, around a 15-minute drive. The Halibut grounds are as close as 5 minutes from the harbour. However, there are many different fjords around the Island of Senja for you to try.

What fish will I catch?

The sea fishing in Mefjord offers a huge variety of species. March and April are the perfect months for the Skrei Cod and April to September are perfect for Coalfish and Halibut. Other smaller species can be found in this area such as the Scorpionfish, Plaice, Dabs and the lesser-caught Tadpole fish.

How many fish will I catch?

When you are targeting Cod the shoals are very large especially in the months of March and April and the catch rates will depend on how many you can handle catching. Halibut fishing, on the other hand, is a little slower as these are not shoaling fish, so you should expect to catch on an average day 2 to 3 Halibut per boat. When targeting the Coalfish, these swim round in huge shoals but will normally only feed for a short period so when they are feeding it will be one a drop.

How do they fish?

The sea fishing is all self-drive so the methods of fishing are down to the individuals. Lowering either a Chrome Pirk or small shad to the bottom and with an up and down movement to excite the Cod will normally see you catching the Cod. The same method is very productive for the Coalfish but instead of leaving the shad/pirk near the bottom, we advise you to hit the bottom then wind back to the surface and the Coalfish normally will take on the retrieve. Halibut fishing, as mentioned before, is a waiting game and you can go a few hours without contacting anything then all of a sudden you will be in for a fight of your life. The main most productive method is to fish with a dead Coalfish on a Halibut Anti Twist rig lowered to the bottom then wind up a few metres and keep it around 2 metres from the bottom and let the boat drift.

Do the guides speak English?

The hotel manager and staff all speak perfect English and will always help you with any questions that may arise.

Who is best suited to this destination?

Mefjord is a great destination for all, as the accommodation, restaurant/bar, boats and of course the fishing has been set up to ensure everyone has the best experience of the North of Norway.

What skill level is required?

As mentioned previously, this destination suits all abilities as you have nice weather, protected fjords and the option of fishing the open ocean.

How physically demanding is this trip?

The destination is suitable for all abilities but at low tide, the gangway to the floating dock can be fairly steep. There is a small step to get in the boats but other than that the rest of the resort is suitable for all.

When to go?

If it is the largest of the Cod you are after then we recommend travelling in March and April, as the average weight is enormous. The Halibut and Coalfish fishing happen around the same time, which is May to September with the peak months being July and August for both Halibut and Coalfish.

How to get there?

The normal route is from the UK to Oslo then a second flight from Oslo to Bardufoss. This is where a representative from Mefjord Brygge will be waiting with a minibus and trailer to transfer you to the cabins which take around 1 hour.

What is the accommodation like?

At Mefjord Brygge we have three different styles of accommodation, the Northern Lights Apartments that are for larger groups of up to 8 people or groups of 4 who are looking at having single rooms. We also have the standard 4 person cabins, which are the most popular with sea anglers. Lastly, we have the Houses which are a lot more traditional and are located a little further away from the boats.

What is the food like?

It is possible to have a full board at this destination, which is a huge bonus. The breakfast is a continental style breakfast. At lunch, you will get a choice of sandwiches and snacks to take out fishing and then in the evening, you will get a cooked meal. The evening meals are stunning and a huge selection is on offer from whale steaks to pizza.

Does the lodge provide fishing tackle?

Mefjord Brygge does offer the chance to hire fishing equipment that comes with a rod, reel and braid. This is normally a 30–50lb class rod with a large Shimano multiplier.

Is internet and phone signal available?

The phone signal and Wi-Fi is very good all around the camp and it is free for customers to use. Just ask a member of the staff for the password when you arrive.

Are there other activities available?

Mefjord is the perfect destination for the most active of families with guided mountain walks (3 different difficulty levels), excellent cycle routes (maps and bikes provided at extra charge), snowshoe walking tours up some of Norway’s most stunning scenic routes, Northern Lights safari, Sea Eagle safaris, Arctic boat Whale safaris and mountain skiing guided tours. If you would like a day off from these energetic activities we can arrange a guided tour to Tromso so you can spend the day looking around some lovely museums and do some shopping.

How much does it cost?

We offer the complete package including all flights and transfers. To view, all available weeks and prices click the ‘Dates & Prices’ tab above.
Alternatively, if you wish to arrange all your own travel we can book just the lodge and fishing for you. If you wish to book or have any questions please feel free to call our offices on 01603 407596.




Being our second visit we knew what to expect and this was better than last year.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Gary

Thank you for the great feedback.

Hopefully we will get to speak soon.

Tight lines



Second visit to Mefjord and once again a wonderful experience, lots Cod to 30lbs, small Halibut to 12lb's plus Haddock, Wolffish, Plaice, Dabs and coalfish.

We were upgraded to a larger cabin with separate rooms and this really transformed our stay.

Special thanks to your team in the UK and to Ronnie, Robert and Michael at the resort.

The flight times were a huge improvement over last year.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Clive

Thank you for your excellent feedback

Tight Lines



First trip for 5 years due to health problems (love my fishing) and what a great trip, organisation and communication from Sportquest was excellent.

Fishing experience so good we are looking at booking again for next year so you will be hearing from us soon.

The only downside for the trip was Norwegian airlines mislaid our equipment .

The fishing was good, the weather was great and the staff in the accommodation were very friendly.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hello Stephen

Thank you for your great feedback

After speaking to your group on the phone it sounds like you had a phenomenal time.

Tight Lines



Me myself and my brothers had a fantastic time fishing.

The accommodation was very good. We were not very happy with the airline but Sportquest were superb.

We will be more than happy

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hello Andrew

Thank you for the great feedback

It is great to hear our customers have had an amazing time fishing when away and to hear of the great fish you caught including a large Halibut is very good indeed

Hopefully we wilL get to chat soon

Tight lines



Excellent adventure. Please just sort out the weather for next time!!

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hello John,

So glad you had another great adventure with us. Next time you go we will order the very best weather just for you guys

All the best



We caught loads of fish including Cod to 20lb on our spinning gear.

Coalfish to 12lb some on spinning gear, shads and small pirks. Weather fantastic except for one day, what a beautiful place.

Outstandig moment was a 25 minute battle with a Halibutwhich took half a spool on its first run and tried to shake my brother to bits which it kept doing intermittently. We followed it in the boat for 10 minutes it then got off after an extremely violent fight.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

It sounds like you had an excellent holiday Cliff with some excellent fish being caught.

What a shame about that monster Halibut that was lost.

You need to definitely go back and try and defeat it!!

Tight lines



Excellent trip. Very good accommodation. Easy access to fishing ground. Long transfer to camp

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hello Phillip, thanks for your feedback form. Glad Mark looked after you so well and you enjoyed Mefjord, I have been many times and really like the destination.

All the best



Flight times were dreadful.

Staff couldnt have been more helpful

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hello Brian, thanks for your feedback form. The flight times from Edinburgh for this location is not always so great and we are held to what the flight companies release. The most straight forward flights with the best connections are form London airports unfortunately.

Glad the staff onsite looked after you

All the best



Excellent family fishing trip. Well looked after at Mefjord. Lucky with weather, fished everyday. Children were pleased

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hello Richard, so glad you all had a good time. It is hard to recommend a destination when there are youngsters involved but hopefully we got it right with Mefjord and they got to see the real Norway.

All the best



Great holiday let down by the weather and lost luggage on transfer. Pre information on tides would help, we had no tide at all and definitely hampered our fishing. No big fish which we guessed was the lack of tide. Overall great time and thanks

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi jason, such a shame about the tide not being there. The place doesnt have much drift even when the tides are big. I tend to use the engine to push the boat along does sometimes catch bonus fish. Glad you all still had a great time

All the best



A dream holiday that didnt fail to impress. Can not wait to book for next year

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hello Paul, so glad you loved your experience and caught plenty of fish. It must of been good as I did hear that you have booked for next year?

All the best



- Great levels of communication on all sides.
- Extras were great: hat, luggage tags, travel folder etc

- Nothing bad to say

Mefjord Brygge
Cabin 1 - Boat 17

- Rooms were good and clean
- The boat was clean and easy to use
- Filtering and freezing facilities were very good.
- Staff were all very friendly and helpful, Michael especially - he seemed happy to go above and beyond his normal role.
- Dominique, the guide was friendly and provided good information even though we were not employing his services.

- Engine high-temperature alarm:
The engine often had the high-temperature alarm, the guys at the camp did look at this but the problem was not resolved.
- Shower flooded:
The shower in the room would flood occasionally, this was a bigger problem than it sounds as the last thing you want to do after 12-14 hours fishing is mopping up a flooded bathroom. We made the camp aware of the problem, but this was not resolved.

Fairly slow during our time at the camp, a few nice halibut caught, cod to upper doubles and coalies to low doubles (1 of 18lb) most fish caught on smaller lures, #5-#6 fiiish black minnows and small gummiemacs provided more sport than the big pirks and shads.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hello Dean,

Thank you so much for your very detailed review. Glad your group enjoyed your experience and even happier you want to go back. Really looking forward to seeing all the pictures and will point out the engine and shower issues with the owners.

All the best



Lots of commercial fishing activity in Mefjord on the Skrei grounds, this prevented our fishing on the known marks.

3 gill netting boats and 2 trawlers on a single day were fishing these grounds

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Gary

Many thanks for your feedback


We arrived later on Tuesday and were processed to our cabin but no one was available to show us the boat/gear/hire stuff until the next morning. When we were shown the equipment we on had a very quick run through of the boat/gps/fish finder but no offer of someone showing us the places to fish etc.
Weather was very poor and bad sea conditions. Unfortunately the weather scuppered our ability to enjoy the conditions, two days was not enough time toget used to the marks where we may have found fish in the fjords.

I appreciate the help of the Sportquest team sorting these 2 days at Mefjord but it just didn't work for us at this location.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Anne

Thank you for your feedback.

After speaking to yo on the telephone I can understand your frustrations with the weather and conditions over in Norway.

Hopefully I will get to chat to you in the near future

Tight Lines


Hump back whales / White tail Eagles, Oh yes fishing was magic

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Graham, really nice to meet you out there and even more pleased you had a magic time. The Cod fishing in April is outstanding

Look forward to hopefully alongside you again one day

Tight lines



Great holiday thank you

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Patrick

Thank you for your feedback


In general the assistance provided by Sportquest was excellent and I cannot fault the travel information provided, the flights or the transfers. The ticket wallet, luggage labels and hat are a nice touch.

The fishing camp at Mefjord is one of the best I have seen, i especially liked everything being very close together so that there were no long walks to get to the boats.

The 4 of us shared 2 4 man cabins so we had a bedroom each but if all four of us had shared the same cabin it would be a little snug, especially as there are no wardrobes/ storage upstairs to allow clothes etc to be put away.

We used the on site restaurant a couple of times and we thought the food was excellent and not overpriced (by Norwegian standards) and it was nice to see that it is heavily used used by the locals. We went of- menu for the last night having ordered King crab which was excellent.

It was unfortunate that the weather was extremely windy during our trip however, having booked the big boat we were able to get out fishing every day. For the first 2.5 days we fished the end of the fjord and managed to catch a 35kg Halibut but otherwise we were only catching small cod to 15kg.

There didn't seem to be any of the very large Skrei cod I was hoping for and the boat skipper seemed to think 20kg was as big as they got.

The fishing might have been better had it not been so windy.

Thank you for your assistance with arranging this trip and I would certainly use Sportquest again in the future.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Stephen

Thank you for your feedback

The weather can be a factor when fishing in Norway as its in the Arctic circle but its's nice to hear you still made it out and were able to fish despite the strong winds.

The Halibut that one of your party caught was a great fish for that time of year and it's a shame you did not manage to catch the larger Cod that are there.

Hopefully we will get to speak in the near future


I enjoyed the holiday a lot and found Matt and Mark very helpful.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Nigel

Thank you for the feedback

It was a pleasure to meet you and I'm glad you had a good holiday.


There were 2 issues that i would change before I would visit again in the spring

The big boat is Ok as a touring boat but not good enough as a fishing boat in poor weather

Outside the fjord areas are netted and very heavily trawled.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Joseph

Thank you for your feedback

The area is used by commercial anglers at this time of year due to the vast amounts of Skrei cod which are present in the area, unfortunately at times they do converge there in numbers.


The flights were great
Transfers were great
Accommodation was great
The food was Great

Charter boat experience not great
Quality of assistance paid for not great

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Phil

Thank you for your honest feedback, it was unfortunate that this charter boat experience was not as expected.

We have spoken to the camp and have been assured this will not happen again.

Hopefully this has not put you off using Sportquest Holidays in the future.


Overall an excellent Holiday! Information on fishing marks, weather and tides very sparse. Advised Plaice fishing available in Fjord, not the case and only accessible by motoring to the next fjord which was not possible during rough weather. Flights out to Norway excellent return flight excessive connection time in Oslo (6-7 hours)

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Clive,

Thanks for your feedback and a very detailed one at that. I have forwarded your other comments on to the camp to see if we can get them addressed, such as the filleting board on the boats etc etc. All very good comments and things that we hadnt even thought of.

Also we are going to update our pre trip information with new detailed maps, other alternative things to do if the weather is bad and advising people to take laptops etc

Look forward to speaking with you and thanks once again for choosing Sportquest Holidays

Tight lines



Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to you and your associates for all your help and information in the planning of this trip.

After a tiring journey it was great to find that The Northern Lights Apartments were exactly as described, well appointed clean and warm .
Day one the weather was against us so no fishing but it gave us time to explore the resort do some shopping, register for our boats and test the bar next door . Next morning the sunrise was amazing as was the weather for the rest of the week, T shirt and shorts ,all the thermals left in the suitcases.
We managed to fish every day and caught up to eleven different species some of which we ate and others returned , unfortunately we didn’t find the elusive Halibut. I could go on at length with all the adventures and anecdotes but suffice it to say we had a fantastic holiday Thank you.

As always there are a couple of buts and ifs which I feel you should know about .
Firstly as mentioned above, after a tiring journey I as the organiser was astonished and somewhat annoyed due to tiredness that (you may have all ready heard about this) on our arrival there was no one to greet us and we were stood in the rain like a bunch of idiots . Eventually after ringing the local contact number without success, I had to ring back to the UK and your chap sorted it . I can’t remember the name of the chap who eventually came to show us to our apartment but it almost seemed that he was annoyed that we had disturbed his night . We had been delayed at Bardufoss due to missing and damaged luggage ,another story. Surely he must have known that we were due to arrive and should have waited for us to arrive ?
I guess my dissatisfaction must have fed back to management as we were offered a free meal in the restaurant later in the week to compensate .
Rant over , after a good nights sleep the incident was soon forgotten .

This may be beyond your control but a welcome/information pack of some sort in the apartments would be helpful .

Regarding lost and damaged luggage again not your responsibility but might be advisable to instruct people to use more robust cases to avoid damage .(I don’t know if Norwegian luggage handlers are worse than any other airport but having witnessed them at work I was shocked)

I believe this has been said before but if leaving at three in the morning and then a long wait in Oslo could be re scheduled ,even if this meant a further cost it would be better..

Once again thank you for a fantastic experience

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Alan

Thank you for the in depth review of your trip it sounds like you had a very good time.

It was a lack of communication between driver and the resort that meant you were not met, i am glad to hear it was rectified though and I hope you enjoyed the meal they gave you (it is a very nice restaurant isn't it).

Tight Lines


Great holiday thank you

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Donald

Thank you for the feedback

Tight Lines


Excellent holiday

Thank you Sportquest

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Peter

Thank you for the feedback

Tight Lines


An excellent holiday ruined by the incompetence of Norwegian air - very long delays both ways with no apology or explanation.

The boats and camp staff were both excellent with superb weather and scenery.

We caught all our target fish speciesand enjoyed the Sea Eagles but the real highlight was seeing the Northern lights on three nights.

I would suggest in regards to tackle that customers bring lighter tackle as the main 30lb class is a bit OTT for some of the fishing, lighter rods, reels and even LRF gear would mean you could get the most out of the sport on offer around the camp and on the boat.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Andrew

Thank you for the feedback, it is such a shame that the flights marred an otherwise excellent holiday. Unfortunately Norwegian are the only airline that fly into Bardufoss so we have to use those flights, it is just a shame that you experienced bad delays as they are normally quite good.

The tackle information is based around the Halibut and Coalfish that reside in the area, I do agree that there are a lot of light tackle opportunities in Norway in the warmer months and this is something we will look into changing.

Tight Lines


No one to meet us on arrival. No information about sheet or towel exchange. The staff in the bar restaurant were very good and friendly.
The rooms were clean but kitchen needs a toastie.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Michael

Thank you for your feedback. We are ever so sorry that nobody was there to meet you on arrival which is completely unacceptable and you done the right thing by calling our 24hr emergency phone number, it was a mis-communication between the coach driver and the resort manager and te coach driver was supposed to show you to your cabin but glad we got it all sorted out in the end.

Tight Lines


All facilities were good, staff friendly and helpful. Weather was glorious!

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Philip, thanks for your feedback Mefjord is a great place with some super cool fishing areas.

Would love to see any pictures you may have?

All the best and hope we can look after you all again next year

Tight lines




If the wind is in one direction ie strong enough in from the sea there is no chance of fishing. You cannot escape to a side fiord. The freezer room looked like it had broken down at some point and thawed out and re froze again as everything was left covered in thick ice including the floor. A toaster would be handy. Best part was getting out of the fjord just one day and catching some fish.
Tackle shop needs some serious fishing gear.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi David, thanks for your feedback. I spoke to the guide at Mefjord about the freezer and yes it had broken down and they were unaware of it and it wasnt until after you had left that anybody made them aware of it. This has now been resolved.

Its such a shame you had a very bad weeks worth of weather as this destination as there are so many big fish. The water temps were very low for the time of the year and the fish hadnt moved in to the fjord yet. Normally the fjord is full of fish but the winter still hasnt left Norway.

All the best David and see you in a couple of weeks



Nice family break. Have had many cottages but this was the best ever.
Had very wet week with strong winds but still enjoyed the fishing. Many thanks to you all. Dave.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

HI David
The accommodation at Mefjord is good and we are glad you had a lovely time away with the family. Hopefully you will want to return? Maybe a bit later in the year when the halibut and big coalfish are there in numbers.

Tight Lines


1, Take a cheap Filleting knife and leave it
2, Take fish back in Freezer bag (Iceland) and put in second hold hard case luggage.
3, Absolutely outstanding place to fish. Caught P.Bs and species unlikely to catch in UK waters. Red Fish, Haddock, Wolf Fish.
4, Loved it and saving up to go back asap

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Carl, thanks for your feedback. Sounds like you guys had an amazing trip and caught loads of fish. Mefjord is a great destination with a huge variety of fish. We will speak later about returning next year

All the best



Great fishing, Great time. i have lots of pictures. Please send a memory stick an I will transfer them for you.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Ellis
Thank you for the feedback it sounds like you had a great time. Have you received your memory stick yet? If not then please contact us and we will get another one sent out to you.


Great Holiday

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Thank you for the scores Chris


Mefjord Brygge. Wow Wow Wow. Fantastic fishing and very friendly and clean.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Jimmy, it was great to finally meet you guys and thanks for the great feedback. Mefjord is a top destination with excellent fishing. I am personally very pleased you enjoyed the Cod fishing as I know how much you guys love your Cod fishing.

Hopefully we will catch up again one day and all the best


When arriving at the airports make sure your luggage is checked straight through, as this will prevent the delay we had.

Would be useful to see a diary log of recent catches and photos.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Mark, thank you for your feedback. It is a great way of passing on travelling tips to future anglers.

We always advise people to check with the check in staff about bags as airports can and always will change their processes. Glad everything worked out in the end.

I have mentioned to the guys at Mefjord about a weekly catch report of some description and they have said they will look at putting one in place with where is fishing for certain species.

All the best



Had a great time and the resort was well organised and the facilities were spot on.We did find the cabin accommodation a bit small for 4 men along with the boat I think 3 for the cabin and boat would be better.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hello David, thank you for your feed back form. They really do help future travellers make important decisions on where to go.

The resort is very well organised and the people who run are always there to help out.

If you come back to me with some dates, we can get you booked for next year

All the best



A very enjoyable experience!
The accommodation was excellent (drawer or wardrobe space would be good)
The boats were stable + well designed.
Staff on site could be a bit more forthcoming with what is catching at the time i.e. bait shad or pirk. Also, when they say the shop is open from 7:30 - 5:30 it should be.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Robert, thanks for your feedback it helps us make sure we are providing a good service plus a copy is sent to the managers of the camp.

So glad you had an enjoyable experience and I totally agree with you about the boats being great boats.

It is strange to hear that you found the staff on site not very forthcoming as we have always had such good things said about them. From experience of being out there, I was always told that if the shop was not open then to call them as they will come and open it straight away as the manager on site runs the shop, the check in process and also sometimes the airport transfers. Maybe this was not made clear to you guys when you arrived.

I shall forward this on to the manager of Mefjord

Once again thank you for travelling with us and look forward to helping all again next year

All the best



Best part: The amazing scenery and exhilaration of catching my first Cod.

Need to know: The "local" supermarket is very poorly stocked with everything. No variety.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Stuart, thank you for your feedback form they are a great help to other travellers. Thats a great tip about the shop..... do not rely on it for everything. I assume the basics are there. I do believe there is another shop a bit further away that is much bigger.

Well done on your Cod it must of been a great feeling and I totally agree with you about the scenery, its amazing

All the best and hopefully get to speak with you for next year



Great holiday helped by the fantastic weather, only rained for couple of hours and very little wind.

Not to be the youngest group in the world, my brother is almost 80 and 2 more near 70, we were not going to go far from the Fjord. Nut not required, we had great fishing, all beating our best with Cod to 37 lb and 18 Halibut caught to 20 lb, not the biggest, but great fighters.

We all had great trip!

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Mel, thank you so much for your feedback form they are such a great help to future travellers.

Sounds like you all had a great time as you caught loads of fish. I agree that you do not need to leave the fjord as there are so many different places to fish in there.

Hopefully we can be of more assistance to you all next year

All the very best



Went on fishing trip as a group of 4 men and thoroughly enjoyed our whole experience from start to finish! All the information that we received once the trip was booked was immensely helpful as was the initial booking process. We travelled at end of July to first week of Aug and the weather was pleasant and our accommodation was beyond our expectations with everything at hand including the spectacular view. We thoroughly enjoyed our weeks fishing with some eventful and spectacular catches. Would highly recommend your company to anyone considering travelling to this destination and would certainly use your company again on future trips!!

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Philip, thank you so much for your feedback. It is very helpful for future travellers and also to us as a company to make sure that we are doing things right.

Sounds like your entire group had a very good time so glad all the information was correct and you managed to catch some fishes

Tight lines



A great holidays

Better stocked tackle shop at Mefjord Brygge and a bit clearer info regarding hire equipment.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays


Thanks for all the feedback and comment about tackle.

We will address these points to make it more clearer for customers in the future.

This is what we have customer feedback so we can find out any details that need working on. We then action them to make things better in the future for everyone.

Thanks again and we look forward in dealing with you and your group again soon

tight lines



Accommodation as expected!

Fishing much better than expected!

Size + variety in abundance.

All helped by perfect weather.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays


Simple but perfect customer review.

We look forward in looking after you again in just over 1 months time

Regards Peter


The pre-trip information from Sportsquest was excellent and preparations went flawlessly. The problem was when we got to Bardufoss. Our clothes, fishing tackle and all our food did not arrive with us! Due to it being good Friday we could not even go to a supermarket to buy food as they were all shut. Luckily the camp contact, Michael, stopped in a garage and we managed to buy some frozen Pizzas and some eggs for breakfast the next day.
Luckily, Paul Stevens (Sportquest) was already in camp hosting a group of British anglers and after a quick discussion, the lads very kindly came up with some spare tackle and some warm clothes. I also hired a floatation suit from the camp.
The accommodation me and my pal were allocated was basic and small. We had one bedroom with a bunk bed, a small kitchen/living area and a bathroom. It was, however, clean and warm. It could have done with having a microwave and I would advise anybody going to take an ipad or other device for films and entertainment.
The next morning dawned sunny and calm but bitterly cold. Paul Stevens had given us some marks the evening before and off we went. We arrived at the mark at slack tide but started getting hits immediately. Very frustratingly, for the first couple of hours we lost every fish that hit. As soon as the tide picked up we started catching. My first fish was a 53lb cod, beating my previous PB by 36lbs! Over the next 4 hours we had about 25 cod between 10 and 53 lbs.
When we arrived back at camp all our gear and food had arrived and we soon forgot about the first days problems.
The second day went very much like the first. Lots of cod and the odd coley. the most notable fish were a 44, 36, 31 and 30 cod plus many others. The lures that seemed to work best for the bigger fish were a 730g Robocod Westin Big Bob, 270g real herring curl tail savage gear cutbait herring & 560g blue back savage gear 3D herring big shad. I had most of the smaller fish on a blue OTI jinkster 300g jig.
Day 3, again was like the first two days. Again, we had cod in the 40lb class. Most of my fish were caught on a 150g Nomura popping rod with a shimano saragosa 8000 spooled with 60 lb coloured diawa J-braid. Depth finding braid is essential as you can accurately fish at the depth the fish are, as indicated by the fish finder. My other rod was a Diawa kenzaki 30-50 with a Shimano Talica 12 loaded with 80lb coloured J-braid.
Day 4 was a non-fishing day due to the weather. We weren't allowed out.
Day 5 we tried twice to get to the cod grounds but were beaten back by the weather and ended up fishing in the fiord. We caught redfish, coley, ling and haddock which was fun. The last fishing day was also very windy and the boats were not allowed out until 16.00. Again we could only fish the fiord but had about 20 haddock, ling, redfish, cod and coley.
In summary, it was a fantastic trip and I will be going again and I will be going through Sportquest. The problems we had were nothing to do with Sportquest and no-one can control the weather but the 3 good days we had made the trip worthwhile by themselves.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi John, thanks for your feedback. It is very important to us and the resort you stayed at to hear real reviews.

Well done on your huge Cod and glad you liked your experience and it was lovely to have met you

All the best


Resort Manager

Hi Paul,

Thanks for feedback and valuable comment. Unfortunately it’s the weather that the quality of skrei season fishing is mostly dependent on. We hope that in 2018 it will be more likely for fine weather. I also forwarded the message to Michael – maybe he will add some comments. Thanks for updates and we are in touch!



Hi Paul.
Will phone today. Internet and phone been out of order with building process.
Mefjord was brilliant. I think it's my favourite so far. I felt it is a blend of the open seas of Havoysund and the protected fjord of Sandbakken.
The fishing was great. We found good fish every day. Even on the windiest days we could find the bottom and fish effectively.
We caught good fish within a stones throw of the houses at the origin of the fjord.
It's a versatile location with walking and cycling available and a shop in the next village.
The set up is really convenient with cabin, boats and filleting/ dry room adjacent to one another. The harbour is easy to negotiate. The boats are well matched to the environment.
The managers and staff are clearly keen to expand their market to the British angler.
The fuel costs were minimal. For the nine days it cost us about £75 - £80 each.
Even at this stage of the season there were good fish around - cod over 40lbs, coalfish upto 30 lbs and halibut. We all caught good fish and lost even bigger fish!
I want to tell everybody how great I think it is but a part of me wants to keep it a secret too. Loved it!
Cheers Stew

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Stew, so pleased you all had such a great time. The fishing there sounds awesome and I can not wait for my trip in April next year. Some very useful tips in your feedback for future anglers.

Thanks for the couple of pictures you have sent today and there is a memory stick being posted out you as we speak.

Once you have got some dates for next year get in touch.

All the best



V good holiday. Main concern coming from 'up north' is only having flights from Gatwick...adds effectively 2 days of travel and an overnight stop....more flexibility with flights. Rest up to normal high standards.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hello Ian, so glad you guys had a great time. I spoke one of your guys today and he was saying you caught lots of fish and big ones as well. This destination in Norway is going to become one of the good ones.

Sorry there are not better flight routes available. We can get you going from Manchester but they arrive to late for the onward flight to Bardufoss which in turn would mean having to overnight in Oslo to catch the connecting flight the following day.

Look forward to catching up with you and hopefully you would like to look at something for next year.

All the best

Paul Stevens

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