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Vesterålen | Halibut & Cod Fishing | North Norway


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Welcome to Vesterålen located in the north of Norway surrounded by some of the most stunning landscape Norway has to offer. Known locally as the ‘Kingdom of the Whales’ it is home to a huge population of different species of Whales. This stunning Island is north of the world-famous Lofoten Islands and the Arctic circle, the archipelago of Vesterålen reaches out westwards from the mainland of Norway and into the Atlantic ocean. Due to how popular our other destinations have become on the Lofoten Islands, has led us to research this area and try to bring you new exciting destinations that offer the same world-class fishing opportunities. Vesterålen will open up some great fishing areas and is what we like to class as almost weatherproof as you have access to two huge fjords, Jörnfjorden where the camp is located and then Eidsfjorden being just a 5-minute ride away. This camp has 2 guides on it all times meaning that you will always have a guide on the camp who will be able to offer advice on where to fish and what tactics to use.


The destination of Vesterålen in Norway is located on the Eidsfjorden which is a deep long fjord with depths as deep as 200mtrs and has many plateaus, peaks and structures that will hold big Cod and Coalfish all year round. This has also been a great area for Redfish and huge Ling. On the sides of this fjord, there are some great sandy plateaus close to the land which will offer fantastic Halibut fishing along with Plaice and Dabs. If you continue a short distance to the west or south-west you will find yourself in the open ocean where there are many more peaks, channels and plateaus. The population of big Cod, Coalfish and Halibut are great in this area. The fishing area stretches all the way up to Hovden, which is a lighthouse on the north-west side of Vesterålen about 25 nm away from the camp. It’s not just the great fishing in this area that has caught our attention, its the accommodation on offer. It is of a very high standard for Norway and we have made sure that the cabins are complete with lots of modern amenities to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as it could be


You will be fishing the North sea and these waters are rich with life and nutrients which makes for some incredible fishing at certain times of the year. In the cooler months such as April and May, the Cod fishing around Vesteralen is very good and with the Skrei Cod coming close enough to reach from this destination it won’t be long before we see some very good results. As the waters warm up the fishing changes and Halibut becomes the main fish to target. These enormous flatfish can be targeted in the fjords or the open sea with some monster fish lurking beneath the waves that can be caught using either trolled dead baits or by jig fishing from the boats. One of the best things about fishing in the summer in Norway is the fact you can fish in the midnight sun. This is where the sun does not set properly leaving just twilight.


With our partners Nordic Sea Angling we have managed to secure the same high standard boats as we run at many of our other camps. The boats that you will be using are known for excellent handling and safety at sea. They are very sturdy even in rough conditions and are constructed to deal with heavy seas. The boats are 23.5ft Arronnet aluminium boats and come fitted with 150hp Suzuki 4 Stroke engines which are one of the most fuel-efficient engines money can buy. The electronics on the boats are also a high standard with big displays on the fish finders and chart plotters. These boats are kept to a very high standard and are maintained on a regular basis. We also have a spare boat just in case of unforeseen breakdowns. There is also a guided boat at this destinations and if booked well in advance you can have a full week’s guided fishing, alternatively, if you wish to be more flexible with your fishing then you can simply follow the guides around for the first couple of days. Subject to availability it is also possible to book the guide for just one day. They will then come on your boat for the day and show you around and show you some of their techniques of fishing which is a massive help.


At this camp, you will have 2 guides on-site with 1 being at the camp during the day whilst the other is out guiding on the boats. These guides will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and offer advice on any of the fishing you may need. If you have been looking for your next sea fishing adventure then Vesterålen is the place for you as once you have fished here and stayed in the luxury cabins, been looked after by our onsite guides and caught that dream fish, you will not want to go anywhere else.


We also host an exclusive Halibut Fishing Competition in Norway every year. Spaces are limited and go fast, so make sure to reserve your teams place early and be in with a chance of winning £4000.




Vesterålen Cabin

Vesterålen resort is one of our finest locations in northern Norway with the brand new cabins located right on the edge of a fish-filled fjord, one does not have to go far to find some amazing fishing spots. The scenery just outside the cabins is breath-taking from the rear you will be surrounded by tree-lined mountains and at the front of the properties, you will benefit from stunning views across the fjord to the open ocean.

The Cabins

At this resort, there are four cabins ranging in sizes to accommodate any size groups. We have the ‘Castle’ which has been designed to accommodate larger groups for up to 8 people and is the perfect base for a group to enjoy relaxing social evenings, whilst soaking up the Norwegian atmosphere. The ‘Castle’ benefits from a large open plan kitchen/living area with very modern amenities to make your self-catering holiday the best it can be. Lots of cupboard space, enough cutlery for up to 8 people, pots and pans, plates and bowls, large fridge freezer, dishwasher and a large widescreen TV are all included in the Castle to make your stay an enjoyable experience. There are four twin bedrooms with two single beds in each room, a large shower room with toilet and washbasin and a separate toilet room also with washbasin. All towels and bed linen is supplied

The other cabins are also very carefully decorated and fitted out with very modern amenities and are more suited to smaller groups of four people. Each of the four-person cabins come with an open planned kitchen/living space with a large sofa and dining room table and 4 chairs. In the modern kitchens, you will find electric hobs with over the top extractor fans, an oven and grill, lots of cupboard space, enough cutlery for four people, plates and bowls, pots and pans, dishwasher and coffee maker. Each four-person cabin comes with a large widescreen TV and free Wi-Fi. All the cabins at Vesterålen are split over two floors with bedrooms upstairs and living space on the ground floor. In the standard cabins, you will have two twin bedrooms with single beds and one large shower room with a toilet and washbasin. Each cabin is provided with towels for 4 people and bed linen.

Food & Drink

Your stay at Vesterålen will be on a self-catering basis but we have ensured that each cabin is completely fitted out with enough utensils and cooking equipment to make your stay enjoyable and straight forward. The local supermarket is a short 7-8km drive from the cabins and is fully stocked with all produces the same as a supermarket at home. We provide every angler with the free use of the onsite car to make supermarket trips as easy as possible. Simply ask one of the onsite guides for the keys and you are free to use the car whenever you need to. If you need any help on any recipes or what food you can cook whilst away we have written a short blog with some helpful information which can be found here ‘what to Cook in Norway’


Around this resort, you will find many amenities to make sure your stay is comfortable from an undercover filleting room with lights, filleting boards and enough space for anglers to prepare their catches. We also have a very well stocked tackle shop supplying everything you will need for your weeks fishing from braid to hooks they have everything you will need at UK prices, you can simply turn up here with no tackle and purchase everything you will need for the week plus it will not cost you any extra than buying it all from the UK and at least you will only buy items that are working.

Around the resort, you will get free access to the Wi-Fi which is a great way to post your pictures so friends and family can experience your journey. There is also a large container where you will replenish your boat fuel from, simply ask the guides each day for however much fuel your boat needs and they will issue you with 25ltr containers to carry down to your boat. There is a little trolley supplied to help you carry the fuel to the boats, the fuel you use will then be written down in a book which you will then pay for at the end of your stay. There is also a large walk-in freezer room with plenty of storage space if you are taking fish home with you, you can also purchase polystyrene fish boxes to carry your fish home in.


Board: Self Catering
Rooms: Twin Rooms
Internet: Free WIFI
Power: 230 Volts
Equipment Hire: Chargeable
Shop: Tackle Shop
Cards Accepted: Debit / Credit cards
Freezer Room: Walk in fast freezer
Filleting Area: Covered filleting area
Species Information
Season: April to September
Peak: April
Weight: 5lb to 100lb
Average Weight: 25lb
Season: May to September
Peak: July
Weight: 15lb to 300lb
Average Weight: 60lb
Season: April to September
Peak: June
Weight: 5lb to 50lb
Average Weight: 15lb
Season: April to September
Peak: September
Weight: 5lb to 40lb
Average Weight: 10lb
Season: April to September
Peak: September
Weight: 1lb to 10lb
Average Weight: 3lb
Season: April to September
Peak: May & June
Weight: 5lb to 60lb
Average Weight: 15lb


Although the fishing has set weeks, we have daily flights departing from the UK, therefore should you wish to either extend your stay with additional days in the beginning or end in Norway, the itinerary below can be tailored to suit.

Day 1:

Depart UK (alternative routes available)
Arrive Oslo

Depart Oslo
Arrive Evenes

Once you have arrived at Evenes and collected your bags you will make your way out of the terminal building where the Fly Bus will then transfer you to Sortland. (Fly Bus transfer approx. 2 hours). When you have arrived at Sortland a representative from Nordic Sea Angling will be waiting to transfer you the rest of the way. (Transfer approx. 50minutes). Once you have arrived at the camp you will be shown to your cabin and then a brief talk about the camp and the boats. You are then free to relax and unpack or if you feel like it, take the boat out and explore.

Overnight accommodation: Vesterålen Cabin (Twin rooms) S/C

Days 2 to 4: Fishing Days

There are full-time guides on hand for you each day of your holiday, which will assist in any way you wish. On your first days fishing, subject to availability, one of our guides will come aboard your boat free of charge and show you some hotspots. This service is free and a great way to get to know the area you are fishing if it’s your first time. There are many tried and tested fishing areas that are all pre-programmed into the chart plotters to make it a little easier for you if it is your first time, however, there are many areas that have not even seen any angling pressure and well worth a go.

Overnight accommodation: Vesterålen Cabin (Twin rooms) S/C

DAYS 5 TO 7: Fishing Days

As you have your own boat, you can fish as much as you wish and at certain times of the year, it remains daylight 24hrs a day. The area around Vesterålen is full of fish-holding areas and it will not take you long to find these areas. The guides at the camp will help you locate species of your choice and on some days you are more than welcome to follow the guide when he is fishing from other peoples boats.

Overnight accommodation: Vesterålen Cabin (Twin rooms) S/C

Days 8:

In the morning you will be transferred back again via private bus to Sortland in time to catch the Fly Bus back to Evenes airport.

Depart Evenes
Arrive Oslo

Depart Oslo
Arrive UK


Remember that Sportquest Holidays' services are completely FREE! When you book a trip with Sportquest Holidays, you never pay more than when you book directly with the lodge and flights independently.

Start Date End Date Days Nights Fishing Angler Non-Angler Availability Notes
27/04/2022 04/05/2022 8 7 6 £1,708 On Request Enquire Now N/A
04/05/2022 11/05/2022 8 7 6 £1,613 On Request Enquire Now N/A
11/05/2022 18/05/2022 8 7 6 £1,708 On Request Enquire Now N/A
18/05/2022 25/05/2022 8 7 6 £1,658 On Request Sold Out N/A
25/05/2022 01/06/2022 8 7 6 £1,658 On Request Sold Out N/A
01/06/2022 08/06/2022 8 7 6 £1,658 On Request Sold Out N/A
08/06/2022 15/06/2022 8 7 6 £1,613 On Request Sold Out N/A
15/06/2022 22/06/2022 8 7 6 £1,708 On Request Sold Out N/A
22/06/2022 29/06/2022 8 7 6 £1,613 On Request Sold Out N/A
29/06/2022 06/07/2022 8 7 6 £1,708 On Request Sold Out N/A
06/07/2022 13/07/2022 8 7 6 £1,658 On Request Sold Out N/A
13/07/2022 20/07/2022 8 7 6 £1,658 On Request Sold Out N/A
20/07/2022 27/07/2022 8 7 6 £1,658 On Request Sold Out N/A
27/07/2022 03/08/2022 8 7 6 £1,613 On Request Sold Out N/A
03/08/2022 10/08/2022 8 7 6 £1,708 On Request Enquire Now N/A
10/08/2022 17/08/2022 8 7 6 £1,613 On Request Enquire Now N/A
17/08/2022 24/08/2022 8 7 6 £1,708 On Request Enquire Now N/A
24/08/2022 31/08/2022 8 7 6 £1,658 On Request Enquire Now N/A
31/08/2022 07/09/2022 8 7 6 £1,658 On Request Enquire Now N/A
07/09/2022 14/09/2022 8 7 6 £1,658 On Request Enquire Now N/A
14/09/2022 21/09/2022 8 7 6 £1,613 On Request Enquire Now N/A
19/04/2023 26/04/2023 8 7 6 £1,804 On Request Enquire Now N/A
26/04/2023 03/05/2023 8 7 6 £1,709 On Request Enquire Now N/A
03/05/2023 10/05/2023 8 7 6 £1,804 On Request Enquire Now N/A
10/05/2023 17/05/2023 8 7 6 £1,754 On Request Enquire Now N/A
17/05/2023 24/05/2023 8 7 6 £1,754 On Request Enquire Now N/A
24/05/2023 31/05/2023 8 7 6 £1,754 On Request Enquire Now N/A
31/05/2023 07/06/2023 8 7 6 £1,709 On Request Enquire Now N/A
07/06/2023 14/06/2023 8 7 6 £1,804 On Request Enquire Now N/A
14/06/2023 21/06/2023 8 7 6 £1,709 On Request Enquire Now N/A
21/06/2023 28/06/2023 8 7 6 £1,804 On Request Enquire Now N/A

Price Notes

Prices are based on four adults sharing transfers, fishing and accommodation (unless otherwise stated) and are correct at the time of going to press. Subject to time of year or date and currency fluctuations, these prices may fluctuate slightly due to flight price increases or fuel surcharge.

Note: If you are born after 1980, a motorboat certificate is required by Norwegian Law to operate the boat. Please contact a member of the Sportquest holidays team for further information

Holidays or flights booked with Sportquest Holidays Limited are protected by the Civil Aviation Authority by our ATOL bond (Number 6371). ATOL protects you from losing your money or being stranded abroad. It does this by carrying out financial checks on the firms it licenses and requiring a guarantee, called a bond.

What's Included

  • All international flights (Based on London departure)
  • Flybus ticket (already pre-paid)
  • Transfers to and from Vesterålen to Evenes
  • All accommodation as per itinerary
  • 6 days fishing via self-drive boat
  • Fishing Boat with Sonar, chart plotter (GPS), VHF & radar
  • Freezer storage for your fish
  • Access to professional guide for guidance
  • Bed linen, towels and final cabin cleaning

What's Excluded

  • Fuel for boat
  • Fishing tackle
  • Personal holiday insurance
  • All meals
  • Final boat cleaning
  • Powerboat licence (See price notes)


  • Other UK departure airports are possible (additional cost) Please call a member of the Sportquest team for further information.

  • Additional luggage can be added, please enquire about up to date prices
  • Fishing equipment (rod, reel, line) £50 pr week
  • Survival suits £45 pr week

Price Supplements

  • If your group size is smaller than four people please contact a member of the Sportquest team

Price Match Promise

We are so confident that our packaged prices are the best available and offer great value for money.

If, however, you find an identical holiday available with any other fully bonded Tour Operator at a lower price, we will match that price.

Financial Security

Holidays or flights booked with Sportquest Holidays Limited are protected by the Civil Aviation Authority by our ATOL bond (Number 6371). ATOL protects you from losing your money or being stranded abroad. It does this by carrying out financial checks on the firms it licenses and requiring a guarantee, called a bond.

Tour Notes


A machine-readable passport with at least 6 months before expiry. No visa for UK citizens required.

Medical Requirements

No vaccinations currently required.

Please Note

All details of visa and medical requirements are correct at time of press however please check these requirements for changes.

Departure tax

There is no additional airport departure tax when leaving Norway.

Flight Route & Flight Time

UK – Oslo (approx 2.5 hrs) Oslo to Evenes (approx 1hr 30 mins)

Baggage Allowance

Your actual allowance is based on both which airline you are flying with and also what class of seat you are travelling in. Normally in the economy it is 1 checked bag, Premium Economy / Business 2 checked bags, First 3 checked bags. In addition to your checked bags, you are also allowed 1 cabin bag and either 1-laptop bag or ladies handbag. The actual size and weight limit for bags are dependent on the airline. We, therefore, recommend that once your flights are booked you check on the airline’s website for the up to date allowances.

If your itinerary includes private light aircraft or helicopter flights, we will advise you on your baggage and weight allowance.

Transfer Time

Evenes to Sortland (Approx. 2hrs)

Sortland to Vesterålen Cabin (Approx. 50Minutes)

Questions & Answers

Where is the destination?

The destination of Vesterålen in Norway is located on the Eidsfjorden which is a deep long fjord with depths as deep as 200mtrs and has many plateaus, peaks and structures that will hold big Cod and Coalfish all year round. This has also been a great area for Redfish and huge Ling. We have some fishing spots that are out in the open ocean and are the perfect areas for very large Cod and Ling even during the summer months

Where will I fish?

The great advantage of Vesterålen is that you have many sheltered fjords all very close to the cabins. If the wind is strong then you can simply find a very sheltered bay/fjord where you will still find big Halibut and Cod along with many other species. The best fishing grounds are normally found out in the ocean or close to mountains that protrude from the ocean floor. However, if you do not fancy fishing the open ocean there are hundreds of sheltered bays and long open fjords to try and temp one of Norway’s monster fishes.

How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?

Some of the best Halibut grounds are around 30 minutes to a 1-hour boat drive away. However, there are always very large Halibut caught 5 minutes from the cabins. The further away spots tend to be known holding areas for big Ling as well as many other fish are always worth a long journey. Speak to the onsite guides if you wish to travel to what they call ‘Jurrasic park’ this is an area known to hold huge Cod and Ling and can only be visited if there are at least two boats wanting to travel out there.

What fish will I catch?

The main attraction to Vesterålen will be the species fishing you will find on offer, it is one of the best places for a wide variety of species as the pressure on these fish is very low so the stocks of fish just keep getting better and bigger. This destination produces large Halibut and Cod along with many other species like Angler fish and Plaice. However, if you are after big Coalfish then this may not be the destination for you. This is also an area well known for its amazing Ling fishing with some very large specimens caught here each year. In the early part of the season, March and April, the Skrei Cod pack themselves around this Island but for the rest of the year, the Cod fishing is average for Norway standards.


How many fish will I catch?

This depends on the species you wish to target. For example, if you visited Vesterålen wanting to purely concentrate on the Ling then you may only catch a couple of fish a day but these may be over 60lb. This may sound low but when you consider that some of these fish can be in excess of 60lb then it is more appealing. The Cod fishing is very good and once the shoals are located you should expect constant action all day and the same with the Coalfish. However, the Coalfish shoals at Havoysund are not full of big ones but the average size to expect will be around 10lb.

How will I fish?

The main style of fishing will be from self-drive boats using a combination of pirks, rubber shads and bait. The exact method will depend on the species you are trying to target. The best way to target the Cod is with large shads or pirks fished near the bottom. The Ling fishing is done with bait fished on the bottom, baits as fillets of coalfish or mackerel. Halibut fishing is normally with either shads or a dead coalfish.

Do the guides speak English?

All our guides speak perfect English along with many other languages

Who is best suited to this destination?

The great advantage of Vesterålen is that there are always 2 full-time guides on hand to help the most or less experienced anglers. They will even jump on your boat for a day guiding you and showing you all the hot spots. They are always on hand to help out with any questions about fishing marks and are always keen to help out as much as they can to ensure you have a great experience.

What skill level is required?

There is no skill level required for the fishing as the guides will help you with everything. A little knowledge of boat handling would be an advantage but not necessary as the guides will help with instructions.

How physically demanding is this trip?

The boats are located a minute walk away from the cabins down a fairly steep bridge on to the dock. The rest of the holiday is certainly not physically demanding.

When is the best time to go?

The start of the season March/April sees a huge influx of the Skrei Cod, these are around for about 6 weeks then move back to the Barents Sea. Once the temperature starts to rise in April/May the Coalfish start to move in and along with these will come the Halibut. The Halibut will then stay around until late October. The best 2 months for the Halibut are August and September.

How will I get there?

There are several airports in the UK which we can book your flights from. The main airport is London Heathrow but we can use Manchester and Edinburgh. You will then fly to Evenes, once you have arrived at Evenes and collected bags make your way out of the terminal building where the Fly Bus will then transfer you to Sortland. (Fly Bus transfer approx. 2hrs) When you have arrived at Sortland our guides will be waiting to transfer you the rest of the way. (Transfer approx. 50minutes)

What is the accommodation like?

Vesterålen fishing camp is fully kitted out for anglers. The cabins themselves are spacious with fully equipped kitchens with all the mod cons. Also, downstairs there is a living area with sofas and a table with chairs for eating around. Each cabin has a wall-mounted widescreen TV. Downstairs is the main bathroom with a walk-in shower, sink and toilet. Most of the cabins have underfloor heating in the bathrooms. Upstairs you will find two twin bedrooms with single beds, these rooms are compact but practical. There is clean bedding when you arrive along with a face flannel and a towel and these can be replaced at the reception in the hotel.

What is the food like?

As this is a self-catered holiday you will be cooking for yourself so what you eat will depend on what you cook. There is a large local supermarket where you can purchase all the normal food items to make your week as easy as possible.

Does the lodge provide fishing tackle?

You can hire top of the range fishing equipment at the time of booking your holiday. They supply Westin boat fishing rods and a variety of top-end multipliers. There are also a small number of lighter rods for Plaice fishing. Onsite there is a fully stocked tackle shop that supplies everything you will need for your entire weeks fishing. The prices on the tackle are very similar to UK prices and normally have everything in stock

Is internet and phone signal available?

There is WiFi available all around the cabins free of charge plus the telephone signal is very good whilst out fishing and you will often be able to pick up some type of internet connection whilst out at sea to keep in touch with your friends and family.

Are there other activities available?

This holiday is mainly aimed at the amazing fishing on offer and as this destination is so remote there are not that many other activities to be done apart from walks and the amazing wildlife.

How much does it cost?

We the complete package including all flights and transfers. To view all available weeks and prices click the ‘Dates & Prices’ tab above.

Alternatively, if you wish to arrange all your own travel we can book just the lodge and fishing for you. If you wish to book or have any questions please feel free to call our offices on 01603 407596.




Great holiday, stunning backdrops, good fishing and a stunning location.

Vesteralen accommodation is very comfortable, clean and overlooks a peaceful setting.

Oscar the guide provided a great service and looked after us with advice and fishing information daily.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Matt

Thank you for the great feedback

Vesteralen really is a stunning destination that is proving itself to be a very good place to fish.

Hopefully we will get to speak soon

Tight lines



It lived up to expectations. As others had been before. All things had been thought of

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Great to hear from Ronald and so glad you had a lovely trip.

I will speak to you soon

All the best



It lived up to expectations as other trip have done before. All things been thought of

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Ronald,

Thank you for your feedback form. So glad that you liked Vesteralen and managed to catch plenty of fish. Where to next?

All the best



Another fantastic trip with Sportquest. Highlights definitely were:

The location and scenery
seeing orcas in their natural environment
the company - great set of anglers
oh...and a new Halibut PB!

Only improvement suggestion would be to install wardrobes / cupboards in the lodge bedrooms - we were literally living out of a suitcase

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hello Nick, it was great to see you again and really pleased you managed your Halibut PB. It was an awesome fish. What about the statue, you forget to mention the statue!!

Anyway, hopefully will see you again soon

All the best



Fishing was unbelievable better than I hoped for!

Scenery Beautiful and our guide Marcus was really helpful and pleasant.

Accommodation was very clean and comfortable.

Could not fault the holiday.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Luke

Thank you for the great feedback

It sounds like you had a great time in Vesteralen I will chat to you soon

Tight Lines


Seeing a family of killer whales in the wild was awesome.

This was my sixth trip with Sportquest and this destination was by far the most scenic

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hello Clinton, So glad you got to experience those killer whales and it was great to fish with you once again. Vesterålen is a magical place with awesome scenery. I cant wait to get back there next year

All the best



Although the fishing was very good the travelling to the fishing grounds I thought was to long 4.5 hours one day when the sea was rough. Seeing killer whales to me was the highlight. Sometimes I just want to go fishing on a holiday at a respectable hour and not get up early in the morning to catch big fish and long distances

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hello David, Thank you for your feedback. Yes it was a tough weeks weather and those long distances would of been half the time if the sea was flat calm. But when we got out there the fishing was worth it with two Cod pushing 50lb and those ling made the journey worth it. Those Killer whales we saw were amazing and to have them so close to the boat was even more exciting.

All the best



Our group enjoyed a very memorable trip with excellent accommodation and a great guide called Marcus who could not have been more helpful and actually joined us for a couple of evening meals.

He gave us great information and tips on where to fish.

Your own service has also been outstanding and we all agree that we will be returning to Norway with Sportquest at some point in the future.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi William

Thank you for the great feedback, it sounds like you had an amazing time in Vesteralen.

Tight lines



Another unbelievable experience. Great fishing, scenery and just makes you feel alive. What more can I say!!

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Colin, thank you for your review. This destination is proving very popular, I have just returned from my hosted their for the first time and absolutely loved it and so did the group. I bet you guys are counting down the days until next year

Tight lines



Very good holiday to Vesteralen Norway again for the second year running, will be booking again next year. Have been happy with the service that sportsquest offer and would highly recommend them as a company.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Kevin thank you for your kind words and so pleased you love the place so much.

You guys are all booked in for next year and what a trip that will be

All the best



Thanks for a great holiday

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Nicholas, great to hear you guys all had a good time. Where next? I will try and speak with you all very soon

Tight lines Paul


Plenty of cod/coalfish and ling a couple of personal bests

No Halibut unfortunately

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi John

Thank you for the feedback

It sounds like you had plenty of fish but it's a shame no halibut showed for you.

Tight Lines


Great location with fantastic accommodation and 'away from it all' setting.
Good fishing grounds with some limitations in adverse weather - Huge potential in Calmer conditions for Halibut, Cod and Coalfish.

The guide Marcus is fantastic. Limited by being a one man operation on site.
Recommend Blackout blinds to improve lodges during 24 hour daylight.
Self catering welcome packs. Recommend a 'basket' of Bread, Eggs, Milk, Cheese etc.
Location/fishing grounds/guides. Please send in advance to allow initial planning for the trip. (Nordic do this)
As usual, Minor points as the overall package is very good.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Matt, thanks for your feedback all the tips are very helpful for future travellers.

Sounds like you guys had a great time and caught plenty of big fish.

We do have lots of maps with fishing marks for people who require them. Perhaps we will start to send them out with the paper work. I shall suggest a welcome pack as it is sometimes very helpful especially if your flight arrives late in the day and the shops are closed so that would be a great idea

All the best



I have just returned from a week in Vesteralen. What a great getaway. The accomodation was excellent. Very roomy, spotless and with all mod cons. The boats were brilliant, very sea worthy, and comfortable fishing. The fishing was slow for the first couple of days then we had a guided trip to a mark Marcus the resort guide new about that could be reached in good weather. The weather god was kind to us and after a two hour trip we settled into what was undoubtedly the best days fishing any of us had ever had. For over six hours we had fish after fish, large Cod, large Coal-fish, large Ling, you never new what was going to come up next. Wow what a day. A Big thank you must be said to Marcus for providing us with not only maps and local knowledge, but nothing was a problem for him. If we needed any advice about anything he was there. A Great Guy. The views of the Fjords were spectacular The icing on the cake was watching the Sea Eagles diving down for fish as we headed back to our cabin each evening.

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hello Richard, thanks for your great feedback. It is a real help to future travellers.

So glad you guys had a great trip and liked Vesteralen. I am off there next June so hopefully we have the same great fishing you guys had. Where next for you guys?

Tight lines Paul


Had a fantastic time in Norway. Hoping to go back next year!! Only thing is it helps if you have skipper experience, ie, using equipment, drifting but after a few days we were on top of it and caught some very nice fish. Thanks Sportquest

Reply from Sportquest Holidays

Hi Colin
Its great to hear you had a fantastic time and are hoping to go back.
We will give you a call soon
Tight Lines

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