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Villa Maria Lodge Jan 25th To Jan 31st

Villa Maria Lodge Jan 25th To Jan 31st

More great fishing marked week 5 at Villa Maria Lodge,

With friends visiting from the UK, US, and Sweden. All our guests got along well and enjoyed sharing their experiences. For me, in particular, it was special to revisit the river with Steward and Vaughan, who have been good clients more than seven years.

VM’s exceptional team of guides helped teach new clients the ins and outs of spey casting, in order to cover more water and deal with high winds at times. Three of our guests, Robert, David and Mikael, wanted to learn how to spey cast, and they excelled in their lessons despite some tough conditions. We’re sure they’ll be bringing the techniques learned back to their home waters. Robert’s determination and efforts paid off as he hooked and landed one of the biggest fish of the week—a beautiful female sea trout weighing 22 pounds. Pat, who at eighty-two years old also landed a 22-pound monster

This week was different from last, with water levels dropping due to the lack of rain. We also had three days of strong winds gusting to 37 miles per hour, pushing water into the estuary.

With the low, clear water we were fished lighter sink tips and smaller flies along with long leaders. Later in the week we had success with big and bright flies fished deep. This technique was most effective when the air and water temperatures dropped. Got to give the fish something big, nasty, and worth their while when they’re laying low and moving slow

As always, come last light, it was time to bring out the leeches. Casting one of these big flies into the darkness and hearing, feeling, and sometimes seeing that often explosive take is something no serious angler should miss.

Finally, I would like to thank the group for having a fun and exciting week of fishing and for choosing Villa Maria Lodge. The total fish landed was 63 to 22 lost.

We hope to see you all again next season.

Hope you enjoy the great pictures below. If you would like to talk to us about this fantastic part of the world please call us on 01603 407596

Villa Maria Report
Villa Maria Report
Villa Maria Report
Villa Maria Report
Villa Maria Report
Villa Maria Report
Villa Maria Report
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