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Las Buitreras Season Report

Las Buitreras Season Report

Las Buitreras Season Report and our Las Buitreras Lodge Report, as expected for the start of the season sink 2/3 lines dictated the day, but as the water gradually cleared up over the period of the first week, customers switched to intermediate shooting heads. Although at the beginning of the season the river looks way bigger than most people are used to, but the elevated pressure forces the fish to pile up in a few very specific spots. Areas that we only know too well which provide all our customers great opportunities to start the New Year with, chrome Sea Trout. As we ran into week 2 we still had high water and as the week progressed the water level started to drop which meant customers were on for a ride of their life. We had customers with lots of high fives after catching fish over the magic 20lb mark and their new personal bests. Week 3 was no exception, although the start of the week was slower, towards the end of the week the conditions were slim to perfect and even the smallest holding spots were stuffed with good size fish. It keeps getting better and better and we are back on light lines and swung flies with some twitches – the most exhilarating way to fish these rivers in Argentina. With great conditions in week 4 the fish were in numbers for our 6 customers in fact they managed 117 fish for the week, which sent every one of them home with a big smile on their faces. On week 5 we had a great bunch of customers with lots of experience but as normal it was the first timer of the group who scored beyond his own believe. He provided the biggest fish of the week – a girthy 23lb fish out of our famous pool “75″, a pool that requires more than just luck to get into the hot zone. We don’t want to forget to mention that he managed to land another 15lb and 17lb fish on the very same fishing session. On top of that he scored another 22lb fish on the very next day out of Molino. (That’s another customer hooked for life then…) The rest of the group was not to be out done either with everyone getting into many big fish far to many to mention.

Then just when you think the season could not get any better along comes Annacarin Sjöberg’s, Christers (Owners) Partner who shows that Ladies do everything better and bigger….

After an epic tug’o war that deserves much more than just this brief description, Annacarin managed to bring the fish over the net of Guide Hernan Garcia. Although he knew that he had just netted the biggest fish of the history of the lodge, the sheer size of that monster sea trout left him awestruck. Measuring a stunning 105cm in length, an incredible 63cm, the fish tips the scale at pretty much exactly 31lb. Annacarin hooked the monster at the tail-out of “Little Corner” a short and narrow cut-bank pool on a Yuk-Bug. Barely able to hold the fish up for a picture the fish was released after a brief weighing session. The Las Buitreras stretch this year has been extremely productive.

This last week has produced more than 110 fish with 10 fish over 20lb… check out just some of the pictures from this year below.

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a monster 35LB sea trout caught on a fly in argentina
guide and customer pose with a big sea trout at rio gallegous argentina
head guide holding a cracking sea trout in argentina with sportquest holidays
a nice male cock sea trout pose in argentina Las Buitreras Season Report
a real fresh chrome sea trout being held for a picture
The best sea trout in the whole of argentina as this fish the customer is holding proves
customer holds up a sea trout fly fishing holidays in Argentina Las Buitreras Season Report
what a cracking sea trout fly fishing holidays in Argentina
customer and guide standing in river fly fishing for sea trout
amazing sea trout fly fishing holidays in Argentina
The best sea trout fly fishing holidays in Argentina
guide holding up a beast of a sea trout in argentina Las Buitreras Season Report
a cracking sea trout from argentina on the fly
releasing a sea trout in argentina
The best sea trout fly fishing holidays in Argentina with sportquest holidays
The best sea trout fly fishing holidays in Argentina
Las Buitreras Season Report
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