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Uruguay Shooting Holidays Unique Wing Shooting

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A Truly Mixed Bag; Ducks, Doves, Pigeons & Perdiz

Uruguay is a country in the southeastern region of South America; it covers 176,000 square kilometres and borders Brazil in the north, the Atlantic in the southeast and is separated from Argentina in the west and south by the River Uruguay, which widens out into the Rio de la Plata estuary. It has a relatively low population density, large parts of the country are uninhabited, and nearly half live in the capital city of Montevideo. Its landscape, of vast hilly meadows broken by streams and rivers, is virtually untouched and creates the perfect habitat for all the famous wing shooting species. 

Over the years, shooting holidays in Uruguay have become some of the most desired, as it’s a rare treat for the hunter to enjoy the pursuits of an uplands field, a great duck hunt on the lower wetlands or marshes and an incredible Dove hunt all on the same day. But in Uruguay, thanks to the diverse landscape and array of species, it’s a common occurrence. 

One of the most famous destinations in the country is the Estancia San Juan lodge, situated in the Northwest region of Uruguay in Paysandú near the river town of Paysandú. Perched majestically atop a knoll with a striking 360-degree view of the fertile Uruguayan countryside, it’s the epicentre of hunting in Uruguay. 

San Juan Lodge Uruguay

San Juan Lodge in Uruguay offers travelling guns a true mixed bag, with ducks, doves and perdiz over pointing dogs. They are all here in a strategically located Uruguayan estancia; lots of birds, short drives and the same top level service and shooting you’d expect from Sportquest Holidays and David Denies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Shooting Like?

The shooting and hunting are as varied as the Uruguayan landscape, and the species you’re targeting will depend on what area you shoot. The wild Partridge and Perdiz are found in the short grass pastures and are targeted with the help of Pointers or English Setters; Uruguay is probably home to the best Perdiz hunting in South America, if not the world. 

The Dove shooting is also first-class, and volume Dove shooting is often on the agenda. You can expect to encounter vast numbers of these little birds as they fly en route to San Juan Estancia, home to one of the largest roosts in the country. 

Duck hunting in the country is also very productive, with generous limits and easy shooting. It’s perfect for those who hate the waders and mud usually associated with waterfowl, as often field boots are all that’s needed, shooting on the edges of a range of small ponds and waterways.

A Truly Mixed Bag

Uruguay is a true mixed-species destination and one desired by every sportsman that has cradled a shotgun. Ducks, Doves, wild Tinamou, known as Perdiz and Pidgeons, are abundant, and you can expect good bags of all these.

If you’re travelling to Uruguay and want to target the Perdiz, why not read our blog on 10 Perdiz Hunting Tips.

The Season

The best time for a shooting holiday in Uruguay depends on the quarry you want to target; Dove hunting in the country is all year round, with a peak between September and April. The birds fly all day long, and you can expect to fire two to three cases of shells on Doves per day. So the amount of birds you shoot depends typically on how much shooting you can stand.

For the Perdiz, hands down the most popular bird in South America, the months of May through to August are the best. In these months, you can also enjoy a mixed shoot of Perdiz and Doves and expect good numbers of both.

The Duck hunting in the country runs between May and September. Thanks to a landscape of rice fields and marshland, the areas where Ducks thrive, the population is healthy for all manner of species; you’ll find Brazilian Ducks, Rosy-Bill Pochards and Brown Pintails.

How Physically Demanding Is It?

Shooting holidays in Uruguay are a generally laid back affair, and the physical exertion is minimal. However, be prepared for a frantic days sport and to shoot an incredible amount of shells through your gun. A typical day can be very punishing on the shoulder, and we recommend a decent shoulder pad and shooting vest to help combat this.

The Climate

Uruguay has a humid subtropical climate, and because the country is located entirely within the temperate zone, the weather is relatively uniform nationwide. In the capital, Montevideo, the summers are warm and humid; the winters are cold, wet, windy, and partly cloudy year-round. Over the year, the temperature typically varies from 7°C to 26°C and is rarely below 2°C or above 31°C.

How To Get There?

When travelling on a shooting holiday in Uruguay, many of the flights depart the UK and fly directly to Buenos Aires in Argentina. On arrival, you’re greeted and transferred to a hotel for an overnight stay. The next day you’re then transferred across the border into Uruguay to the particular shooting lodge you’re staying at; for many of the lodges in the south of the country, the journey time is approximately four hours.

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