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Spain Fishing Holidays Carp & Catfish River Ebro

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Freshwater Monsters

Spain is a country in Southwestern Europe, and with an area of 505,990 square kilometres, it’s and the fourth-largest country by size on the European continent. Mainland Spain is a mountainous country dominated by high plateaus and mountain chains. Over 1,800 rivers cut through its landscape, but many are dry because of the country’s semi-arid climate.

One of these rivers which never drys is the mighty river Ebro; at over 900 kilometres long, it’s the second-longest river in the country and the longest river to run its entire course in the mainland. Its starts in Cantabria and ends up flowing into the Mediterranean at Tarragona. Before running into the sea, the Ebro runs into the Ebro delta.

The River Ebro is famous for its use for various agricultural purposes and is a habitat for over 300 different birds species. But the one thing it’s renowned for is the fantastic big carp and catfish fishing it has on offer. For many years anglers from around Europe have travelled to fish this mighty river to target the leviathans that live within it. The monster Wels Catfish grow to over 200lb and giant Common Carp and Mirror Carp to over 50lb and provide some world-class freshwater fishing. The river is also home to Pike, Zander, Perch, huge Roach and Large Mouth Bass.

Below we have listed the main destinations for you to choose from.

River Ebro Fishing Villa Spain

If you’re looking for a family fishing holiday, our River Ebro Villa in Spain will tick all the right boxes. Ideal for large families or groups of friends, it gives travelling anglers a chance to fish for an array of hard-fighting species, including Catfish, Carp, Zander and Perch, and provides non-anglers with a range of fantastic amenities and activities.

Ebro Delta Fishing Spain

Covering an area of over 320 square kilometres, the Ebro Delta is one of the most extensive and exciting wetlands in the western Mediterranean. Home to a bounty of different species, including Tuna, Bonito, Bluefish, Palometón, Bass, Llampuga, Mackerel and Amberjack, to name just a few.

Tuna Fishing Valencia Spain

Big game fishing in Spain, off the coast of Valencia in the Mediterranean, is based purely on the biggest Bluefin Tuna. During the summer months of June and July, this destination transforms into the epicentre of European big game fishing and regularly throws up huge specimens of over 600lb.

Catfishing Holidays River Ebro Spain

Ever dreamt of doing battle with one of the hardest fighting freshwater beast on the planet? Well, now is your chance, as we are offering Catfishing at its best. Imagine standing on the side of a huge fast running river holding on to a very angry Catfish as it tries to get back to its hole? As you can imagine, it is an experience not to miss!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Fishing

Our fishing holidays in Spain are all based on the banks of the mighty river Ebro, and this vast, powerful flowing river is home to the giant Wels Catfish and Carp as well as a whole host of other small species.

The River Ebro starts at the large dam just above Mequinenza, the mecca of the Catfish world. Here you’ll find significant numbers of Cats, but also some real monsters. The majority of the freshwater fishing here is bank fishing; your guide will help explain where to place your baits and how much bait to put in. The Catfish and Carp are predominately bottom-feeding fish, so you will be ledgering baits on the bottom, using tackle specifically designed for this type of fishing.

If you prefer a slightly different experience, it’s possible to boat fish for the Catfish and Carp. Fishing the Ebro Delta’s lower reaches close to the town of L’ampolla, this destination is renowned for the enormous Cats and is less pressure than some of those areas are fished from the bank. Here you can often be the only angler for miles, surrounded by just stunning backdrops and awe-inspiring wildlife.

Bait & Tackle

The great thing about fishing holidays in Spain on the River Ebro is that all fishing tackle, specifically designed for this type of fishing, is supplied.

From the bank, the best baits to use usually are Halibut pellets, as these will catch both the Carp and Wels Catfish; their large size and durability mean the small fish cannot take them. The pellets can be purchased from the guide in large 20kg sacks and used for hook baits and loose feed. It’s often the case; the more pellets you feed, the more fish you will catch.

If you’re fishing from the boat, fishing tackle is also supplied, but rather than using pellets, dead baits are preferred.

How Many Fish Can You Catch?

When fishing on the River Ebro, the fishing can be hectic, and you can expect many Wels Catfish and Carp in a day; however, like all fishing, the fish are affected by the weather and river conditions. You are fishing for specimen fish too, so there may be quieter periods; however, the next bite could easily be the fish of a lifetime.

The Guides

Our fishing holidays in Spain are with some of the best guides in the country; after speaking to them, you’ll soon understand their passion for fishing on the Ebro runs through their veins. They’ve spent years learning the habitats and locations of both the Carp and Catfish and, more importantly, how and where to catch them. They’re always on had to help tie rigs, assist in putting the rods out and netting your prized catch if needed.

Peak Season

This destination is fishable nearly all year round, with the prime months for the giant Catfish being the warmer spring and summer months of May through to September.

For Carp fishing, the cooler months of October to May tend to be better. In these months, the Catfish tend to be a little less active, giving the Carp more chance to get to your bait first.

However, when Catfish fishing, you’re still likely to pick up Carp and when Carp fishing likely to pick up Catfish.

Big Game Fishing In Spain

As well as being famous for freshwater fishing, Spain is also renowned for its saltwater fishing, particularly big game fishing for giant Bluefin Tuna. The rich waters off the coastline of Valencia are a particular hotspot, and during the month of June it’s possible to catch specimen Bluefin to over 600lb in weight. Another exciting area that offers some excellent Tuna fishing and opportunities for other saltwater species, like Dorado, Albacore, Bluefish and Bass, is the Ebro Delta – a vast wetland covering over 320 square kilometres.

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