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Nappstraumen, Fishing Report 23rd March 2023

Pacifier trauma goes HOT in the cold on Lofoten! Our guide Calle at Nappstraumen tells us about some nice fishing recently, although it was sometimes difficult to find the shoal, those who succeeded were rewarded with nice food fish and a bunch of nice Skrei Cod up to 14 kilos. As a bonus, our guests have also managed to salvage […]
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Nubian Flats Fishing Report – Week 1 – 2023

As the first week of the 2023 season on the Nubian Flats began, we knew that there were some winds predicted for the trip, but the outcome was so much more than the predictions. With high winds pushing more water onto the flats, we started the trip fishing in high water with low visibility, but the clients were up for […]

Sette Cama, Gabon Fishing Report 23rd March 2023

Being near the equator, sunrise and sunset in Gabon are roughly always at the same time every day, without much deviation as the seasons progress. That is really the only constant here. Another week started with some new and some familiar faces making up the party. Returning clients are great as they already know the story, but it is the […]

Norway Shore Fishing Report – 2023 Spring Season Week 2

Nappstraumen Week 2 Day 1: The open coast produces…. Well in stark contrast to last week, the weather to start week two was fantastic. Light winds and no swell on the coast. Finally a chance to fish open sea and deep water. After a quick stop at Fredvang so I could check the angling ability of the new group, we […]

Nappstraumen, Fishing Report 16th March 2023

In the last few days, we have had two groups at the camp, who have been out and fought hard at sea in both snow storms and bright sun the last few days. Typical March weather here on Lofoten. A lot of cod continues to come up and thanks to hard fighting and after a lot of searching, our guests have found […]

Las Buitreras Fishing Report 15th March 2023

Week 8 and we welcomed a mixed group from Sweden, Germany, and Canada. Adam and Maxime from Canada were on their first trip to Argentina, whereas the rest of the group had some experience from Las Buitreras. Team Spoors have been here many times, just like Sven and Toni who stayed for their second straight week. Alex who was here […]

El Pescador Fishing Report 15th March 2023

We have been enjoying our normal tradewinds this week, which has shown in excellent fishing due to an influx of sargassum that had a lot of fish working the reef side of the islands. We found fish consistently and generally had fish to work all day out there. They weren’t as consistent about eating, but life can’t be perfect! All […]

Nappstraumen, Fishing Report 13th March 2023

Now finally we have opened up our camp here in Nappstraumen and the first gang on site was the company gang from Kubly in Lycksele. Two booked guided fishing with us. As always, they bring the fine weather and it was two fantastic days on the south side of Lofoten where the conditions were really good. On the first day, a cold easterly […]

Norway Shore Fishing Report – 2023 Spring Season Week 1

Guided Shore Fishing Norway, Nappstraumen Lofoten Islands – Spring Season 2023. Week 1 Day 1: Blankety blank… This just about sums up day one. One missed halibut run and a few dropped cod. Very difficult conditions. We had planned to go north to get out of the wind a bit, but with two of our guests missing luggage, we were […]

Crocodile Bay Fishing Report March 2023

Hello fellow fishing enthusiasts! It brings me great pleasure to share with you the latest fishing report from Crocodile Bay in Costa Rica. The fishing action here on the Osa Peninsula is still sizzling hot, and according to some of our experienced captains, the fishery in the peninsula is currently thriving like never before. The new commercial Tuna fishing reforms, […]
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