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Rio Marie Lodge Fishing Report 2nd December 2022

Weather:  We had a mix of rainy and sunny days. Temperatures between: 21 ºC and 40 ºC River Conditions:  The river was rising throughout most of the week, but started to drop again in the last 2 days. Fishing Summary:  Our anglers came from Russia this week, in search of big Marié River peacock bass. They enjoyed our mothership and […]
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Xingu Lodge Fishing Report 30th November 2022

This week we were accompanied by a group of 3 fishermen from the UK, Czech Republic, and Brazil. The temperatures this week held between 28º and 34º, descending to 24º and 26º at night. We had mainly sunny days with a few showers in the area. Payara fishing was excellent this week. With the water levels stable, we thought that […]

Farquhar Atoll Fishing Report 28th November 2022

Another epic week on Farquhar, to say the least. The new moon on the 25th of October meant that the week’s tides were very much suited for surf walks and the walks did not disappoint. Father and son duo, Shaun with his dad, Toni, had a magical week. The pair are responsible for the driftwood sculptures you may have seen, […]

Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 28th November 2022

A week on St Francois that will go down as one of the greatest weeks in its history of fly fishing! Angler John with his wife, Meghan, and father, William, joined us on the island this week. None of them knew just how memorable their week on Alphonse would be. The Kinney’s went offshore for the morning, landing a Sailfish on […]

Rio Marie Lodge Fishing Report 28th November 2022

Weather:  We had mostly rainy and overcast days. Temperatures between: 21 ºC and 35 ºC River Conditions:  Following days of heavy rain, the river started to rise again. Fishing Summary:  We had a mixed group of anglers this week, from the US and Dominican Republic. The river was low but due to the rain it started to rise. We were […]

Pirarucu Lodge Fishing Report 28th November 2022

Water Conditions Water Color – almost clean Water Level — going down a little  Weather Conditions Temperature – 35°CMostly sunny days, only a little rain in the morning  Fishing Conditions We had an amazing week. With water levels going down again, we landed 8 fish over 2 meters in length. Everyone in the group landed some nice fish, and we […]

Farquhar Atoll Fishing Report 23rd November 2022

The week on Farquhar started off with some baitfish being pushed into the lagoon and a lot of fish right behind them feeding plentifully. The tides for the first three days of the week were neap with high water most of the day and then the last three days the water movement was very strong coming onto the new moon […]

Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 23rd November 2022

An incredibly exciting week once again on St Francois Atoll. The weather cleaned up nicely for our anglers with the wind dropping off, the week was filled with constant clear skies and more than suitable fishing conditions. There were multiple schools of Milkfish off the western side of the atoll, which hung around offshore on the dropping tide. They came […]

Rio Marie Lodge Fishing Report 21st November 2022

Weather:  We got mostly sunny days. Temperatures between 25 ºC and 40ºC River Conditions:  The water level dropped fast and the river was low again by the end of the week. Fishing Summary:  The anglers found low water during their whole stay, so lots of fish were seen on the sandbars. Fishing Stats: Number of anglers: 8 from the USA, 3 […]

ATA Lodge Fishing End of Season Report – 2022

What can we say about the 2022 season that has just finished?  My concern in not about what to say, but rather, how do I fit it all in to one fishing report!  2022 was our busiest season ever at ATA Lodge and what a fantastic crew and group of guests we had this year!  Our guests, also had an […]
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