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Havoysund, Fishing Report 22nd September 2023

It has been a wonderful autumn week in Havöysund. Now autumn is here and we have had crisp nights and beautiful days, many enjoyable hours at sea have been spent during the week with our Dutch guests who filled the camp this week, and our Dutch partner Cordes Travel has been on site to hold a fantastic festival. There have […]
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Amazon Basin Fishing Report 21st September 2023

Week 11 of our season and fourth on the Matupiri river. We had the pleasure of hosting the whole Hall family. The week started a little bit slow, some of the guys had to adjust their technique while some of the lagoons were a tad high. But as the week moved forward, so did the Hall’s; catching quite a few […]

Nappstraumen, Fishing Report 21st September 2023

This past week has seen a lot of focus on Halibut, now that the temperature is dropping and causing the Halibut to move shallow again in the autumn. The weather has also been on its best behavior. At times during the days, there have been gentle winds and brilliant sunshine. In other words, it has been absolutely fantastic fishing weather. […]

Xingu Lodge Fishing Report 21st September 2023

Water ConditionsWater Color – clear Water Level – low  Weather ConditionsTemperature – Average 32ºC Sunny everyday without any rain Fishing ConditionsWeather is being way hot right now and the rain has not started yet. This means that the water is still too warm and the river level is so low. Therefore, finding Payara was not easy for all of us once […]

Las Buitreras End of Season Fishing Report 2023

It’s time for us to summarize season number 21 at Estancia Las Buitreras down in Argentina’s Southern Patagonia. And please excuse us for being a bit blunt and excited but it was nothing short of a Banger! This river keeps exceeding our expectations and it was nice to have a season where we managed to land some of the brutes […]

Pirarucu Lodge Fishing Report 20th September 2023

Water Conditions:Water Level very low and still dropping very fast Weather Conditions:One morning of little rain and lots of beautiful weather Fishing conditions:Our second week was just great with a super cool group of South African anglers, with lots of saltwater experience. They put all their knowledge and the arapaima had no chance other than to be in our photos this […]

Rio Marie Lodge Fishing Report 20th September 2023

Weather: We had a sunny week with rain on the last day. Temperatures between: 25ºC and 37 ºC  River Conditions: Water level kept stable during the whole week.  Fishing Summary:  This week we had the visit of the globetrotter fly fisherman and guide Jako Lucas. It was his first experience with the giant Peacock Bass. His first impression of these beasts was giving them […]

Kendjam Fishing Report 18th September 2023

The rain still helping  to keep the water level and temperature stable. Fishing conditions continue to be ideal for wading, and you can try almost all of the great variety of species that characterizes this river. Rubber  pacus were not as active this week. On the other hand we had Silver pacu action with imitations of fruits and nymphs Peacock […]

Rio Marie Lodge Fishing Report 18th September 2023

Weather: We had a sunny week with little rain. Temperatures between: 28ºC and 37ºC River Conditions: Water level kept dropping during the week but started to stabilize. Fishing Summary: This week happened at the first headwaters camp of the season, in parallel to the regular fishing from our mothership. Water was low and our guides had to adapt to find the fish on the […]

El Pescador Fishing Report 15th September 2023

A great week with some of our favourite regular customers at the lodge with us! Belize has settled into a regular cycle of good weather and the fishing was excellent. Our overcast days produced good early morning Tarpon fishing, including the big migratory fish. The early morning calm winds allowed us to fish some mainland spots for Tarpon, also, even […]
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