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Freshwater Fishing Reports

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Sportquest Holidays – Fish With Us, Fish With The Best

As we come to the end of another successful year, we’d like to take the opportunity to look back at some of the fantastic fish that you, our customers, have landed whilst away on your holidays with us. Captures showcasing just some of the excellent fishing on offer at our range of destinations around the globe.  We pride ourselves hugely […]
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Multi Lake Adventures Thailand – Fishing Report 12th April 2022

Day 1: Fishing today at Bung Sam Lan with a return client by the name of Jon from the UK.  Last time we guided him was exactly 18 years ago at the old BSL lake where he caught amongst his many fish captures a nice Arapaima on live bait.   Jon who had a free plane ticket booked a 5 days short […]

Multi Lake Adventures Thailand – Fishing Report 17th January 2022

Our guide in Thailand has been in touch with the great news that fishing in Thailand is now back underway and that his latest clients from France and the UK had a fantastic trip with plenty of nice fish. He also sent us some news on Thailands ‘Test & Go’ scheme, which the Thai authorities have put in place for […]

El Pescador Fishing Report 21st to 28th November 2021

This week down at El Pescador was plagued with bad weather which caused fishing to be more difficult than usual, but the waters still produced some fantastic fish for the travelling anglers. El Pescador – 21/11/2021 Despite a mix of some rain and cloudy skies that made seeing fish challenging, our anglers had a good week. What Guests Were Catching […]

Pirarucu Lodge Fishing Report – 10th to 15th October 2021

As we finish week 4 at Pirarucu Lodge, the week once again has offered the lucky anglers stunning sunny days. Over the 5 days on the water the guests managed to land themselves 24 Arapaima on the fly, with the biggest coming in at 215cm. Pirarucu Lodge 10/10/2021 Water Conditions:Water Level – DroppingWater Temperature – 27°C Weather Conditions:Temperature – 34°CAll […]

Pluma Lodge Week 15 – Tsimane 2021 Fishing Report

With beautiful weather and river levels dropping to the perfect level, everything looked good for the group of American anglers visiting this week. Agua Negra Lodge – 14/09/2021 We hosted nine American anglers this week, all of whom were new to us and Dorado fishing. The weather was beautiful throughout their stay, but the river was still a little high […]

Agua Negra Lodge Week 15 – Tsimane 2021 Fishing Report

With settled weather, high temperatures and clear water, the fishing this week at Agua Negra Lodge has been very productive and all the visiting anglers have enjoyed a fantastic fish-filled week. Agua Negra Lodge – 14/09/2021 Like at Secure Lodge, the weather at Agua Negra was equally as good, with high temperatures and clear water. At the start of the […]

Secure Lodge Week 15 – Tsimane 2021 Fishing Report

With a spell of excellent weather, the fishing at Secure Lodge this week has been very productive. The Golden Dorado have really been on the feed and the Pacu have started to wake up. Secure Lodge – 14/09/2021 This past week at Sécure Lodge was headed by a great group of people, who formed a kind of brotherhood, led by […]

Amazon Basin Fishing Report, 31 January-2 February 2021 (2 ½ Days)

Its great to see even in these much shorter sessions that such a multitude and amount of fish being landed! We will now hand you over to the head-guide to talk about the session – This brief report was put together last night. Water levels continue dropping as forecasted and fishing is at excellent levels at the Omero Lakes in […]

Mid Week Amazon Basin Fishing Report January 3rd-4th,2021

What a weeks its been out in Brazil on the hunt for a multitude of species like Peacock Bass and Arapaima. A with over 210 being landed in just a day and a half, the fish on definitely on the bite. I’ll now hand it over to the head guide to break down the time on the water! – Weekend […]
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