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Secure Lodge Week 15 – Tsimane 2021 Fishing Report

With a spell of excellent weather, the fishing at Secure Lodge this week has been very productive. The Golden Dorado have really been on the feed and the Pacu have started to wake up.

Secure Lodge – 14/09/2021

This past week at Sécure Lodge was headed by a great group of people, who formed a kind of brotherhood, led by our friends Garrison and Corinne Doctor. There were many highlights, exciting stories, long after dinner meetings and most importantly, some excellent fishing!

We enjoyed consistent, quality fishing with many good-sized Golden Dorado gracing the banks. Every angler had plenty of chances with fish of numerous sizes, sometimes winning the fight and sometimes not.

As the temperature warmed up throughout the week, the fishing opportunities spread across the river, giving anglers the chance to catch fish upstream and in the lower sections. It also provided them with the opportunity for some awesome top-water action and plenty of sight fishing shots on the tail-outs and shallow runs.

As the temperature rose even further, the Pacú also became active, and fish topping 15lb were landed – signally the fact that ‘Black Plate Season’ is indeed here!

The biggest fish of the week was a 24lb Dorado caught on the upper section by Birch Fett.

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