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Freshwater Fly Fishing Reports

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Gassa Camp Cameroon Fishing Report – Week 6 2022

Sweltering and dry, Northern Cameroon is trying to bake us alive, temperatures reaching well over 40°c daily, escaping it is impossible out here in the bush. The only reprieve is early mornings and in the evening after the sun has dipped below the horizon. Its during these cooler hours, while one does not feel as if they are a sausage […]
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Gassa Camp Cameroon Fishing Report – Week 5 2022

After a ten day Break the Guides and Camp staff at Gassa were extremely eager to get the next group of guests in camp. Phil Headed out to the Airport to welcome the guests and get them out to Gassa camp.  This group consisted of Rob, Mike and Kerry who were from South Africa and Dave, from Zimbabwe. Phil and the […]

Villa Maria Lodge End of Season Fishing Report 20th May 2022

2022 has been a very special and delightful season at Villa Maria. Since 2020 COVID halted the world, we were not able to open for 2021 season and after a long and endless wait, we were able to reopen this year! We did enjoy a season in full satisfaction, welcoming old-time friends that were waiting to come back and new […]

Las Buitreras Fishing Report 18th May 2022

After last week’s incredible fishing where we experienced the best week of the season in terms of numbers, we were all curious to see whether this week at Las Buitreras would continue on the same path or if we were due for a reset.  With autumn now setting in at full swing it is turning Patagonia into a plethora of […]

Kendjam Lodge 2021 Fishing Season Highlights

What a superb 2021 season we had at Kendjam! Let’s remember the highlights of our last season before starting the next one! With one year of rested water and relaxed pressure on the fishery, it was incredible how quickly we saw results: crystal clear water and amazing fish spawning more than ever. The fishing, plain and simple, was spectacular. The average […]

Las Buitreras Fishing Report 27th April 2022

Another great week comes to an end at Las Buitreras, and what a week it was. Not only did we see an exceptional number of fish being landed, 130 Sea Trout in total, but the way they were caught has really made us think about adjusting our tactics for the upcoming 2023 season. Those of you who have been reading […]

Las Buitreras Fishing Report 19th April 2022

As we’re approaching the last month of the season here at Las Buitreras, days are getting shorter and the colors of the trees and surroundings are changing into beautiful autumn decorations. In terms of the fishing, this part of the season means shorter siestas to make the most of the afternoon and evenings. Big runs of fresh fish are still […]

Kau Tapen Lodge – Fishing Report 4th April 2022

Following our fantastic past week, all had great expectations for the fishing ahead at Kau Tapen. It was especially noteworthy as we had the pleasure of hosting the CEO of Nervous Waters and his friends from Argentina along with guests from the USA and the UK. The Grande river was still dropping steadily from its previous high level and the […]

Villa Maria Lodge Fishing Report 4th April 2022

This was the last week of our Villa Maria fishing season and definitely the most challenging of all in 2022. On the first day, we found the river was high and brown due to the different showers we had in the previous week, plus the melting of the first snowfall on the Andes. So for a couple of days, we […]

Las Buitreras Fishing Report 4th April 2022

We mentioned in our last week report that March usually brings more water in Las Buitreras. Well, here we go. It was Saturday and we saw a river that came up around 50-60 cm, back to a great water level and a near perfect, dark tea color. We were obviously more than excited to present this news to our group […]
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