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Freshwater Fly Fishing Reports

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Las Buitreras Fishing Report 27th January 2023

What a difference a day makes. After two weeks of nearly perfect conditions, meaning cooler temperatures, clouds, and a bit of wind, we were suddenly hit by tropical summer conditions. With temperatures of up to 30 °C (86 °F), scorching sunshine, and almost no wind, it would have been perfect if we were chasing Bonefish in the Bahamas, but not […]
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Gassa Camp Fishing Report 26th January 2023

With Gassa Camp, once again built in in the shade of the riverine forest on the banks of the pristine Faro River, we were excited to welcome the first group of the Nile Perch season. A group consisting of Brian,  accompanying husband and wife duo Brian and Pamela from the USA and another husband and wife duo, Myriam and Nevid, from Spain. […]

Las Buitreras Fishing Report 24th January 2023

Week 2 started much like we left off last week with water levels at around 15 above zero and overall excellent conditions. With this type of water, we expect more fish to push up the river, something that was confirmed during the week by several sightings of schools of fish moving upstream. With a second straight week with over 100 […]

Tanzania Fishing Report 24th January 2023

Week 10 of the African Waters Tanzanian Tigerfish season, the final dance and cherry on top of the cake. Both the Mnyera and the Ruhudji rivers upped the anti week in and week out, much to the delight of both guests and guides. Fish numbers had been steadily increasing as the stage was set for yet another cracker in the […]

Rio Marie Lodge Fishing Report 20th January 2023

Weather:  We had mostly sunny days and one full day of rain in the middle of the week. Temperatures between 27 ºC and 40 ºC River Conditions:  The river stayed at a perfect level for the beginning of the week, but due to the rain, started to slowly rise. Fishing Summary:  We received a group of mainly fathers and sons, […]

Bella Sofia Lodge Fishing Report 17th January 2023

It is a pleasure and an honour to be able to reopen the doors of Bella Sofia Lodge and we invite you to share with us the week by week fishing experiences of our guests. We kick off the first week with anglers from the UK. At the start of the week, the river began to go down after a […]

Worlds End Lodge Fishing Report 17th January 2023

We are very happy to officially announce our start of the season. We received our first group of international fishermen last week. We are grateful for keep having your trust and support on this new management. The lodge is looking as good as ever, we made big investments both in infrastructure and on the roads, making sure that service and […]

Las Buitreras Fishing Report 17th January 2023

We have liftoff! Season 21 here at Las Buitreras has started and with one week down we already have over 100 fish in the books. Not a bad start to a new year.  Per usual, our first group of the season arrived on a thursday, a couple days before the new year started, to enjoy this extended opening week of […]

Kau Tapen Scouting Week Fishing Report 13th January 2023

We are excited to once again welcome guests to Kau Tapen and the Rio Grande for 2022/23’ season. Returning to our guide team are head guide Gaston Guglielminetti (ARG), Santiago Villalba (ARG), Max Kantor (USA), Christian Windstorm (SWE), and Leandro Herrainz (ARG). We are welcoming one new member, Ramiro Acosta (ARG). As always, we pride ourselves on compiling a wealth […]

Tanzania Fishing Report 3rd January 2023

With the way of the season, incredibly, improving each week; it was no surprise that the guide team were excited for the penultimate week of the Tanzanian Tigerfish season to commence. The second to last week of the season welcomed an all American group of guests for one of the prime weeks of the season, the stage was set. With […]
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