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Freshwater Fly Fishing Reports

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Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 11th – 18th November 2023

Hungry fish and excellent conditions lead to one of the best weeks of fishing of the Northeast season so far. It was certainly one for the books and we are thrilled for the guests who were here to experience it. The talk of the week was a massive resurgence of GTs on the flats. After a fairly tough week prior, […]
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Farquhar Atoll Fishing Report 8th – 15th November 2023

Six weeks into the season and another ten anglers arrived at Farquhar with high expectations that were soon to be exceeded. The week started off perfectly with several amazing catches, of an array of species. Five GTs were landed by the team, with Matt stealing the GT show landing his first ever GT at a whoppingg 111 cm. While waiting […]

Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 4th – 11th November 2023

Another great week of fishing for the nine anglers that stepped into the diverse fisheries of Alphonse Island and St Francois Atoll. All of our recognised ‘Big 5’ species were caught, and plenty of opportunities were presented. In the true nature of fly fishing, some were lucrative, while others were missed. With calming winds and strong currents on account of […]

Pirarucu Lodge Fishing Report 27th November 2023

Water Conditions: Water level just started to rise up for the first time in the season. Weather Conditions: We had a couple of storms but no time lost as far as fishing goes. Fishing conditions: For the 11th week and the water is finally going up again. With only 5 guests we landed 21 Arapaima. Highlights this week: The Highlight was Barry from […]

Rio Marie Lodge Fishing Report 27th November 2023 

Weather: We had a mixed sunny week with some rainy days. Temperatures between: 28ºC and 39 ºC River Conditions:  River started to drop once more. Conditions became ideal as water level reached a near perfect mark for fishing. Fishing Summary:   This week, the river hit a perfect level, igniting a surge in fish activity. The result? One of the season’s finest weeks […]

El Pescador Fishing Report 22nd November 2023

This week at El Pescador was filled with excitement and sunny skies, leading to some exceptional Bonefish catches both in size and abundance. The Permit, elusive as ever, made a welcome appearance after playing hide and seek behind the clouds for some time. Our anglers experienced consistent success with Tarpon, mirroring last week’s catch numbers, but with a thrilling increase […]

Pirarucu Lodge Fishing Report 21st November 2023

Water Conditions: Water Level very low and still dropping! Weather Conditions: Couple fast storms in the afternoon, definitely not bad. Fishing conditions: In the Week 10 of the season, we cannot believe how low all Mamirauá systems reached. In regards to the fishing, fish are hungry and concentrated, so the big fish just could not resist our flies!  Water is super low and […]

Rio Marie Lodge Fishing Report 15th November 2023 

Weather: We had a mixed sunny week with some rainy days. Temperatures between: 27ºC and 39ºC River Conditions: River kept rising very slowly, Making the water flow back to the lagoons, which was very desirable. Fishing Summary: A group formed mostly by Brazilian anglers came to the Marié River, hoping for a good fishing experience. Much to their delight, the fishing turned out to […]

Pirarucu Lodge Fishing Report 9th November 2023

Water Conditions: Water Level very low and still dropping! Weather Conditions: Only one evening of rain. Fishing conditions: At Week 9 we hosted a group of ladies that have fished together for over 25 years. They did an amazing job and went home with one more desired fish on the bucket list! Highlights this week: Our greatest highlight was Celia with not just one […]

Rio Marie Lodge Fishing Report 8th November 2023 

Weather: We had a mostly sunny week with a couple of rainy days.Temperatures between: 27ºC and 39 ºC River Conditions: River still at a very low level with very shallow waters inside the lagoons. Fishing Summary: As the water seems to have stabilized at a low level, the fish became more active resulting in one of the best big fishing weeks of […]
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