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Freshwater Fly Fishing Reports

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Pirarucu Lodge Fishing Report 29th September 2022

WATER CONDITIONS Water Color – A little more dirty than usual Water Level – Dropping fast WEATHER CONDITIONS Temperature – 35°C All beautiful sunny days, just a little rain in the afternoon. FISHING CONDITIONS We had an amazing first week with the water levels higher than usual. The first week of our season might be the best week I have […]
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Tsimane Fishing Report Week 9 2022

Heli Fishing In our sixth week of the exploratory helifishing program we have had the honor of hosting two friends from the United Kingdom, with whom we have shared the great experience of fishing pristine waters from the headwaters of the rivers in our basin. The weather helped us, both in fishing and in flights, so we could rotate between […]

Rio Marie Lodge Fishing Report 23rd September 2022

Weather: We saw mostly sunny days during the whole week.Temperatures between: 25 ºC and 40ºC River Conditions: Water kept rising during the week but started to drop again by the last day. Fishing Summary: For this week, we received anglers from three different continents. They all came in pursuit of the trophy peacock bass that inhabit our waters. And of course, even […]

Tanzania Fishing Report 20th September 2022

At long last, September saw the start of our season fishing in Tanzania. Excitement ran sky high with a bitterly cold winter season trailing in a wake as the guys made their way up to Tanzania. Both the Mnyera and Ruhudji rivers, laying home in the Kilombero Valley, received rain over the winter season, however, not nearly as prolific as […]

Kendjam Fishing Report 20th September 2022

We are very proud to have completed our 2022 season, which completes our 7th season in Kendjam and our Kayapos native partners. This season we had perfect water levels all over our 10 weeks of season, crystal clear water and amazing fishing conditions. The fishing was spectacular in all aspects from the first to the last week of the season, […]

Rio Marie Lodge Fishing Report 16th September 2022

Weather:  We had mostly sunny days during the whole week. Temperatures between: 25 ºC and 40ºC Temperatures between: Water level kept rising slowly but stabilized by the end of the week. River Conditions: Water level started to rise due to increased rain upstream  Fishing Summary: With the waters rising slowly day by day, we decided to go upstream in search of better […]

Tsimane Fishing Report Week 8 2022

Heli Fishing In our fifth week of the Exploratory Helifishing program, we have hosted three American friends and two Argentines with whom we shared unforgettable experiences of the jungle. Although good weather conditions made it possible for us to meet our flight plan to rotate the fishing beats as much as possible, unusual drought caused river headers with low, super […]

Kendjam Fishing Report 12th September 2022

WATER CONDITIONS: a) Water Color – Crystal clear b) Water Level – Dropping slowly. FISHING CONDITIONS: Our latest week of 2022 season started a little slower than usual as far as fishing was concerned. However, on the third day, we noticed the fishing picking up and our catch rate went up significantly. Furthermore, a good amount of nice sized peacock […]

Olderø Lodge, Fishing Report 11th september 2022

This last week of the season we welcome a mixture between Olderø regulars and first time visitors. Expectations were quit high due to the last week’s fishing and it didn’t take long for it to continue. Mikkel and his fishing buddy Ken was fishing upper zone 2. Short into the first session Mikkel hook into the first fish of the […]

Rio Marie Lodge Fishing Report 9th September 2022

Weather: We had mostly sunny days and some rain by the end of the week. Temperatures between: 23 ºC and 40ºC River Conditions: Water level started to rise due to increased rain upstream  Fishing Summary: The first Brazilian group of the season arrived excited after hearing about our first week’s luck and could not wait to get their lines wet. Unfortunately, due to […]
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