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Hungary Shooting Holidays Ultimate Shooting Adventure

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Prestigious Pheasant Shooting

Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe, covering 93,030 square kilometres and sharing borders with seven other European countries. The country’s landscape, shaped by its two main rivers, the Danube and Tisza, varies from the vast lowland area known as the Great Hungarian Plain to the Transdanubia region of hills and low lying mountains. This beautiful, diverse landscape is the ideal habitat for a whole host of game species. This variation is just one of the exciting things about shooting holidays in Hungary and why it’s become such a popular destination.

Bodony, located in the north of the Mátra Mountains, is a popular spot, providing some phenomenal Pheasant shooting. The beaters push vast amounts of birds over the valleys towards the guns, and bags between 300-600 birds are typical. Other destinations of note would be the regions of Gödöllő and Hatvan, also famed for their fantastic wing shooting experiences.

However, it’s not just Pheasants that Hungary is famed for; the Duck shooting is also first-class and the Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Roe Deer and Wild Boar. A range of different hunting methods are used for the larger species, but the most common are stalking and hunting from a stand or “high seat.” Whether you are looking for the trophy of a lifetime or simply a memorable experience, Hungary is a great choice.

Château Mátra Hungary

Enjoy views of Mátra's rolling hills and the quaint village of Bodony whilst shooting some of the most challenging game birds within the lodge's vast estate. Your host Balint and his team will bend over backwards to give you the most superbly presented birds possible, ensuring you have something to talk about on your return home.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Hungary is a small country but one of the most beautiful in central Europe. It contains various habitats from forested mountains, sweeping plains, large rivers, and many lakes, offering some exciting shooting spots for all manner of different species. Thanks to careful management, perfect genetics and excellent habitat, the game population is booming. Born and raised by Mother Nature, the species are wild and free to roam their natural surroundings.

All these things combined, along with a significant emphasis on fair chase hunting, see shooting holidays in the country as some of the most desirable globally. Hungary has an outstanding role in European hunting tourism, as indicated by the number of foreign hunters visiting the country each year.

To read more about exactly how good the shooting in Hungary is, read our blog: Best Shooting Holidays In Europe.


The number of different game species in Hungary is vast; however, one of the most popular is the Pheasant. The winged, small-game bird is most widespread and found in almost every part of the country, both in the mountain ranges and lowlands. Even though the British invented the sport of driven Pheasant shooting, the Hungarians are now beginning to set new standards in this dynamic form of shooting. 

Red Stag, the king of the Hungarian forests, Roe Buck and Fallow Deer, are famous quarry for the visiting game hunter. The country contains some of the most significant populations found anywhere in the world. Stalking is the most typical way of hunting them, which requires great patience and attention. Along with these different Deer species, the Wild Boar is another common sight in the Hungarian forests and stalking them in the fresh winter snow or through the summer wheat fields is a delightful form of hunting.


The majority of the hunting season in Hungary runs from September and October until January and February; however, each species has its season.

Pheasants run from October until February, which also coincides with the Wild Ducks, which can be targeted from September until November.

Wildbore can be targeted throughout the year, except sows with piglets between May and January, as they’re protected.

Larger Deer species like the Red Stag have a season between September and October, the Fallow Deer between October and November and the Roe Buck between April and September.


Hungary’s climate results from two major climate systems: the continental climate and the Oceanic climate. The influence of both these systems gets felt across the country at different times, which means that the weather is very changeable.

The summers are hot with low humidity levels and frequent showers, while the winters are cold and snowy. The average annual temperature is around 10°C; however, temperature extremes up to 42°C in summer and down to −29°C in winter aren’t uncommon.


For non-hunting companions, there’s plenty of other activities to enjoy. Hungary’s capital city Budapest is steeped in historical Roman, Greek and Turkish architecture and is well worth exploring. There’s also plenty of shops, bars and restaurants which serve up some excellent food and drink. The country is also famous for its mineral spa’s, all 1,500 of them to be exact, and the beautiful thermal lake Héviz.


One of the great things about shooting holidays in Hungary is the easy access from the UK. You can fly from the UK direct to Budapest, in less than 3 hours, before transferring to your local accommodation.

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