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Oman Fishing Holidays Arabian Fly Fishing Adventure

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Fly Fishing Oman

Oman is a country on the Arabian Peninsula’s southeastern coast in Western Asia and the oldest independent state in the Arab world. It covers a land area of 309,500 square kilometres and shares land borders with the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The country consists of a mixture of landscapes with the Hajar Mountains, their foothills, desert fringes and lowlands. The coastline of Oman spans 3,165 kilometres and is highly diverse, with area’s of barren coastline and sandy beaches, to extremely rugged cliffs with drop-offs into deep water. The coastline borders the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman, and the Persian Gulf and offers a wide variety of fantastic saltwater fishing opportunities.

Whether you love saltwater fly fishing, lure fishing or even big game and blue water fishing, Oman has it all. However, it’s not just the diverse fishing methods that attract thousands of anglers every year; it’s the vast array of species caught. Fly fishing Oman has become exceptionally popular and one of the best places worldwide to land monster Giant Trevally and the Trachinotus Africanus Permit, a very sought after species.

Along with those species already mentioned, you can also have the chance of hooking into Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Tuna, Milkfish, Queenfish, Bluefish and many other members of the Trevally family. Fishing in Oman will see you pit your wits and test your skills against some of the hardest fighting and toothiest predators in the ocean.

Arabian Fly Fishing Oman

Fly fishing Oman's vast coastline allows anglers to catch many different species that inhabit the Arabian sea and for many years it has been making fly anglers dreams come true. Our guides have a huge amount of knowledge regarding fly fishing for the different species and have played a huge part in pioneering some of these.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Fishing

The best fishing in Oman can be enjoyed on the fly, and one thing which sets this saltwater destination apart from others is the variety of fishing grounds. One day you can be fishing land-based from a secluded sandy beach with rocky bays; the next, boat fishing against a sheer cliff edge, plummeting into the Arabian Sea.

During certain tides, the guides can take you further offshore to fish the Neritic zone. Here you’ll find all the bluewater species, which can be targeted on the fly or with a conventional popper and trolling set-up if you’d prefer.

Where Do You Fish?

The fishing in Oman can be divided into three areas, shore fishing and in-shore and offshore boat fishing. Along the magnificent Omani coastline’s shores, you can either fly or lure fish for all manner of different species. However, fishing the vast sandy and rocky beaches and landing one of the mighty GT or Permit is considered one of the most highly regarded achievements in saltwater fly fishing.

The in-shore boat fishing sees you fishing from a custom-built 24ft in-shore boat, chasing Permit, Omani Bream, Trevally, Milkfish and many other coastal species, again on either lures or flies.

Finally, there’s also offshore fishing. If you fancy going a little further off the coast, this opens up many new species such as Dorado, Sailfish, Tuna, and even the mighty Marlin.

Peak Season

The Oman fishing season takes place between October and May, with different species targeted at different times.

October signals the start of the dry season and the start of fishing. By this time, many fish are starting to hit their peak; come November, one of the best months to fish in Oman, the weather is superb, and the fish are feeding both in-shore and offshore. It’s an excellent month for Giant Trevally.

December, January and February are some of the cooler months of the year, with temperatures hovering around 21°C; this is the perfect time to head offshore as the weather is calm and the fish, especially the Sailfish, abundant.

By March, April and May, temperatures start to rise and average around 26°C, and you can expect excellent weather and even better fishing.

By the end of May, the weather starts to turn, and your chances of heading offshore may be few and far between. The monsoon seasons begins in July, and the temperature rises, even more, climbing as high as 35°C on some days.

Fishing Tackle

On your Oman fishing trip, it is possible to hire a range of different tackle for $90 a day with a $150 breakage charge. However, it’s also possible to take your own if you’d prefer.

Other Activities

Oman provides some stunning sights, not just landscapes and wildlife, but also architecture; you’ll be transported away to a land of great history and sightseeing opportunities.

If you fancy something relaxing, then Hawana Marina is the perfect place. Ideal for a day chilling by the pool, aqua park or around its surrounding bars and restaurants.

If you fancy doing something a little more adventurous, then there’s a whole host of other activities on offer. These include snorkelling, dolphin watching, tennis, paragliding and even paddleboarding.

As well as its fishing, Oman is very popular with divers, with the waters being rich and diverse in wildlife. Whale sharks can often be found cruising the local waters, providing scuba divers and snorkelers with the opportunity of a lifetime.

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