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Gabon Fishing Holidays A True Wilderness Adventure

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Wild Lure & Fly Fishing Action

Gabon is a country on the west coast of Central Africa; it covers over 270,000 square kilometres and shares land borders with Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon and the Republic of Congo. It also has a coastline of 885km, bordering the Gulf of Guinea.

It features three distinct regions, the Cristal Mountains to the north, the Savanna in the east and the coastal plains to the west. The coastal plains range between 20 to 300km from the oceans shore and provide an incredible habitat for all manner of different fish species. This great environment allows the travelling angler to target a range of unique species across the miles of untouched coastline and one of Africa’s largest lagoon systems.

There is an abundance of aggressive fish eager to take your lure or fly. It is home to big Jacks (Whitefin and Jack Crevalle), Giant African Threadfin, African Cubera Snapper, Tarpon, Senegal Kob, and Guinean Barracuda.

Gabon is genuinely one of the last remote wildernesses left on the coast of Africa. While enjoying some unbelievable fishing, you’ll also experience stunning scenery, with Africa’s wildlife being a ubiquitous sight. You may have the opportunity to see animals such as chimpanzees, gorillas, red river hogs and forest elephants. Add to this the beautiful birdlife and stunning flora and fauna surrounding the camp. When you get to Gabon, you will not want to leave.

Sette Cama Fishing Lodge Gabon

With popper and lure fishing fast becoming the biggest technique practised amongst the travelling angler so if you take any activity and push it to the wildest edge, you create magic. Sportfishing along the pristine coastline of Gabon is definitely one such activity. Your need to fish wild remote waters may well be what drives you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Fish?

Sette Cama, Gabon is situated on the Ndogo Lagoon at the southern boundary of Loango National Park is a destination like no other. The fishing is incredibly varied, with boat fishing and shore fishing to choose from, and this can be in the ocean, lagoon, river inlet or mangroves.

The majority of the fishing is in the lagoon system, which happens to be one of Africa’s largest. The fish lie in the brackish water, waiting for the tides to bring in the food.

Fish Species

With the incredibly varied habitat comes some incredibly varied fishing, and you can target all manner of different species on either fly, lure or bait.

Fishing the lagoons, you can focus on Tarpon, giant African Threadfin, Cubera Snapper, and both Longfin & Jack Crevalle. Many of these species are hard fighting, aggressive and eager to attack a well-fished lure or fly; many will also exceed 40kg in weight.

The estuary (by boat) and adjacent beaches provide unparalleled fishing suited to anglers who like to cast artificial lures and poppers or natural baits. Standing in a surf line with waves crashing around you as big fish come to hunt their prey in a few feet of water is undoubtedly exciting. Here you’ll also find giant Tarpon and African Cubera Snapper but also different species of sharks, which all patrol the knee-deep water only metres away from the beach.

Do I Need To Take Fishing Tackle?

The camp does hire fishing tackle if you need it; however, you can take your own. We recommend taking a selection of lures, poppers and terminal tackle. If you never popper fished before and you’re not sure what to take, why not read our blog on Top 10 Tips For Successful Popper Fishing. 

How Physically Demanding Is The Trip?

For most fishing in Gabon, you do not have to be physically fit; however, some fishing, for example, throwing heavy poppers all day, can be fairly demanding, especially in the heat. Some fish are also very hard fighting and can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to land.

However, the style of fishing and species you’re fishing for can all be tailored to suit. If you prefer something slightly more relaxing, then boat fishing is also available.

When Is The Best Time To Fish In Gabon?

The primary season runs from November to April, with peak time being November to December than February to March. The best time to go will depend on the species you wish to target and the temperatures you are comfortable fishing in.

Other Activities

The rain forest in Gabon is the second largest in the world after the Amazon and holds an abundance of wildlife. Guided safaris are extremely popular with visiting anglers and tourists alike, and nature is some of the most spectacular you will find anywhere in the world.

There’s a whole list of animals you can encounter; there are lowland gorilla, chimpanzee, forest buffalo, red river hogs and an abundance of birds. Forest elephants are also a daily encounter.

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