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I am immensely proud of what we have achieved from those very humble beginnings when I took the very first group of customers on a fishing trip to Mexico. Now a multimillion-pound business that has served thousands of happy customers across more than 55 countries. With over 40 years of travel you know that all the professional advice you will receive will be from our own personal experience.

Peter Collingsworth
Managing Director

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Freshwater Fishing Holidays

Famous Freshwater fishing Holidays

Our famed freshwater fishing holidays travel to a range of destinations all around the globe, travelling to over half of the world’s continents in search of the very best fishing. All our Lodges and Camps are hand-picked by our team of travel experts, and our freshwater fishing trips are renowned for providing travelling rods with the chance to experience an angling adventure of a lifetime. So whether you enjoy fishing with bait or lures, in rivers or lakes, we will have the perfect freshwater holiday for you.

Top Freshwater Fishing Holiday Destinations

Our repertoire of fully packaged freshwater fishing trips offers travelling rods the chance to fish all around the globe. For anglers in the UK, we have a range of trips close to home and just a stone’s throw away from blighty. Across the English Chanel and into Europe, our tours on the mighty river Ebro in Spain are top-rated and attract vast numbers of guests each year. Another incredibly popular destination, just a long haul flight away, is Thailand. Here you’ll find some of the most famous freshwater fishing in the world in the shape of Gillham’s Resort and Bung Sam Lang.

If you’re a freshwater angler who’s looking for something a little more wild and remote, then our fishing trips to Brazil, fishing the mighty Amazon or Canada, fishing the fantastic Fraser River will all be perfect for you. Whatever your bucket list destination, our world-class, tailored breaks will offer the chance to experience some of the most exciting and explosive sport found anywhere in the world.

What Species Can You Catch On A Freshwater Fishing Holiday

With many of our freshwater fishing destinations travelling rods will have the chance to battle with some of the biggest fish on the planet. In Europe, the mighty river Ebro is home to vast numbers of giant Wels Catfish and fish over 200lb aren’t uncommon. Alongside the Cats, there’s also a big head of Carp. Year on year, these fish grow at incredible rates, and specimens of 30lb, 40lb, and even 50lb are viable targets for visiting rods.

For anglers travelling further afield to Thailand and Canada, the fish species are even more significant. For example, at Gillham’s Resort and Bung Sam Lang in Thailand, there’s Mekong Catfish to over 300lb and Siamese Carp of similar proportions. At Gillham’s, there’s also a chance to battle fish double this size in the shape of the prehistoric-looking Arapaima.

Perhaps the ultimate freshwater fishing challenge is the massive Sturgeon of the Fraser River in Canada, making the species mentioned above look small. Known as the dinosaurs of the river, they are the largest freshwater fish in North America and worldwide. White Sturgeon can grow to between 15ft and 20ft in length and reach weights of nearly one ton.

When Is The Best Time To Go On A Freshwater Fishing Holiday

Depending on what freshwater species you want to catch or what bucket list destination you wish to visit to wet a line, our team of fishing and travel experts can advise you on the best time to travel. Our fishing Lodges and Camps have numerous peak months and seasons each year, which we can offer, to ensure you enjoy that fishing holiday of a lifetime.

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