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Christmas Island Fishing Holidays Saltwater Adventures

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Kiritimati Fly Fishing

As it’s known, Kiritimati, or Christmas Island, is a raised coral atoll in the Pacific Ocean and is part of the Northern Line Islands. It’s about as far away as you can travel on a fishing trip; it’s quite literally on the other side of the world from Europe and is the farthest forward time zone on the planet.

The island has the greatest land area of any coral atoll in the world at 150 square miles, and it also has a stunning lagoon of around the same size to match. The lagoon is some 12 miles across, and it’s shoreline stretches on for over 30 miles. The vast network of channels and tidal flats are some of the world’s most prosperous and offer every habitat imaginable to hunt for fish. Holding an incredible fish population, with Bonefish, Giant Trevally, Milkfish, Bluefin Trevally, and Triggerfish all abundant and growing to specimen proportions, it’s no wonder why Christmas Island attracts hundreds of travelling saltwater fly anglers every year.

As well as the fantastic saltwater fly fishing on offer in Kiritimati, the atoll has a prolific bluewater fishery, as the drop off from the flats to the ocean is so extreme. Popper fishing, light off-shore trolling, and jig fishing is also popular for the large off-shore Trevallys, Barracuda and Wahoo, which inhabit the depths.


Fanning Island & Christmas Island Combo Trip

This unique combo trip offers travelling anglers the opportunity to fish both the serene island atolls of Fanning Island and Christmas Island in one trip. It's a trip tailor-made for the serious saltwater fly angler, who yearns to visit some of the most remote places on earth to wet a fly in pursuit of their quarry.

Hosted Tropical Flats Fishing Christmas Island

Our famous hosted trips to Christmas island have become legendary; they offer you the best saltwater fly fishing along with world-class popper jig fishing. Combine this with light offshore trolling provides one of the most diverse fisheries in the world. A fishing adventure that should not miss at any cost.

Tropical Flats Fishing Christmas Island

Tropical Flats Fishing Lodge on Christmas Island is a unique and natural operation that magically combines all the elements critical to fly fishing success. Endless hard sand flats, remarkable numbers of cruising fish, the best guides on the island and consistent year-round weather is what awaits all who visit this unique atoll.

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Average Customer Satisfaction Score 80%

Frequently Asked Questions

The Best Time To Fishing Christmas Island

The simple answer is anytime. Christmas Island is a true all-year-round destination. Due to its location, situated only 200km north of the equator, it has some extremely stable weather and consistent temperatures, with upper 80’s during the day and mid-70s in the evening being the norm.

One thing to consider, however, is the moon phases each month. Anglers looking for a well-balanced, productive time to fish or focus on Bonefish should book during quarter moon cycles that provide neap cycle tides and long sweet spots of moderate water depth on the flats.

Those looking for great opportunities for Giant Trevally and blue water species should look toward the full moon and new moon periods of the month. These times provide the most prominent alignment of the earth, moon and sun and generate the most significant tide swings. Hybrid weeks with either a full or new moon towards the beginning or end of a week provide good opportunities for both.

Fly Fishing Giant Trevally

Although Christmas Island is famous for anglers targeting Bonefish, due to the high number and great average size, it’s the jewel in the crown that is the fantastic GT fishing on offer. It’s probably one of the best spots in the world for monster Giant Trevally on the fly.

The sight of a 60lb+ GT smashing into baitfish on a shallow flat is one thing that will be forever ingrained in your fishing brain. These powerful fish can turn on a dime and have the ability to chase baitfish at over 30mph.

Fishing for these fish requires a mix of skill, perseverance and, of course, luck. Ignoring all the other fish species on the island to target a real monster can be challenging, but the results can be gratifying, and the accomplishment well worth it for those who do it.

Do I Need To Be Experienced?

The saltwater fly fishing on Christmas Island is open to everyone of all abilities, from complete beginners right through to more experienced anglers. The impressive numbers of Bonefish mean even relatively novice anglers can quickly learn the craft of fly fishing and catch ten plus fish a day.

For anglers keen on the challenge of Trevally (Giant, Golden, Blue Fin, and Striped), the guides at Christmas Island are highly skilled and the most experienced on the island, willing to push it as hard as the fishermen

Christmas Island Fishing Lodges

Ikari House on Christmas Island is a unique, comfortable and natural operation that magically combines all the elements critical to fly fishing success. Run by Jacob Teem, the lodge provides an ideal base camp for anglers exploring the flats, as it’s situated right where the boats are moored, preventing unnecessary travelling time.

Like all on Christmas Island, the accommodation is relatively basic, but each room has its own private bathroom and shower with hot water, and it’s own fridge which, checked and restocked daily with soft drinks and beer.

Outside there are communal areas with more fridges and drinks, and it’s here you can meet at the end of each day to share stories about the one’s that got away.

Single Anglers & Hosted Trips

Fly fishing trips to Christmas Island are available for either single anglers or groups. Each year, if you are a single angler, we run a fully hosted trip with no single angler supplements to pay. It’s a trip we’ve run for many years and is always incredibly popular, with many saltwater fly anglers returning year after year to sample more of the stunning surroundings and explosive fishing on offer.

How Do You Get There?

The best way to get to Christmas Island from the UK is to fly to Los Angeles before connecting to Hawaii. You will then stay overnight in Hawaii before getting the flight the next day to Christmas Island. Once you arrive on the island it’s a 30-minute truck ride to the accommodation.

We usually recommend two nights in Hawaii as it is much less of a rush, and you’ll arrive in Christmas Island feeling far more refreshed, ready and raring to go.

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