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Tropical Flats Fishing Christmas Island Fly & popper fishing for GT'S

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Tropical Flats Fishing

As it’s known, Kiritimati, or Christmas Island, is a Pacific Ocean coral atoll in the northern line islands, situated 2,156 kilometres from Honolulu. The island has the most significant land area of any coral atoll globally, measuring 388 square kilometres; it also has a stunning blue water lagoon of roughly the same size. As a country, it encompasses an impressive 33 Pacific atolls and islands; however, on a map, it’s nothing more than a mere dot surrounded by thousands of miles of ocean. It is this remoteness that has made the island what it is today.

Established as one of the first saltwater fly fisheries globally, many modern techniques and fly patterns were forged on its iconic flats, and it’s now known as one of the most consistent wade fisheries on the planet. This unique natural masterpiece combines all the elements critical to saltwater fly fishing success; endless hard sand flats, consistent all-year-round weather and remarkable numbers of fish. It offers spectacular sport with vast numbers of Bonefish, abundant populations of beautiful coloured Triggerfish and groups of substantial Giant Trevally. The island offers some of the best and most unspoilt saltwater fly fishing on the planet, and it remains one of the world’s finest destinations for beginners and experts alike.

As well as fantastic flats fishing, Christmas Island also offers a prolific bluewater fishery, and it’s possible to catch Bones on the flats and then try for a Sailfish for a ‘Bill and Bones’ slam.

Fishing Christmas Island

Without a doubt, the main attractions on the flats of Christmas Island are the Bonefish. These sleek, metallic warriors glide the flats in all directions scouring the coral and hard sand bottoms for shrimps, crabs and worms. For saltwater anglers targeting these fish, it’s always a thrill presenting a fly to a hungry Bone, watching them speed over to investigate before engulfing it and shooting off 100 yards of backing in a flash. The unique part about fishing these flats is that all the fishing gets accomplished on foot, and the majority of the time at close quarters, with anglers stalking the flats in full predator mode, hunting the fish down with rods at the ready. The Bonefish average around 2lb to 4lb, but much bigger specimens to nearly 10lb get landed every season.

Along with the Bonefish, the island is equally famous for its Giant Trevally fishing. There are few sights in fly fishing as spectacular as watching a colossal GT smashing mullet in shallow water. To catch one while stalking the flats requires a mix of skill, perseverance, good luck and also discipline, as often when fishing for them, you’ll be letting hundreds of Bonefish opportunities pass you by. The GT’s are large, powerful, can turn on a dime and possess speeds of over sixty kilometres per hour. Committing to fish for these stunning fish for a whole week can be a tough call, but for the few who commit, the rewards can be amazing, and the accomplishment is well worth it. The GT’s average around 40lb but can grow to well over 100lb.

Fishing Guides

Tropical Flats Fishing Lodge utilizes several unique, locally crafted, outrigger-style transfer boats; these boats are fun and reliable and transfer anglers to and from the flats daily. All the fishing on the island, for the Bonefish and Giant Trevally, is performed whilst wading the endless shallow flats. Most of the wading is straightforward, with the bottom consisting of solid white sand. However, there are odd occasions when you may need to navigate some coral outcroppings, rock shelves or deeper channels, but overall the wading is very easy.

Each day the fishing on Christmas island will see two anglers with two guide on a one-to-one basis. The guides are world-class professionals who have amassed considerable hard-earned experience regarding all facets of fly fishing at this remote atoll destination. They’re highly skilled in pursuing all the species the island has to offer and have been fishing and guiding the waters for many years. They know which flat to be on, in what weather conditions and the state of the tide. They are some of the atoll’s most skilled and passionate workers and love nothing more than to share their knowledge with you; rest assured, they will go the extra mile in search of your fish of a lifetime.

To learn more about Christmas Island fishing and Tropical Flats Fishing Lodge, visit our YouTube channel.

The Best Time For Fishing On Christmas Island

Located south of Hawaii, Christmas Island is only 200 kilometres north of the equator, meaning it has exceptionally stable weather conditions and consistent fishing all year round. Angler traffic from America is heaviest during the winter and spring months, but this has more to do with anglers looking to get away at this time than the fishing being productive. One of the most productive seasons can be Fall, a period often overlooked and one where some of the best fishing spots can go untouched. As the summer months come to a close, September starts to cool off, and weather patterns become more consistent, allowing feeding patterns of Bonefish, Giant Trevally, and other species to become more predictable as a result of cooler water temperatures.

Another thing to consider is the various moon phases of the month. Anglers looking for a well-balanced, productive time to fish the flats, or want to focus on Bonefish, should book during quarter moon cycles that provide neap cycle tides and long sweet spots of moderate water depth on the flats. Anglers looking for great opportunities for Giant Trevally and blue water species should look toward the full moon and new moon periods of the month. These times provide the most significant alignment of the earth, moon and sun and generate the most considerable tide swings. Hybrid weeks with either a full or new moon towards the beginning or end of a week provide good opportunities for both.


Tropical Flats Fishing Lodge is the perfect base for anglers to stay at when exploring and fishing the rich waters of Christmas Island. Family-owned and operated by Mwatanga (Matt) and his partner, giving you the best service and friendly staff, it’s located in Tennessee, just 40 minutes to the airport and 10 minutes to the boat dock. 

The lodge features four rooms, double or single, and each comes equipped with air conditioning, a small fridge and a walk-in shower with hot and cold water. Outside there is also a bar and eating area.


With limited supply deliveries per year, the island food is very straightforward but tasty. Breakfast usually gets served around 6 am and consists of coffee, eggs, bacon and toast. While much of the evening table fare is fish and shellfish from the ocean, with sides of rice and fruit. 

We recommend taking a range of crisps, snacks and any treats from home which you can fit in your case. Soft drinks and water get included during your visit, and if you’d like any alcohol during your stay, you can purchase from duty-free at the airport in Honolulu.


All Christmas Island fishing trips are seven nights and include six days of guided fishing. Because the island can only be accessed by a charter flight that runs once a week, all packages are fixed at one week in length.


The reason to make the trip to Christmas Island is to fish. There is minimal infrastructure on the island and minimal non-angling activities. Aside from wading the flats, guests who don’t fish can enjoy walking the beach, snorkelling and birdwatching.

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Although the fishing days are fixed, the below itinerary is still flexible should you require additional free days to explore at the beginning or end of your holiday; we can tailor this itinerary to suit you personally. Feel free to talk to our travel consultants who can explain all options available.

Day 1: (Monday)

Depart Any international Airport (See Details)

Arrive Los Angeles Depart Los Angeles

Arrive Honolulu

On arrival, you will transfer to your Hawaii Hotel by taxi.

Overnight Accommodation: Hawaii Hotel (Twin Room) R/O

Day 2: (Tuesday)

After breakfast catch a taxi to the airport.

Depart Honolulu

DAY 3: (Wednesday)

Arrive Christmas Island (Note: this is only a 3-hour flight from Honolulu but you cross the International Date Line)

Overnight Accommodation: Tropical Flats Fishing Lodge (Twin Room) F/B

DAYS 4 & 5: Fishing DayS (Thursday & FRIDAY)

In the morning leave for a full day fishing with guides. Fishing is based on 2 anglers per boat each day.

Overnight Accommodation: Tropical Flats Fishing Lodge (Twin Room) F/B

DayS 6 & 7: Fishing DayS (Saturday & SUNDAY)

Each day you depart via boat for the day’s fishing. Virtually all fishing will be done while wading and entails sight casting to visible fish in shallow water.

Overnight Accommodation: Tropical Flats Fishing Lodge (Twin Room) F/B

DayS 8 & 9: Fishing Day (MONDAY & TUESDAY)

Why not spend the day fishing offshore for Tuna and Wahoo?

Overnight Accommodation: Tropical Flats Fishing Lodge (Twin Room) F/B

Day 10: (Wednesday)

You will be transferred back to the airport for your return flight to Honolulu.

Depart Christmas Island

DAY 9: (Tuesday) (Cross Date Line Back one day)

Arrive Honolulu

On arrival catch a taxi to your Hawaii Hotel.

Overnight Accommodation: Hawaii Hotel (Twin Room) R/O

Day 10: (Wednesday)

Free time to relax or explore.

Depart Honolulu

Arrive Los Angeles Depart Los Angeles

Day 11: (Thursday)

Arrive Home

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The season runs from All year.


Season: All year
Peak: October to February
Weight: 1lb to 13lb
Average Weight: 3lb

Bluefin Trevally

Season: All year
Peak: October to February
Weight: 1lb to 40lb
Average Weight: 8lb

Giant Trevally

Season: All year
Peak: August to February
Weight: 5lb to 140lb
Average Weight: 37lb


Season: All year
Peak: August to February
Weight: 1lb to 30lb
Average Weight: 3lb


Season: All year
Peak: November to December
Weight: 5lb to 30lb
Average Weight: 7lb

Package Details

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per person


  • All international flights
  • Internal flight Hawaii to Christmas Island
  • Transfers to and from Lodge
  • All accommodation in Hawaii
  • All accommodation Christmas Island
  • All meals at Lodge
  • 6 days fishing


  • Personal holiday insurance
  • Meals at Hawaii Hotels or bar expenses
  • Tourist Accommodation Tax in Hawaii
  • Drinks Christmas Island
  • Transfers in Hawaii
  • Tips for guides and all camp staff
  • Fishing license

Optional extras

  • Flight upgrades
  • 2 week stay Christmas Island
  • One on one guiding Christmas Island
  • Additional nights in Los Angeles
  • Additional nights in Hawaii

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I can not even begin to try and describe the great fishing, just go and experience it for yourself, I promise you we just had a ball.

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A amazing trip with lots of GT's

Response from Sportquest Holidays

Bart So gald you have a great time, a shame we did not get to Fanning Island as it did not open up in time, but 2 weeks on Christmas is still an amazing trip.

Staff & Service
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