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Venezuela Fishing Holidays Los Roques Archipelago

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Caribbean Fly Fishing Retreat

Venezuela is a country situated on the northern coast of South America, spanning an area of over 900,000 kilometres; it consists of a continental landmass and a whole host of islands and islets in the Caribbean Sea. Columbia borders its continental territory on the west, Brazil on the South and Trinidad and Tobago to the east. In the north, it’s bordered by the rich waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and it’s here where you’ll find some of the best saltwater flats fishing in the world.

The Los Roques Archipelago, situated 128 kilometres directly north of the port of La Guaira, is a set of beautiful islands and keys. Home to a wide variety of seabirds and rich in aquatic life, in 1972, the area was declared a National Park by the Venezuelan government. It’s now a popular destination for tourists and travelling rods, who visit to sample the first-class flats fishing on offer. Its gin-clear waters, magnificent coral beds, diverse and varied flats, miles of sandy beaches, and hundreds of smaller mangroves and cays create an incredibly diverse environment of natural beauty and the perfect habitat for a range of species.

The region has gained a reputation for being one of the best fly fishing destinations in the Caribbean and is famed for its fishing for Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Snook, Trigger and Parrotfish, to mention a few.

Los Roques Venezuela

Thanks to its excellent fishing and easy access, the beautiful National Park of Los Roques has gained a reputation for being one of the best fly fishing destinations in the Caribbean, attracting travelling rods from all around the globe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Los Roques

The bulk of the fly fishing in Venezuela is based around the Los Roques Archipelago, a set of beautiful islands and keys located 128 kilometres from the mainland. It’s the perfect fly fishing environment consisting of one significant Island, El Gran Roque, and surrounded by a few dozen or so lesser, mostly uninhabited islands and hundreds of smaller mangroves and cays. Its mass of coral reefs and pristine flats are the ideal habitat for big Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit and an array of other species.

Fly Fishing Venezuela

The rich waters of the coast of Venezuela are perfect for fly fishing, and the saltwater environment is rich and varied. Therefore, visiting anglers will have the opportunity to wet a fly in a wide variety of water during a typical fishing day. While the archipelago is famous for its pancake flats, the area also offers excellent opportunities on its coral banks, sandy beaches, massive flats and mangrove lagoons. For anglers who love to wade, Los Roques is a paradise.

What Species Can You Catch

Saltwater fly fishing in Venezuela has traditionally been based around Bonefish, and it’s one of the best Bone fisheries globally, with excellent numbers of fish with superb average size. However, in recent years travelling rods have really explored the complete variety of species on offer. Tarpon and Permit to specimen sizes are regularly landed, along with Triggerfish, Parrotfish, Snook and a variety of Snappers, rugged fighting Jacks, Blue Runners, Barracuda, and Spanish Mackerel.

Peak Season

Venezuela is a true year-round destination. Due to its location, which is only 12 degrees north of the equator, its tides, air and water temperatures don’t tend to fluctuate too much, which provides excellent fishing conditions year-round.

Is Venezuela Safe To Visit

The mainland of Venezuela is troubled with civil unrest, and some areas feature high crime rates and poor infrastructure, but the islands off its coastline are very safe and popular among foreign tourists and Venezuelans alike. Los Roques, a scarcely populated island with around 2,000 permanent residents, has no cars and streets made of sand. It’s one of the safest and quietest islands in the entire Caribbean, and crime is virtually unknown.

How To Get There

Once you arrive in Venezuela at the main airport in Caracas, our transfer team will take you to the National Terminal located at La Guaira (next to the International Terminal). It’s then just a short 35-minute flight to the island of Los Roques.

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