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Most Popular Trout Species

The Rainbow Trout is a member of the Salmonidae family, native to the cold-water tributaries of the Pacific Ocean in Asia and North America; however, they have been introduced for food or sport in at least 45 countries and every continent except Antarctica. Rainbow Trout are so-called because of the vivid colours they possess, featuring a very distinct red or pink lateral line, with blue-green flanks and black spotting over the length of the body.

Resident freshwater Rainbows usually inhabit well-oxygenated, shallow rivers, whereas lake Trout tend to live in moderately deep, cool water lakes. In both cases, their food source is the same. The fish feed on a diet of aquatic insects, typically caddisflies, stoneflies, and mayflies; however, they will also feast on fish eggs and forms of terrestrial insects that fall into the water. Rainbows living in rivers and streams tend to average around 1lb to 5lb, but the lake-dwelling and anadromous forms grow lots larger, and fish of over 20lb are often caught and landed by fly anglers.

Rainbow Trout are an exciting game fish and a favourite amongst many freshwater fly fishing anglers; they are also the most commonly caught of all the Trout species. They provide a challenge for the angler and can be pretty shy and spook easily, however once hooked; they are fantastic fighters, often jumping clear of the water; they’re delightful on light, balanced tackle. A bonus to many Trout fishing experiences is the areas they inhabit are usually very scenic mountains and rivers.

Below are the top destinations in the world for Rainbow Trout Fishing.

Hosted Goodnews River Lodge Alaska

This exclusive Sportquest-hosted trip ventures into the Alaskan wilderness, to the famous Goodnews River Lodge. This exciting freshwater fly fishing adventure offers travelling rods the opportunity to target and catch all five Pacific Salmon species, as well as Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char and even Dolly Varden.

Jurassic Lake Argentina

Jurassic Lodge is strategically situated on a protected bay only a stone's throw away from the mouth of Barrancoso River, and it's here where you will find some of the most outstanding freshwater fly fishing spots in the world and one of those magical, mystical places where most fly anglers dream of fishing.


If you are looking for a Fishing Lodge that puts you and the fishing first, then look no further. Goodnews River Lodge is the ONLY full-service lodge on the entire river system. Experience the solitude and peaceful beauty of Alaska; it’s just you and the fish. No crowds, no flying to the “best” river. It’s all here on the Goodnews River.


Bristol Bay Lodge is a fishing paradise for Salmon fishing, each year 40-50 million Sockeye Salmon enter the waters. If you want to experience this spectacular sport, we have the perfect location for you. Bristol Bay Lodge is a fly-out lodge giving you access to many remote unreachable rivers and unbelievable fishing.

Alaska trophy adventures lodge

Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge is the perfect wilderness fishing retreat. Boasting a world-famous run of all five species of Pacific Salmon, plus a host of resident fish, such as Leopard Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char and Grayling. No set itineraries fish with your guides each day for the species of your choice.


No-See-Um Lodge is ranked among the finest Alaskan fly-out fly-fishing operations for over 30 years. The Holman family has a well-earned reputation for pampering its guests. John and his team have many years of experience in fishing and guiding in Alaska. They know the best fishing spots and how to get you there safely.


Rapids Camp sits right on the bank of the famous Naknek River and offers everyone their own private room. This is the most diverse and flexible lodge in Alaska, where you the customer, decide what to fish for in your itinerary each day. All five species of Salmon plus huge Rainbows make this lodge very popular.


Located on the Kanektok River, only 5.5 miles from its mouth is by all standards a remarkably diverse fishery. Perfectly suited to both single-hand and spey anglers, offering one of Alaska’s best opportunities to catch Salmon where high catch-rates and easy wading is the norm.


At Mission Lodge, you are never fixed to a set itinerary. Each night the head guide will sit down with you to discuss what you wish to fish for and how they will then explain all the different options. With over 40 boats stashed within fly distance from the lodge, one thing for certain is you will not be short of places to fish.

Futa Lodge Chile

Futa Lodge is absolutely the most romantic lodge in the world, which sleeps a maximum of six anglers. With its remoteness, stunning mountains and free rising, very obedient Brown and Rainbow Trout, this will feel like a dream. Fishing itself is some of the purest wild fly-fishing for Rainbows and Browns anywhere in the world.

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