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Argentina Fly Fishing World Famous Sea Trout

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Fly Fishing Action Patagonia

Argentina is a country located mostly in the southern half of South America, and it shares borders with Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay. It’s the eighth-largest country in the world, with a mainland area of 2,780,400 km2. It’s one of the most biodiverse countries globally, hosting a massive ecosystem above and below the water.

While it’s well known for fine wines, football and the tango, over the last twenty years, the country has emerged as one of the top fly fishing destinations in the world. In-fact Argentina is a second home for many seasoned travelling fly fishermen due to the phenomenal Sea Trout fishing on offer in Patagonia. The Rio Grande, Rio Gallegos Rio Irigoyen are world-famous for Sea Trout fishing, with 20lb fish being common. However, It’s not just the average size of fish that’s impressive but also the prolific numbers that get landed, enticing anglers back year after year.

As well as the Sea Trout fishing, Argentina is also a spectacular destination for Golden Dorado fishing, with the vast crystal-clear wetlands of the Pira lodge and the mighty Parana river. It is also a little known fact that Argentina is also home to monster Chinook Salmon that travel vast distances to reach their spawning rivers.

Below we have listed the best Argentinian fishing trip packages for you to choose from.

Howenh Lodge Argentina

Exclusive to Sportquest Holidays, Howenh Lodge, based on the incredible Rio Grande, offers travelling rods the opportunity to wet a fly across over 30 kilometres of water. With just four to six rods per week, it provides some of the best Sea Trout fishing in the world, both in terms of the number of fish and excellent average size.

Worlds End Lodge Argentina

Worlds’ End Lodge and the Irigoyen River offer the most unique and otherworldly fishery in Patagonia. No other Tierra del Fuego fishing lodge or river offers 10-20 lb Sea Run Brown Trout in small water that is laden with logs, surrounded by dense forests and protected from the heavy Austral winds.

Bella Sofia Lodge Argentina

Bella Sofia Lodge is new for 2023, offering anglers single rooms and world-class Sea Trout fishing on the Rio Gallegos and the Rio Gallegos Chico Rivers. Based on only six rods per week, it offers guests more than 10 kilometres of water each to wet a fly, making it the most exclusive fishery in all of South America.

Las Buitreras Lodge Argentina

Las Buitreras Lodge on the Rio Gallegos in Argentina offers an unparalleled Sea Trout fishing program. Catch statistics for size and numbers on the Rio Gallegos and the Rio Grande are similar, however, many anglers remain loyal to the Rio Gallegos River for it’s a dream to fish with its low gradient, technical characteristics, exclusivity, outstanding guides and the vast number of pools you get to fish each day always providing well-rested water.

King Salmon Caterina River Argentina

In this lonely place of the Andes the King Salmon have developed a healthy population that continues to grow every year due to low fishing pressure and not having many predators. We have developed this fishing as an extension to our Sea Trout fishing packages, it can also be added to our Golden Dorado.

Jurassic Lake Argentina

Jurassic Lodge is strategically situated on a protected bay only a stone's throw away from the mouth of Barrancoso River, and it's here where you will find some of the most outstanding freshwater fly fishing spots in the world and one of those magical, mystical places where most fly anglers dream of fishing.

Kau Tapen Lodge Argentina

Kau Tapen is located in the heart of the Rio Grande. This is the original fishing lodge and the standard of elegance by which other lodges are measured. Kau Tapen holds 5 world records for Sea Trout up to 35LB and, for the last 25 years, has provided the best mix of experienced international guides and knowledgeable local river guides.

Villa Maria Lodge Argentina

Since 1994 Villa Maria has offered small groups of just six anglers exciting fishing on some of the most productive pools in the lower river. Big fly fishing rods, heavy sink tips and big pools are the norm. Villa Maria is a double-handed fly fisherman’s dream; enjoying the first crack of the whip at newly arrived Sea Trout as they pass through.

Suindá Lodge Argentina

Suindá Lodge is a Golden Dorado anglers dream and is a first-class program for those searching for exciting freshwater fly fishing opportunities combined with some of the most technical yet rewarding fishing out there; it’s also a destination where double-figure Dorados are a possibility all season long.

Delta Eco Lodge Argentina

Delta Eco Lodge is the perfect ‘add-on trip’ for anglers visiting or passing through Argentina and looking for a couple of extra days of Golden Dorado fishing at the start or end of their holiday. Situated in an ideal location, less than an hour from downtown Buenos Aires, it’s the perfect stop for travelling rods before the flight back home.

Dorados on the fly Argentina

The famous Pintis Lodge that is right on the banks of the Rio Parana River, offers you the perfect opportunity to present flies to hungry Golden Dorado. A great benefit of this lodge it sits right on the best water of the river. Just make sure you ready for this action-packed holiday?

Pira Lodge Argentina

If you have ever wanted to experience fly fishing for Golden Dorado in stunning surroundings, then Pira Lodge is the perfect destination. Explore this huge expanse of creeks, lagoons and rivers from our Hells Bay flats boats, searching for Golden Dorado in the crystal clear water that is eagerly awaiting your fly.

Hosted Howenh Lodge Argentina

If you're a solo traveller or pair of friends and have always wanted to fish for the specimen Sea Trout of Argentina, our exclusive hosted trip to Howenh Lodge is the perfect choice for you. Located on the famous Rio Grande, it will give you the opportunity to fish for some of the biggest and best Sea Trout in the world.

Hosted Worlds End Lodge Argentina

Hosted by our CEO Peter Collingsworth, this exclusive trip to Worlds End Lodge in Argentina offers travelling rods the chance to enjoy some of the finest Sea Trout sport on the planet. The fishing, based on the famous Irigoyen and Malenguena rivers, regularly produces specimens of over 20lb.

Hosted Bella Sofia Lodge Argentina

Our hosted Sea Trout trips to Bella Sofia offer travelling rods the chance to experience some of the finest fishing in all of Patagonia, Argentina. The fishing is split across two rivers, the mighty Rio Gallegos, one of the most famous Sea Trout rivers in the world and the Rio Gallegos Chico, a smaller tributary. Catering to just six rods per week, the lodge is booked exclusively for Sportquest customers.

Exclusive Weeks Las Buitreras Lodge Argentina

If you are a single angler or just looking to travel in a group with like-minded people who all enjoy the art of fly fishing for big wild Sea Trout well this trip is designed just for you. Teaming up with our partners at Solid Adventures we have some exclusive weeks on offer for our very own Sea Trout fishing weeks.

Estancia Glencross Argentina

Why fish one river when you can three? That's what Glencross is offering you the perfect opportunity for huge Brown Trout and Sea Trout fishing. Mainly single-handed fly fishing allowing you to get up and personal with all the fish. Combined with a real authentic estancia makes this Glencross Lodge Adventure the perfect fly anglers dream.

El Rincon Lodge Argentina

The thing that sets El Rincon Lodge apart from the rest is the versatility of water that it possesses. This versatility is one of the main reasons that the lodge can produce such consistent catches throughout its seasons. The lodge its self is very comfortable with six single rooms giving anglers the privacy they need for a good night’s sleep.

Steelhead Santa Cruz River Argentina

This is fishing for Steelhead in probably the world’s last great-untapped Steelhead river, in the middle of the immeasurable plains of Patagonia. Steelhead have often been credited as being one of, if not the hardest fighting migratory fish and the specimens in Santa Cruz are some of the biggest found anywhere across the globe.

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Customer Reviews

Average Customer Satisfaction Score 84%

Frequently Asked Questions

What Trout Can You Catch In Patagonia

There is no doubting that Patagonia is famous for the incredible Sea Trout fishing on offer, but it’s also home to some monster Rainbow and Brown Trout.

Rainbow Trout fishing on Jurrasic lake is almost as famous as Sea Trout fishing. Located on the mouth of the Barrancoso River’s, Strobel Lake’s only significant tributary, Jurrasic Lake, is world-famous for its incredible trophy Rainbow Trout fishing in pristine waters.

Monster Brown Trout are also very popular amongst the travelling anglers in Argentina. The Rio Irigoyen and Rio Penitente are unique spots in Tierra del Fuego, as they offer the fly fisherman the chance to catch fish to wild Brown Trout to 10lb.

Sea Trout Fishing In Patagonia

Patagonia is incredibly popular for fly fishermen, and thousands of anglers visit every year. The area of Cameron Tierra del Fuego offers some of the best fishing, with over 97’000 hectares of land filled with forests, grasslands, lakes and rivers. The most notable of these being the Rio Grande River, situated south of the even more famous Rio Gallegos River. The Rio Gallegos is a dream to fish with its low gradient, technical characteristics, exclusivity, outstanding guides, and many pools.

Swinging flies on the big rivers takes a fair amount of skill. It’s not just the casting that is important for a successful trip, but the ability to read a river and know where most fish would likely be lying. Another skill needed is how you approach the river and where you start; however, the guides in Patagonia are some of the best in the world and are always on hand to offer help and advice, so never be embarrassed to ask them for their advice.

Golden Dorado Fishing In Argentina

Pinti’s Lodge, located on the upper Parana River, ranks as one of the most consistent fishing destinations, boasting prolific numbers of fish and providing many large Golden Dorado opportunities. Target fishing to overhanging structure and along cut banks, plus sight cast fishing opportunities to cruising fish, ensures you are always where the Golden Dorado is waiting to ambush any juicy looking prey.

Pirá Lodge has two different water types; you can fish the Iberá Marsh and the Corriente River. This vast wetland is an excellent opportunity for Dorado fishing in crystal-clear waters. Fishing from our Hells Bay flats skiffs provides the ideal conditions for anglers to sight-fish for cruising Dorado with top-water floating lines, a technique that produces explosive, heart-stopping strikes.

Can You Catch King Salmon In Argentina?

King Salmon are abundant on the Caterina River, and every year millions of fish travel up the 8km river from the Atlantic. In this lonely place of the Andes, King Salmon has developed a healthy population that continues to grow every year due to low fishing pressure and not having many predators. Fed by glaciers and small creeks, the river is surrounded by the most fantastic scenery and is a stunning place to wet a line.

So far, we have experienced Kings caught up to 97lbs and 50lb fish are now common for our customers each year.

What's The Climate Like In Argentina?

Argentina is incredibly unique. Its ecosystem is one of the most biodiverse in the world, and so is it’s climate. You can often experience all four seasons in one day, and extreme temperature shifts are common.

The north of the country is warmer than the south. In the north, the summers are sweltering, while winters are mild to warm. In the south, the temperatures are cool in summer and very cold in winter, varying according to altitude.

Many people have heard the stories about the legendary Argentina winds in the south which fill most fly anglers with fear. It is not until you visit these Sea Trout destinations do you realise that the wind is your friend and not your enemy. We have so much water to fish normally we can put you in position so the wind is on your back, plus the wind makes an all-important noise on the water which disguises any heavy casting which would normally spook the pool and fish.

Tailormade Fishing Holidays In Argentina

Many customers ask as Argentina is 14 hours flying from the UK is it possible to stay for a longer duration. The simple answer is yes our fly fishing trips to Argentina can be tailored to suit. Although the fishing has set weeks, it’s possible to combine Sea Trout Fishing with Golden Dorado, Steelhead and King Salmon fishing. You can even combine all our Argentina fishing packages with any of our shooting packages to make the ultimate trip. Plus for some destinations, we can also offer half weeks so we can offer 6, 9 or 16 days fishing itineraries for you.

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