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ATOL Protection – We Have You Fully Covered, But Not Everyone Does

What you must check before you book… It is with great pleasure, Sportquest Holidays can announce that we have had our ATOL licence renewed. To qualify for an ATOL licence, a company has to be stringently financially tested, and it appears that not all companies in the fishing and shooting holiday sector have been as successful. This news prompted me […]
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Tips for Fly Fishing in Clear Water

There are several things to consider with regards to casting at fish in skinny clear water with a fly rod. Fish in this kind of water are particularly susceptible to spooking and any angler wishing to be successful when targeting these fish should try their utmost to prevent ‘the spook’. The Cast This is probably the single most common way […]

Norway Sea Fishing Tips For A Successful Fishing Holiday

So you have found yourself in the fortunate position where you are considering a sea fishing adventure to northern Norway to tangle with some of the deep-sea fish that Norway is so very famous for, this is when you may come across certain questions or have some Norway sea fishing tips that you may need to consider before parting with […]

Protective Clothing For Fishing In The Sun

The only thing that stands between you and the raw saltwater conditions on your fishing holiday is the clothes on your back so it is important you take the correct attire with you. There is so much more research that now goes into the effects of the sun and his harmful rays that anyone who has prolonged exposure to the […]

Catch and Release Fishing – Fish Care In Norway

Many more people are now practising catch and release when away on their fishing holidays, although it is always lovely to take a fish or 2 for the pot, however, it is also lovely to see them returned to the water. Catch and release fishing is a great way to keep many fish stocks up where they should be. With […]

Top Fly Fishing Holidays That Include Tackle

Many top fly fishing lodges are realising that for the less frequent travellers or for some of the more unique tackle specifications that having fishing tackle at the lodge and either including it in the price of the holiday or available to rent for a small fee is of great help to those visiting them. With these lodges doing such […]

Species Spotlight: Pink Salmon

Species: Pink Salmon Scientific Name: Gorbúša Also known as: Humpback Salmon, Humpie. In the ocean, Pink Salmon are bright silver in appearance, but as they return to their spawning streams, their colour changes to a pale grey with a yellowish-white belly, with some even turning a greenish colour with hints of red across their bodies. In addition, most develop a range of small […]

Species Spotlight: Payara

Species: Payara Scientific Name: Hydrolycus Scomberoides Also known as: Vampire Fish, Saber Tooth Barracuda, Vampire Tetra or Saber Tusk Barracuda.  DESCRIPTION The Payara is a predatory species of Dogtooth Tetra, featuring an elongated body with silvery grey scales, streamlined for power and built for speed. Its fins are generally light in colour, with dark shading around the tips of its tail and pectoral […]

Species Spotlight: Grayling

Species: Grayling Scientific Name: Thymallus thymallus Also known as: The lady of the stream Description Grayling are a member of the Salmonidae family, and according to experts, there are 14 different species within this genus, including the Arctic Grayling, European Grayling, Baikal Black Grayling, Baikal White Grayling and the Mongolian Grayling, to name just a few. However, despite many different sub-species within the […]

Species Spotlight: Wolffish

Species: Atlantic Wolffish Scientific Name: Anarhichas Lupus Also known as: Seawolf, Atlantic Catfish, Ocean Catfish, Devil Fish or Wolf Eel.  Description The Atlantic Wolffish has a general external appearance of a blennie, and its long eel-like body is smooth and slippery, with its scales almost hidden under its skin. It features an even dorsal fin that extends the whole length of its back […]
Packing for norway

Sea Fishing Clothing for Norway

A very common question I get asked is ‘What sea fishing clothing should I pack?’So we have listed below some information that may help you have a more enjoyable time when fishing out in Norway. The conditions in Norway can change at the drop of a hat so it’s important that you travel well prepared if you don’t and the […]
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