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ATOL Protection – We Have You Fully Covered, But Not Everyone Does

What you must check before you book… It is with great pleasure, Sportquest Holidays can announce that we have had our ATOL licence renewed. To qualify for an ATOL licence, a company has to be stringently financially tested, and it appears that not all companies in the fishing and shooting holiday sector have been as successful. This news prompted me […]
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How To Apply For Your Canadian White Sturgeon Fishing Licence

As the Sturgeon season creeps closer lots of lucky anglers are counting down the days. A question we get asked a lot is “how do we apply for our fishing licence?” and “what type of licence do we need?” In this article, we have explained how you can apply for your Canadian White Sturgeon Licence with some easy to follow […]

Ultimate Guide To Sea Fishing

Each year Sportquest Holidays sends hundreds of anglers on Sea Fishing holidays to destinations all over the world. These include Iceland, Namibia, and South Africa One area, in particular, we have had a huge amount of growth in is Norway and the amazing Sea Fishing that takes place here every year. The staff and guides at Sportquest have obtained a […]

Norway Sea Fishing Tips For A Successful Fishing Holiday

So you have found yourself in the fortunate position where you are considering a sea fishing adventure to northern Norway to tangle with some of the deep-sea fish that Norway is so very famous for, this is when you may come across certain questions or have some Norway sea fishing tips that you may need to consider before parting with […]

Sea Fishing In Soroya – Picking The Perfect Boat For Your Holiday

At our Norwegian sea fishing destination on the famous island of Soroya, we offer an array of boats to suit different groups’ sizes and budgets. We have five vessels available, from a standard 19ft aluminium craft to a luxury 37ft model, with a heated cabin. Hopefully, this blog will help you pick the perfect boat for your trip. KVÆRNØ, 19 […]

Species Spotlight: Robalo

Species: Robalo Scientific Name: Eleginops maclovinus Also known as: Patagonian Blennie, Rock Cod, Falkland Mullet. The Robalo, also known as the Patagonia Blennie, Rock Cod and Falkland Mullet, is a saltwater fish found in South America. They resemble a European Sea Bass and are a South Atlantic cousin of the Common Snook. They are blue and brown in appearance with a silvery yellow […]

Sportquest Holidays Guide to Self Drive Boat Fishing in Norway

Over the years of driving boats in Norway we tend to take it for granted that everyone knows how to drive them their selves, but sometimes this is what puts people off from travelling to this stunning fish packed country. Yes, you get an orientation when you turn up but this is normally fairly quick and then you are left […]

The Importance Of Booking Your Holiday With An ATOL Licenced Company

After reading a recent thought-provoking article in the TTG (Travel Trade Gazette), I thought I should put pen to paper and share what I’d read; as for our company and our industry, it was very relevant. It started with this statement from the CAA or Civil Aviation Authority: “Pandemic driving up recognition of ATOL brand and its importance.’  For those […]

Mortimer and Whitehouse – Behind the scenes of the 2022 Christmas Special

In 2019, the producers of the famous Mortimer and Whitehouse fishing programme contacted us about arranging a trip for the duo’s one-off 2022 Christmas special. Norway was the chosen destination, considered by many as the home of Christmas, and a perfect setting for Bob to try to convince Paul that the festive season is truly ‘the most wonderful time of […]

Is Big Game Trolling Fishing Right For Me?

When you are planning to book a Big Game Fishing Holiday that involves trolling fishing you may find yourself sitting there thinking about things like, do you need to bring your own tackle? Do you need to be experienced in handling large fish? Will I get on with the other people in the boat? How physically demanding is the holiday? […]

The Best Sea Trout Rivers In Argentina

There are many places to try and ensnare that monster you wish to catch when Sea Trout fishing Argentina rivers. With all this vast expanse of water to fish, there are our favourite Argentina rivers we would suggest you head out to target Sea Trout. Below we will take you through these Argentinian rivers, giving you information on each, so […]
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