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Seasons In Ascension Bay

Ascension Bay

  Learn more about Ascension Bay and the best time to fish.    Ascension Bay This vast area consisting of hundreds of square miles is located on the Yucatan peninsula about 100 miles south of Cancun and is the saltwater fly angler’s fly fishing dream. It is one of the most popular fly fishing destinations and one […]

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Hosted Fly Fishing Ascension Bay Q&A

Ascension bay fishing

With one to one guiding and tuition, this Hosted Fly Fishing Ascension Bay trip is a fantastic opportunity for anglers to brush up on their saltwater fly fishing skills and learn how to deal with the sheer pandemonium of a freshly hooked fish bidding for freedom. When it comes to hooking, playing and landing Tarpon, […]

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Tips on Clear Water Casting

Clear water casting

  There are several things to consider with regards to casting at fish in skinny clear water with a fly rod. Fish in this kind of water are particularly susceptible to spooking and any angler wishing to be successful when targeting these fish should try their utmost to prevent ‘the spook’.   The Cast This […]

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Hosted Atlantic Salmon Fishing Report

It’s back to the office after returning from our hosted week at both Camp Bonaventure and Salmon Lodge in Quebec and what a great week we all had. Conditions We knew before our arrival that the conditions, due to low water levels, were not good. The Bonaventure was only flowing at just over 7 cubic […]

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