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ATOL Protection – We Have You Fully Covered, But Not Everyone Does

With great pleasure, we can now announce that the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has renewed our ATOL licence for 2022.  For anyone who doesn’t know, ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s Licence) is a government-run financial protection scheme operated by the CAA, covering all package holidays that include flights. ATOL cover means it protects our customers from losing their money and from […]
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What are the top flies for fly fishing Iceland

Many people ask, what are the best flies for fly fishing in Iceland? You could ask 20 Icelandic fishing guides, and you will get different answers from all of them. However, there will always be flies that they all recommend. I have therefore made a list of the essentials below detailing what you would use these for. You will find […]

Better Casting In Blustery Conditions

When it chooses to blow hard, casting can become more complicated. With the right equipment and the proper technique, however, a blustery forecast can be easily conquered. Casting into or against the wind is a tiresome task. Fortunately, the beats at Kau Tapen, on the upper river, and Villa Maria, on the lower, have enough water on both banks that […]

Shore Fishing Tips And Techniques Norway

There are many variables to take into consideration when fishing from the shore. Many things can make or break a session and by thinking these Shore Fishing tips and techniques through before you head out you can increase your chances of catching enormously. Tides Winds Tackle Bait Clothing Footwear Shore fishing destinations Shore Fishing Tips And Techniques Tides One of […]

Top Freshwater Fly Fishing Holidays

We often get asked by anglers where we recommend when it comes to freshwater fly fishing, below we have listed just a handful of our favourites over the years that are perfect for all freshwater anglers looking for an amazing week on the water. Worlds End Lodge, Argentina Worlds End Lodge on the on the Irigoyen River is a unique fishery […]

10 Top Tips to Improve Your Fly Fishing

Besides the rod, reel, waders and flies, there‚Äôs something else that sets you apart from other fishermen. You love your sport enough to do it all day, every day. As a dedicated fly fisherman, you relish the idea of spending the rest of your life getting better and better at the only outdoor sport that really matters. Add to your […]
Skrei Cod

Species Spotlight: Cod

Species: Atlantic Cod Scientific Name: Gladus Morhua Also known as: Cod, Tommy Cod, Codling Description: The Cod is an unmistakable fish. The colouration of a Cod is normally green to brown on its back with a distinct mottling leading down to a white belly. The top jaw overextends the lower jaw which comes with the fish’s most distinct feature, a. […]

Halibut fishing techniques Norway

As more and more people travel in search of the mighty sportfish, the Halibut, you will find that people will come up with brand new ways to catch Halibut and it’s this that leads to the progression of specifically catching and targeting Halibut and the progression of Halibut Fishing techniques Norway. Back when I very first visited Norway I struggled […]

Successful Popper Fishing Techniques

When it comes to using the best popper fishing techniques, we would ideally love to give you the best advice possible, in turn giving you the best chances whilst you are out there. Are popper fishing techniques the only thing to consider before my trip? With most of our popper fishing destinations, there are certain things you need to consider […]

Things To Do In And Around Chilliwack

When visiting Chilliwack in Canada you may wish to venture out and experience some non-fishing activities and this place has lots on offer. So why not set aside a couple of days of your holiday and go and explore. If you wish to add some extra days to your fishing holiday, just ask one of the Sportquest Holidays team and […]
Phil Barker host for Sportquest Holidays Salmon fishing for Kings on a small river in Alaska

Alaskan Pacific Salmon fishing tips

Fishing for Pacific Salmon has over the last few years become increasingly popular with the British Salmon Angler. With the sad demise of our own home Atlantic Salmon fishing, many anglers have decided to travel further abroad to get a bend in their rods. Customers travelling with us to these destinations for the first time never have high expectations, as […]
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