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Species Spotlight: Bonefish


Name: Bonefish Also known as: Silver Ghost Scientific Name: Albula vulpes Description: So far 11 species/subspecies of Bonefish have been discovered around the world. Many fish look the same to the untrained eye. Some pf the species of Bonefish include: Albula vulpes (which are found in North American areas) Albula Esuncula (the eastern Pacific Bonefish) […]

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Top Things To Do In Iceland

Godafoss Iceland

Iceland is a subarctic Island in the middle of the North Atlantic. Icelands land mass consists of glaciers, mountains, lava fields, lakes and rivers. The Island is actually still geologically and Volcanically active which helps add to its huge diversity of natural interests. If stunning natural scenery is something that you are interested in then […]

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Lake Thingvallavatn Destination Spotlight Q&A

Lake Thingvallavatn Fishing

Lake Thingvallavatn Fishing Overview: Lake Thingvallavatn fishing is world renowned for is spectacular wild Brown Trout. These fish are believed to have originated as sea run browns that got trapped in the lake during an Ice Age. Thingvallavatn Trout are in many peoples eyes the most beautiful Trout on the planet, with powerful deep chrome bodies and inky […]

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