Species Fishing Nosy Be Madagascar Report

  Categories: Fishing, Saltwater

  Another week well under way in Madagascar and this group are after species and by the looks of the reports we are getting they are achieving just that.   “We have some peak weeks on hold just waiting for some lucky anglers to take, but act quickly”   We will keep you all updated […]

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Fishing With The Legend Himself John Wilson

  Categories: Fishing, Freshwater

  Newly married Husband and Wife, Dave and Arezue Wright have just returned from what looks like possibly one of the best fishing holidays they may ever experience and to top this off they got to fish with the legend of fishing Mr John Wilson himself.   “Thailand has something to offer every travelling angler” […]

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10 Perdiz Hunting Tips

  Categories: Shooting

10 Perdiz Hunting Tips by our partners David Denies Bernardo Barran has more than 40 years of experience perdiz hunting in Uruguay, In the text that follows, he shares his knowledge about particular perdiz hunting experiences. Taking these 10 tips into consideration will not only make you a better perdiz hunter, it will make you […]

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