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Shooting Pheasant Tips – Etiquette and Technique

It is most important to enter the field confident in your ability and the workings of the day-and with good skills in fieldcraft. The excitement of the season doesn’t want to be spoilt by lack of preparation and ‘luck shots’ and it is paramount that you consider this by means of plentiful pre-season practice Pheasant shooting. There are many attributes […]
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Why you need to buy travel insurance at the same time you book your holiday

If you’ve booked a holiday and are already counting down the days, we advise taking the time in advance to buy yourself travel insurance. While none of us want to think about things that could go wrong in the time between booking and jetting off – for example, illness, bereavement or redundancy – taking out a policy early could potentially […]
Female eared dove

Species Spotlight: Eared Dove

Species: Eared Dove Latin Name: Zenaida auriculata Average Speed: A strong flier with speeds of up to 55 mph Shooting Season: The Shooting season for Eared Dove runs all year round in the Province of Cordoba in Argentina and Uruguay. Description: The Eared Dove is approximately 9.4 inches long with a long wedge-like shaped tail and weighs around 4.0 oz. […]
taking care of your gun

7 Shotgun Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Whatever type of shooting you’re into its your shotgun which is your most prized possession in the equipment list. To keep it running smoothly and working at its best it needs to be well cared for and maintained regularly. This is most important if you store it during the off season and of course to keep it safe when in […]
Shooting Dove From The Sky

Benefits To Taking Your Game Shooting Abroad

So the UK game season can offer the world’s most exciting and impressive shooting estates and opportunities for the most budding shot. But the season only lasts so long, and at the end of all the hype and enjoyment, we come to an abrupt and disappointing end. With shooting in the UK likely to be affected by the fallout of […]
Red Legged Partridge

Species Spotlight: Red legged Partridge

Latin Name: Alectoris Rufa Average fly speed: 30-35mph Wingspan: 47-50cm Where to shoot: France, Spain, Portugal Red Legged Partridge Shooting Season: For Great Britain, Partridge shooting season runs from 1st September – 1st February. For Northern Ireland, it’s 1st September – 31st February. Red Legged Partridge Description: Partridge shooting is one of the most exciting and exhilarating of game bird […]
Guns in slings

Top 10 Tips for Basic Gun Safety

The world of shooting takes basic Gun safety extremely seriously and trusts you as a reliable shotgun license holder to take the necessary precautions in which to execute safe and conscious decisions on how to operate your firearm. All the specific rules and regulations are in place to keep those of you who are shooting and those around you, safe. […]
dove hunting in argentina

Dove Hunting and how to shoot them

Doves are small with a lightweight bone structure. It doesn’t take a heavy load to knock one down as it only takes one pellet to kill. Cartridges with shot sized 7 1/2 work very well and you will find you won’t need much more oomph than that. When it comes to choice of gun a little 20-gauge shotgun is the […]
Man With Shotgun On Side

Shooting Seasons For The UK and Europe

We all feel that sense of disappointment and emptiness when the UK Game season comes to a close, until of course the Pigeon shooting swiftly arrives. But what happens if we want more? Seasons vary considerably depending on your location, for example, England, Ireland and Spain and for some can be quite a confusing concept.   Here we include a […]
shotgun license

How to apply for your shotgun certificate

This is a little helping hand for those who are looking to apply for their first shotgun certificate or to apply for a renewal. Here is everything you need to know to help you understand the process from start to finish. Everyone who owns a shotgun must be in possession of a shotgun certificate. If you are new to the […]
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