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Saltwater Fly Fishing Seychelles – Availability

Seychelles is a jewel within the Indian Ocean, a tropical paradise consisting of 41 spectacular granite islands and 74 sparkling sand and coral cays. It’s a destination well-regarded in the saltwater fly fishing community and has long had the reputation of offering some of the best fishing on the planet. The islands provide the perfect challenge to the angler; the […]
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Fly Fishing For Halibut

There’s no doubt that the popularity of Halibut fishing has soared over the past decade, and for many sea anglers visiting Norway, these giant flatfish have now overtaken the Cod as their primary target. As the number of anglers visiting the country has increased, so has the vast array of methods used to target them. The days of solely fishing […]

How Much Should You Tip Your Fishing Guide?

A topic that is discussed on many fishing trips but is crucial to maintaining the buoyant spirit of our beloved guides – is how much should you tip your fishing guide. When embarking on a fishing journey, the guide is more than just a person helping you find the best spots. They’re your navigator, advisor, and sometimes, your photographer, ensuring […]

Fly fishing for Permit

In fly fishing, many species challenge anglers. But when considering elusive and powerful fish, the Permit stands out as a prime contender. Fishing for Permit in fly fishing is the ultimate challenge. It mixes both frustration and excitement, pushing even experienced anglers to their limits. This detailed guide dives into the art and science of fly fishing for Permit, giving […]

Tips On How To Catch Giant Trevally On The Fly

Over the years, I have spoken to hundreds of customers about fly fishing for Giant Trevally and how to catch Giant Trevally, something many years ago everyone thought was crazy. As an all-around angler, I first encountered these fish big game fishing at the Andaman Islands. I then moved on to try another fishing method for them using poppers and jigs, which […]

Giant Trevally flies: The best flies for Targeting GT’s

Introduction Giant Trevally, or GT, are one of the most revered and powerful game fish that roam the tropical waters of the world. Known for their aggressive nature and bone-jarring strikes, GT’s offer a thrilling challenge for fly anglers seeking an adrenaline-fueled fishing experience. To increase your chances of success, it’s crucial to have the right fly patterns in your […]

Sportquest Holidays – The Story So Far

For those that didn’t know, this week it’s our 20th birthday, and we’re celebrating this milestone with a host of different destination spotlights, videos from the archive and a series of blog posts letting you know more about precisely what we do and our story so far.  In this blog, we spent 15 minutes with our CEO and founder, Peter […]

Our Solo Traveller Trips Explained

Our innovative, famous solo traveller trips have proven incredibly popular through the years, and we specifically designed them to cater for the needs of single anglers and pairs of friends. As many of our lodges worldwide base their bookings on groups of four anglers or more, any groups under this number get hit with a surcharge to make up the […]

Meet The Team – Sportquest Holidays

As part of our 20th birthday celebrations, we thought we’d run a feature on the fantastic team we have here at Sportquest Holidays, from those in our marketing department who produce all the content you see online to those in admin and sales who speak with you all and help organise your holidays, to those in accounts that help keep […]

Sportquest Holidays Tried & Tested – Over Twenty Years In Business

Having been in business for over twenty years, we are you’re tried and tested travel provider when it comes to organising adventurous, fishing and shooting holidays of a lifetime. Here are a few facts about us that you might not know and might find helpful. Did you know we offer holidays to over fifty countries? The world is big, and […]
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