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10 Top Tips to Improve Your Fly Fishing

Besides the rod, reel, waders and flies, there’s something else that sets you apart from other fishermen. You love your sport enough to do it all day, every day. As a dedicated fly fisherman, you relish the idea of spending the rest of your life getting better and better at the only outdoor sport that really matters. Add to your […]
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Top 13 Hosted Fishing Destinations

Every year our hosted trips become increasingly popular and sell out very quickly. This is due to them being cheaper than travelling as a single angler, the expert advice, the experience of our hosts, and the exclusive destinations we have. Below we have listed our top 13 hosted trips, in no particular order. Crocodile Bay fishing resort – Costa Rica  […]
Fly Fishing Seychelles

Alphonse Island | Fly fishing | Seychelles | Q&A

Anglers come to the Seychelles with us in search of first-class fly fishing for species such as Bonefish, Permit, Milkfish, GT’S and Bluefins. One of the things that set this destination apart from the rest of the world is the opportunity to fish and wade over 10,000 acres of stunning sand flats. Combine the first-class fishery with our 5 star resort […]

The best Family Fishing Holidays

For many years Sportquest Holidays has been sending happy customers all over the world in search of their dream fishing locations. What we have started to find is that the angler is now, more and more, wanting places to go that are a little more family-friendly. Some fishing locations around the world, you will find the accommodation to be ok […]

Why you need to buy travel insurance at the same time you book your holiday

If you’ve booked a holiday and are already counting down the days, we advise taking the time in advance to buy yourself travel insurance. While none of us want to think about things that could go wrong in the time between booking and jetting off – for example, illness, bereavement or redundancy – taking out a policy early could potentially […]

Understanding The Fish Species Of The Seychelles

As many of you already know Seychelles is a mecca for any serious fly angler and has become one of our top-selling destinations. All of the operations we represent in Seychelles provides saltwater fly fishing at the next level in the Indian ocean. What makes the destination so popular is a big list, one thing for certain that attracts the […]
how to catch Giant Trevally in Sudan

Our Best Saltwater Fly Fishing Destinations

Saltwater fly fishing has exploded in the last 30 years due to huge fishing magazine distribution of new destinations being available to intrepid anglers willing to travel further afield in search of many hard fighting fish. Each of these destinations has its unique plus points giving the reasons why anglers wish to travel there with their fly rod in hand. This […]
Atlantic Salmon Fishing Norway

Species Spotlight: Atlantic Salmon

Species:  Atlantic Salmon Scientific Name:  Atlantic Salmon Salmo salar Also known as:  Bay Salmon, Black Salmon, Caplin-Scull Salmon, Sebago Salmon, Silver Salmon, Fiddler, or Outside Salmon. At different points in their maturation and life cycle, they are known as Parr, Smolt, Grilse, Grilt, Kelt, Slink, and Spring Salmon Description:  Wild Atlantic Salmon are anadromous, which means that Atlantic Salmon live in […]

Guide to Saltwater Flats Fishing

There are several things to consider in regards to Saltwater flats fishing. Fish in this kind of water are particularly susceptible to spooking and any angler wishing to be successful when targeting these fish should try their utmost to prevent ‘the spook’. The main way of fishing on the flats will be around using sight. Sight fishing has to rank […]
tarpon with two anglers

Species Spotlight: Tarpon

Species: Tarpon Also known as: Silver King, Sabalo Latin Name: Megalops cyprinoides Description: Because of their large size, legendary strength and stamina, magnificent beauty, and habit of jumping when hooked, the Tarpon is among the world’s most prized game fish. Tarpon are toothless and they swallow their prey whole. Adult Tarpon are four to eight feet long and weigh anything from […]
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