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The best Family Fishing Holidays

For many years Sportquest Holidays has been sending happy customers all over the world in search of their dream fishing locations. What we have started to find is that the angler is now, more and more, wanting places to go that are a little more family-friendly. Some fishing locations around the world, you will find the accommodation to be ok […]
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Understanding The Fish Species Of The Seychelles

As many of you already know Seychelles is a mecca for any serious fly angler and has become one of our top-selling destinations. All of the operations we represent in Seychelles provides saltwater fly fishing at the next level in the Indian ocean. What makes the destination so popular is a big list, one thing for certain that attracts the […]

Top 13 Hosted Fishing Destinations

Every year our hosted trips become increasingly popular and sell out very quickly. This is due to them being cheaper than travelling as a single angler, the expert advice, the experience of our hosts, and the exclusive destinations we have. Below we have listed our top 13 hosted trips, in no particular order. Crocodile Bay fishing resort – Costa Rica  […]
how to catch Giant Trevally in Sudan

Our Best Saltwater Fly Fishing Destinations

Saltwater fly fishing has exploded in the last 30 years due to huge fishing magazine distribution of new destinations being available to intrepid anglers willing to travel further afield in search of many hard fighting fish. Each of these destinations has its unique plus points giving the reasons why anglers wish to travel there with their fly rod in hand. This […]

Bonefish Tips – Everything you need to know about catching Bonefish

When it comes to fishing for Bonefish, it can be frustratingly hard to even spot them gliding through the water let alone getting them to inhale your fly which is why Bonefish tips are a must. These fish are so difficult to spot and land they have even been nicknamed the “ghosts of the flats.” Here we have compiled a […]

Tips On How To Catch Giant Trevally On The Fly

Over the years, I have spoken to hundreds of customers about fly fishing for Giant Trevally and how to catch Giant Trevally, something many years ago everyone thought was crazy. As an all-around angler, I first encountered these fish big game fishing at the Andaman Islands. I then moved on to try another fishing method for them using poppers and jigs, which […]

How To Store Fly Line – Fly Fishing Tips

We all know what it is like you have returned from an amazing trip and it’s all too easy to just store your reels away until the next time you travel. However, with just a little love you can keep your fly line performing like new, not to mention increasing the life span of a line you paid close to […]

Top Fly Fishing Holidays That Include Tackle

Many top fly fishing lodges are realising that for the less frequent travellers or for some of the more unique tackle specifications that having fishing tackle at the lodge and either including it in the price of the holiday or available to rent for a small fee is of great help to those visiting them. With these lodges doing such […]

Tips To Helping You Catch Billfish On The Fly

10 Top Tips to help you catch a Billfish on the fly:

After ten years of learning how to help and teach fly fishers and non-fly fishers how to catch billfish on the fly I have developed my set of instructions and hints.

Tips on Taking Care Of Your Fishing Waders

One of the most important pieces of gear for a cold water angler are a dependable pair of fishing waders. Fishing waders can be upwards of £500 so it makes good sense to take great care of them. Properly caring for your waders will allow you to get the most out of your investment. To help you with this, read […]
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