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Sportquest Holidays – The Story So Far

For those that didn’t know, this week it’s our 20th birthday, and we’re celebrating this milestone with a host of different destination spotlights, videos from the archive and a series of blog posts letting you know more about precisely what we do and our story so far.  In this blog, we spent 15 minutes with our CEO and founder, Peter […]
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Our Solo Traveller Trips Explained

Our innovative, famous solo traveller trips have proven incredibly popular through the years, and we specifically designed them to cater for the needs of single anglers and pairs of friends. As many of our lodges worldwide base their bookings on groups of four anglers or more, any groups under this number get hit with a surcharge to make up the […]

Meet The Team – Sportquest Holidays

As part of our 20th birthday celebrations, we thought we’d run a feature on the fantastic team we have here at Sportquest Holidays, from those in our marketing department who produce all the content you see online to those in admin and sales who speak with you all and help organise your holidays, to those in accounts that help keep […]

Sportquest Holidays Tried & Tested – Over Twenty Years In Business

Having been in business for over twenty years, we are you’re tried and tested travel provider when it comes to organising adventurous, fishing and shooting holidays of a lifetime. Here are a few facts about us that you might not know and might find helpful. Did you know we offer holidays to over fifty countries? The world is big, and […]

Peter Collingsworth’s Most Memorable Fishing Moments

I’ve been looking back over the past couple of decades and reminiscing, not just about the business but about some of the destinations I’ve visited and some of the fish I’ve been lucky enough to catch. So I thought I’d put pen to paper and share a few of these special captures from around the globe, with many of them […]

Advice On Targeting Bonefish On The Fly At Abaco Lodge, Bahamas

Bonefishing does not necessarily have to be difficult, at least not on Abaco. Any trip for Bonefishing should start out with the least stressful part—getting there—and as you arrive in Marsh Harbour and take in the familiar scent of the flats wafting through the air and feel the warmth of the Bahamian sun on your face, your blood pressure will […]

Picking The Right Wading Bag For Fly Fishing

We often get asked questions regarding tackle and luggage when fishing, with fly anglers, often asking, “Should I get a Sling, Vest or Hip-pack”. This is a difficult question to answer as a lot of this comes down to personal preferences. Therefore below, you can find what we can consider the pros and cons of the three options. Sportquest Holidays […]

Travelling From All Around The Globe

Did you know that here at Sportquest Holidays, we cater for all keen travelling rods and guns, irrespective of where you live in the world? We don’t just cater for anglers and hunters in the UK but offer our tailor-made holiday experiences to customers across all four corners of the globe.  With our growing repertoire of quality fishing and shooting destinations, combined […]

Species Spotlight: Robalo

Species: Robalo Scientific Name: Eleginops maclovinus Also known as: Patagonian Blennie, Rock Cod, Falkland Mullet. The Robalo, also known as the Patagonia Blennie, Rock Cod and Falkland Mullet, is a saltwater fish found in South America. They resemble a European Sea Bass and are a South Atlantic cousin of the Common Snook. They are blue and brown in appearance with a silvery yellow […]

Tips for Fly Fishing in Clear Water

There are several things to consider with regards to casting at fish in skinny clear water with a fly rod. Fish in this kind of water are particularly susceptible to spooking and any angler wishing to be successful when targeting these fish should try their utmost to prevent ‘the spook’. The Cast This is probably the single most common way […]
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