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Golden Dorado size comparison
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Species Spotlight: Golden Dorado

Name: Golden Dorado Also Known as: Dorado Scientific Name: Dorado Salminus Brasiliensis Golden Dorado Description The Golden Dorado is a fish that cannot be mistaken for any other, the big sleek solid shape of this is packed with muscle and is perfect for high-speed bursts when predating on smaller fish. The large head on the Golden Dorado is extremely powerful and […]
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Top Destinations To Catch the 5 Types of Pacific Salmon

We here at Sportquest Holidays offer a range of breathtaking fishing experiences for types of Salmon, we have created this wonderful list of our top destinations to target the 5 types of Pacific Salmon for you to look at and hopefully assist you with picking the perfect location for you. Canadian Destinations to target the 5 types of Pacific Salmon […]
Silver Salmon

Strip Set Fly Fishing For Silver Salmon

Many fly fishermen often think that strip set fly fishing is often a saltwater tactic, “Don’t trout set” are words nearly every saltwater angler or fly fishing guide has heard at one time or another. That’s because when it comes to hard-mouthed species like Bonefish it’s crucial to set the hook by stripping the fly line as opposed to raising […]

King Salmon Fishing Tips and Techniques

Its common knowledge with Salmon anglers just how hard King Salmon fight once hooked, making them a target for many travelling anglers to try catching the king of the Salmon species. With this in mind, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of my king salmon fishing tips to hopefully help you all catch kings. King […]

The best Family Fishing Holidays

For many years Sportquest Holidays has been sending happy customers all over the world in search of their dream fishing locations. What we have started to find is that the angler is now, more and more, wanting places to go that are a little more family-friendly. Some fishing locations around the world, you will find the accommodation to be ok […]
Phil Barker host for Sportquest Holidays Salmon fishing for Kings on a small river in Alaska

Alaskan Pacific Salmon fishing tips

Fishing for Pacific Salmon has over the last few years become increasingly popular with the British Salmon Angler. With the sad demise of our own home Atlantic Salmon fishing, many anglers have decided to travel further abroad to get a bend in their rods. Customers travelling with us to these destinations for the first time never have high expectations, as […]

Top Norway Salmon Rivers for Atlantic Salmon

Norway, or the land of the midnight sun, is home to some of the most iconic Salmon rivers on the planet. Famed as a destination for the numbers and size of fish inhabiting its waterways, nearly 100,000 travelling rods visit every year, fishing just some of its 450 plus rivers. Voted the ‘world’s most unspoilt travel destination’ by National Geographic […]

Atlantic Salmon Fishing Tips – Depth & Speed

Having fished and travelled extensively during the last 20 years running fishing trips I have noticed that there are two Atlantic Salmon fishing tips that influence just how effective customers are when fishing for Atlantic Salmon. Whether you’re on the Guala on the east coast of Norway or the Kola Peninsula in Russia, these tips will improve your hookups. Our […]

Top 13 Hosted Fishing Destinations

Every year our hosted trips become increasingly popular and sell out very quickly. This is due to them being cheaper than travelling as a single angler, the expert advice, the experience of our hosts, and the exclusive destinations we have. Below we have listed our top 13 hosted trips, in no particular order. Crocodile Bay fishing resort – Costa Rica  […]

10 Top Sea Trout Flies You Must Have

There are a wide variety of flies you can use when Sea Trout fishing in the Argentinian rivers. We take pride in knowing we are giving our customers the very best advice available to ensure they have the utmost chance of catching the fish of their dreams. Below we have recommended the top 10 best Sea Trout flies as suggested […]
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