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Grand Slams & Super Slams

Mexico is a country in the south of North America; it covers 1,972,550 square kilometres and is the 13th largest country globally. It shares land borders with the United States, Guatemala and Belize and then coastal borders with the Gulf of Mexico to the east and then the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Mexico is famous for its food and drink, culture, sunny beaches, tourists attractions, and fantastic saltwater fly fishing opportunities. On its east coast, which spans over 2,800 kilometres and fronts the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll find Ascension Bay. In this place, all the stars align, and it’s a destination famous amongst all travelling saltwater fly fishermen.

Situated 160 kilometres to the south of Cancun on the southeastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and covering 12,000 square kilometres, Ascension Bay is a mass of rivers, lagoons, creeks and classic sand flats. As a part of the Sian K’aan Biosphere, the area is strictly protected from commercial fishing and development, meaning over the years its developed into what is arguably one of the most prolific saltwater fly fishing destinations in the Caribbean. It’s fast becoming a destination on every saltwater anglers bucket list, as the bay is teeming with life, with all of the flats species all year-round.

Below we have listed the main destinations for you to choose from.

Fly Fishing For Roosters Mexico

El Bahia de Los Suenos, also commonly referred to as the ‘Bay of Dreams’, offers travelling rods mile upon mile of open and accessible coastline, as well as some of the richest offshore waters found anywhere in the world. Here, the Roosterfish is king, and the area is probably the number one destination for both numbers and the large average size of fish.

Fisherman Lodge Ascension Bay Mexico

Ascension Bay in Mexico is home to some of the most fantastic Fly Fishing that Mexico has to offer, the guides are also some of the most skilled and knowledgeable in all of the country. GRAND SLAMS and SUPER SLAMS are very achievable and this is the perfect destination for the flats fishing Enthusiast.

Casa Blanca Lodge Mexico

Located at the southern end of Ascension Bay in the heart of the 1.3 million acre private preserve, Casa Blanca has established itself as Mexico’s premier saltwater fly fishing destination. For many years now Casa Blanca has mesmerised anglers with its endless expanses of turquoise flats providing the ultimate water for Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Best Fly Fishing In Mexico

With miles of coastline, shallow flats, and lagoon systems, the fishing opportunities at Ascension Bay are endless. It’s a well-known fact that it’s one of the best saltwater fly fishing destinations globally. It features some of the best Permit fishing on the planet, the most Bonefish per square water acre, an incredible unmolested nursery of juvenile Tarpon and a vast protected Snook population.

It’s possibly the best location in the world to accomplish a grand slam and super slam. From rivers, lagoons and classic sand flats, there are endless possibilities to wade or fish from the boat, and the best spots can be reached within 10 minutes, giving anglers a tremendous amount of fishing time per day.

Expect to catch lots of Bonefish in the 2-kilo range with the odd fish to 4-kilos. And plenty of shots at all of the Super Slam species of Permit, Bonefish, Tarpon, and Snook.

Where Do You Fish?

For many years Ascension Bay has been classed as the mecca of saltwater fly fishing; in the same period, Casa Blanca Fly Fishing Lodge has established itself as a premier destination. Wild, virtually uninhabited and magnificently beautiful. Fishing the shallow flats surrounding Islas Tres Marias and Cayo Culebra, you will be wade fishing in ankle-deep crystal clear water. The Bonefish at Casa Blanca tend to be bigger than average for the Yucatán Peninsula due to its proximity to the ocean.

Pristine mangrove-lined shores surround Fishermens lodge, another area in Ascension Bay with a backdrop of the lush green rainforest. The main village of Punta Allen is approx 32 miles off the beaten track and 3 hours from the hustle and bustle of Cancun’s city. It sits inside the vast protected area known as the Sian Ka’an Biosphere. This protection preserves the site and habitats on land and sea, and the knock-on effect is that the local wildlife prospers.

Playa Blanca is another area that offers some world-class sport fishing. Whether you choose to reserve a Skiff and professional fly-fishing guide or go it alone, anglers will find this to be paradise. Espiritu Santo Bay, one of the fly fishings most spectacular frontiers, is loaded with Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon, making it another great destination to achieve your Grand Slam dream.

Peak Season

Ascension Bay is a fantastic year-round fishery. Some months are better for certain species than others, but generally, the fishing is very reliable all of the time.

December, January and February are dry months, offering many hours of sun, and the winter makes a perfect time to run away from the cold weather and be fishing in the Caribbean. This time of year can sometimes be windy with cold fronts from the north, but usually, there are some sheltered bays to escape the worst of it. 

The spring months of March to June and the beginning of July are peak season. In general, this time of the year, the weather is better; there are light winds and many sunshine hours; this is an excellent time for Bonefish and the larger migratory Tarpon and the biggest Permit

In the summer, from June to September, there is little to no wind, and the average temperature is higher; but it’s the wet season, so you might experience cloud cover and an hour or two of rain. 

Who Is The Destination Best Suited Too?

One of the great things about saltwater fly fishing Mexico is that it’s perfect for anglers of all abilities and those with a passion for flats fishing and the super slam species. Due to the vast numbers of fish, it’s normal to get many chances per day.

All the guides at our lodges have been on location for many years and know the best areas; they’re skilled teachers and masters at manoeuvring the shallow flats without detection from wary fish.

Other Activities

Depending on how active you want your fishing holiday in Mexico to be, there’s a vast array of different activities to suit. If you want something relaxed, you can enjoy the private beach on the comfortable padded loungers and take advantage of the beachside bar and grill. Go for a leisurely swim in the pool or even the beautiful Caribbean Ocean. 

If you want to venture out and explore the sights, then the Lodge provides some fantastic Ocean Eco-Tours. You will visit the Meso-American Reef, the second-longest reef system in the world, where you will be in awe of the local marine life. Here Sea turtles are always easy to find, and there are five species such as the green, leatherback, and hawksbill. Dolphins, several species of rays, sharks, crocodiles, and the occasional whale shark or manatee can also be a part of an eco-tour.

If you prefer something more active, then you can take one of the three-hour tours of the local mangrove creeks and the surrounding waters with a certified kayaking guide. There’s also a massive opportunity for snorkelling tours; the reef systems are pristine and brimming with life. 

If you’ve never been snorkelling, we recommend taking a learning class in our freshwater pool with one of the Lodge’s local experts; these lessons are free of charge and will significantly enhance your experience. 

How Do You Get There?

You can take a direct flight to Cancun from the UK, where you will then be picked up by private transfer and taken to Tulum. After arriving in Tulum, you will be taken the last 50 kilometres by private boat to the Fishing Lodge in Punta Allen.

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