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The Eared Dove

Doves and Pigeons are birds in the Columbidae family, a family which contains over 340 species divided into 50 genera. The most popular of these worldwide, especially in South America, is the Eared Dove. There’s estimated to be over 30 million of these birds around the fields of Córdoba in Northern Argentina alone. They provide an excellent quarry for the keen shooter, as they provide the ultimate ‘big bag’ shooting experience, and it’s not uncommon for a single gun to shoot over a thousand birds in one day.

Eared Doves are stout-bodied birds with short necks and short slender bills, weighing averagely around 4oz and measuring typically between 8 and 9 inches. They’re renowned for their long wedge-like tails and olive/brown plumage, and little black spots on their wings. They feature a grey crown, black lines behind the eyes and ear-coverts; it’s these black markings that give the bird its ‘eared’ name. Feeding primarily on a diet of seeds, fruits and plants, they’re massive agricultural pests. Providing their habitat is suitable and food sources plentiful, there’s no fixed breeding season, and the birds breed all year round, just one reason why the numbers are so large.

The Eared Doves are strong-flying birds and can reach speeds of over fifty miles per hour; they provide a great challenge for the travelling guns. Their flight is often high, fast and direct; they fly very similar to Pigeons, using sharp flicks of their wings to propel themselves through the air.

Below are the top destinations in the world for Dove Shooting.

Los Crestones Lodge Argentina

Wing shooting done the right way, with obedient retrievers and expert guides, Perdiz over well-trained pointers, Pigeons over decoys, passing Doves and Ducks from the blinds, the opportunities are endless and the choice is yours. Each and every day you can experience something different and exciting at Los Crestones.

Château de Villette France

The splendour of this beautiful estate in France is a sight for sore eyes. The stunning Chateau is home to Coen stork and his wife Catherine where their passion for hunting and hospitality is indescribable. You will enjoy only the most exquisite cuisine, accommodation and service which will accompany the sensational shooting.

San Juan Lodge Uruguay

San Juan Lodge in Uruguay offers travelling guns a true mixed bag, with ducks, doves and perdiz over pointing dogs. They are all here in a strategically located Uruguayan estancia; lots of birds, short drives and the same top level service and shooting you’d expect from Sportquest Holidays and David Denies.

Guayascate Lodge Argentina

The Lodge has been purpose-built with shooters in mind and every possible level of comfort and service is assured. 18,000 square feet of pure luxury with ten expertly appointed rooms allow group sizes to be small and intimate with singles or doubles. Probably the most exclusive Dove shooting lodge in Argentina.

La Portenita Lodge Argentina

La Portenita is situated on top of a hill with magnificent views, nestled in a beautiful country setting. The house is set within the confines of a working Argentine Estancia, making for a unique hunting experience. This lodge has access to a huge area of ground ranging from low lying fields to higher ground within the Dove roosting areas.

Sierra Verde Lodge Argentina

Located just a 35-minute drive from Cordoba Airport, is the first lodge opened by the Hayes brothers. It is a beautiful European style lodge with seven spacious bedrooms. The drives to the fields are very comfortable 15 to 50 minutes. The lodge offers many amenities including a lavish outdoor pool and a jacuzzi with capacity for ten people.

Pica Zuro Lodge Argentina  

Pica Zuro is the most exclusive Dove shooting lodge in Cordoba and it offers unparalleled luxury and comfort from which to enjoy some of the best shooting found anywhere in the world. This elegantly restored 19th-century house is decorated in a friendly safari style, but there’s a feeling of old-world elegance that starts outdoors and extends throughout each room of the property.

La Dormida Lodge Argentina

La Dormida is located in Cordoba which is widely considered the Dove shooting capital of the world. The 100 square mile radius around the La Dormida Lodge is annually inhabited by over 50.000.000 million doves, and the birds reproduce over five times per year, so it's easy to see why the Dove shooting is so productive.

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