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Mauritius Fishing Holidays Stunning Saltwater Fly Fishing

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The Best Bonefish Fishing

Mauritius is an island nation situated in the Indian Ocean, about 2,000 kilometres off the southeast coast of the African continent, east of Madagascar. It’s land area covers over 1,8000 kilometres and is surrounded by more than 150 kilometres of white sandy beaches and lagoons, all protected by the third-largest coral reef in the world that surrounds the island.

Created some 8 million years ago by underwater volcanoes, together with Saint Brandon, Réunion, and Rodrigues, the island is part of the Mascarene Islands. On land, these spectacular unspoiled Atolls are an authentic piece of paradise and are home to some of the worlds rarest birds, plants and animals. Explore below the tropical waters, and the biodiversity is equally impressive. The crystal clear saltwater flats are a haven for all manner of wildlife, including birds, turtles, crabs, and of course, fish.

The Atolls are famous for the unbelievable saltwater fly fishing and see anglers from all around the globe visiting every year to sample some of what they have to offer. The most popular of all is St Brandon’s, which provides some mouth-watering prospects for the travelling angler.

St. Brandon’s is a saltwater fly fishing wonderland with scattered islands, vast connecting sandbanks, flats of hard white sand and broken coral. All of which provides the ideal habitat for the Bonefish.

St Brandons Atoll Mauritius

Deep within the Indian Ocean, due east of Madagascar and 300 miles northeast of the island of Mauritius, lies an obscure and seldom visited atoll. St. Brandon’s atoll is a wade fisherman’s paradise blessed with enormous hard sand flats and staggering numbers of huge Bonefish making it on of the best Bonefish fishing destinations in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Brilliant Bonefish Fishing

Mauritius fishing trips are renowned for one species, and that is the Bonefish. Considered to be among the world’s premier fly game fish and are highly sought after by anglers, the groups of Atolls, especially St.Brandons, offer some of the most spectacular Bonefish fishing you will ever encounter.

On most tides, anglers can expect to see vast shoals of these shallow water speedsters, with fish averaging 6-7lb. However, double-digit fish of enormous proportions are also common; the largest Bonefish landed to date was a whopping 87cm which, according to studies, puts it in the region of 15lbs.

If you’ve never been Bonefish fishing before, then why not read our blog on Everything you need to know about catching Bonefish.

What Other Species Can You Catch?

It’s not just Bonefish you can catch on your Mauritius fishing trip, as the Atolls are home to a wide range of different species, and the fishery is exceptionally well balanced.

Stunning Indo-Permit, a host of Trevally species including Bluefin, Golden, Yellow Dot, Green Spot and Giant Trevally of over 100lbs in weight are also sought-after.

The saltwater fly fishing in Mauritius is some of the best on the planet.


Mauritius features a classical, tropical maritime climate and is warm all year-round. The country has two seasons, a warm, humid summer that extends from November to April and then a relatively cool, dry winter from June to September. The months of October and May are known as transitional months.

During the winter, the temperature is around 22c on the coast, whilst in the summer, it averages 27-28c.

Peak Season

The fishing season in Mauritius typically runs from October to December and then April to May, with the peak months of November and April. This coincides with the humid temperatures and settled weather of summer.

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