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Fishing For Giants

Canada is situated in the northern part of North America and covers 9.98 million square kilometres, making it the second-largest country by total area. It’s provinces and territories extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean. Despite its significant size, it’s very sparsely populated.

Canada is famous for the northern lights, maple syrup and ice hockey; it’s also well known for its world-class fishing. Home to the world’s largest proportion of freshwater lakes, over 47 rivers of at least 600 km in length and the world’s longest coastline of 243,042 kilometres, it’s easy to see why.

All this water offers some fantastic bait and lure fishing opportunities and every year, freshwater and saltwater anglers from around the globe visit Canada to fish for the giants that live there. From the Fraser River’s monster Sturgeon to the abundant Salmon in the Skeena River and the giant Bluefin Tuna off Novia Scotia’s coast.

Canada is not only healthy below the water but also above. It’s divided into fifteen terrestrial ecozones, which encompass an incredible 80,000 species of wildlife.

Below we have listed the best destinations for you to choose from.

Hosted Sturgeon Fishing Canada

Our hosted Sturgeon fishing tour to British Columbia in Canada, is the ideal trip for single anglers, pairs of friends and even small groups, looking to battle with one of the largest, most powerful freshwater fish on the planet - the mighty White Sturgeon. These prehistoric river dinosaurs can grow to over 10ft in length and half a tonne in weight.

Sturgeon Fishing Canada

Our British Columbia Sturgeon fishing tour provides travelling anglers the chance to fish for the mighty White Sturgeon on the Fraser River. These prehistoric river dinosaurs can grow to over 10ft in length and half a tonne in weight, and provide one of the most exciting freshwater fishing challenges on the planet.

Fraser River Lodge Canada

Fraser River Lodge, nestled on the shore of the mighty Fraser River in British Columbia, is the perfect location to spend a relaxing week's holiday while being surrounded by some of the world's best scenery and wildlife. Choose between Sturgeon, Salmon, or Wilderness Fishing. We can customise your fishing trip around your favourite style of fishing.

Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing Canada

If you are in search of a true specimen, then Prince Edward Island is the place for you. The Bluefin Tuna that surround this Island are beasts and will test any angler to his limit. These huge Tuna grow excess of 1000lb’s and are caught regularly by anglers on stand up and fight, but make sure you take your “A” game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Fraser River

The Fraser River is the longest within British Columbia and the 11th longest in Canada. It flows for an incredible 1,375 kilometres (854 mi) and is home to the giant White Sturgeon and vast Salmon numbers. However, it’s the prehistoric-looking Sturgeon that attracts anglers from all around the globe.

The Fraser River fish now average between 75–200lbs, but each week there is always a couple of extraordinary fish caught, and these special ones keep anglers coming back year after year.

The fishing takes place from Chilliwack, which is the perfect base for your adventure and only a short 40-minute drive from Vancouver.

Prince Edward Island

Located north of the Nova Scotia peninsula, Prince Edward Island is the smallest province of Canada in both land area and population. Over 19 different fish species inhabit the island, but the big game fishing off-shore in the Atlantic Ocean really grabs anglers’ attention.

Prince Edward Island is known globally as the “Tuna Capital of the world” and regarded as one of the world’s best fishing experiences. The Bluefin Tuna surrounding the island are beasts and will test any angler to his limit, and you must take your “A” game as these fish fight dirty.

The fishing operates out of North Lake, with Scott Bruce Tuna charters, and sometimes the fishing may be as close as under half an hour steam from the harbour, depending on where they are on the day.

1000lb Fish

On the Fraser River, numbers of Sturgeon to over 1000lb are landed each year, and we have a large customer base who return regularly with the hope of breaking their personal best.

The same goes for the Bluefin Tuna fishing on Prince Edward Island; when fishing for these fish, it’s possible only to catch one a day, but this could well be the monster that you have dreamt about with an average weight of 750lb, and sometimes trophy fish of over 1000lb are landed.

The Best Guides & Boats

Scott Bruce will be your guide on Prince Edward Island, the third generation of fishermen who have spent their lives fishing the rich waters around the island. To give you some idea of how long and, more importantly, how successful Scott has been, back in 2016, Scott completed his 20’th year of taking people out from all over the globe, all in search of these enormous Bluefin Tuna. He is also a two-time winning boat captain of the Canadian Tuna Cup Tournament.

Fishing from a custom-built 45ft fibreglass boat, powered by a 430 horsepower Cummins engine, Scott and his team are equipped with top of the range electronics, including a 3D bottom charting plotter and radar-equipped with “structure scan technology”.

On the Fraser River, you’ll be fishing from 21-24ft aluminium jet boats powered by 300hp inboard V8 engines and fully kitted out with all the equipment needed to enjoy the river. Most importantly, the boats are operated by a safe, conscientious, and professional fishing guide.

The guides here are a hand-picked crew that reflects the positive attributes required to be working in this industry. They have a passion for Sturgeon fishing and know the Fraser River better than anyone. They have a passion and desire to succeed in meeting and exceeding your expectations, a great sense of humour and an amiable persona.

Other Activities

Whether you are fishing for Sturgeon on the Fraser River or Tuna on Prince Edward Island, one thing is always the same in Canada, and that is the fantastic scenery and wildlife on offer. Guided walks are available to pre-book, or you can explore and hike the surroundings on your own.

When Sturgeon fishing and staying in Chilliwack, you can Splash around at Cultus Lake Waterpark, enjoy a round of golf or catch a show at the cultural centre; it’s also only a short drive from Vancouver which is well worth exploring.

What Tackle Do I Need?

If you’re targeting the Sturgeon on the Fraser River, you will find top quality sets of fishing tackle on every boat. If you wanted to change one of your Sturgeon fishing days to target the Salmon, then there’s also spinning kits available.

The same also applies to the Bluefin Tuna fishing on Prince Edward Island; all high-quality big game fishing tackle is supplied.

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