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Thailand Fishing Holidays Where Dreams Come True

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World Famous Freshwater Fishing Resorts

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia, located at the Indochinese Peninsula centre; it spans over 513,120 kilometres and comprises seventy-six provinces. It has several distinct geographic regions; the centre of the country, dominated by the predominantly flat Chao Phraya river valley, the north of the country is a mountainous area, while the east consists of the Khorat Plateau.

Attracting millions of tourists each year, Thailand is well known for its tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples and now its unbelievable freshwater fishing opportunities. Famous for its native species, such as the Mekong Catfish or the more exotic Arapaima, it’s a destination that appeals to all types of anglers from around the world, the majority of which return year after year to battle with the countries freshwater monsters.

The fishing holidays in Thailand suit anyone, whether travelling solo, with non-angling partners or the family. With such places as the world-famous Gillhams, Predator Lake, IT Lake or the numerous other well-stocked lakes, it is a travelling anglers paradise.

Below we have listed the leading destinations for you to choose from.

Gillhams Fishing Resort Thailand  

The beautiful Gillhams fishing lake resort is located in the stunning area of Krabi Southern Thailand and is surrounded by limescale Karsts which are covered in a protected tropical rain forest. The resort can cater for single anglers, pairs, groups and we can also arrange full lake exclusivity.

Multi Lake Fishing Adventures Thailand

Exclusive to Sportquest Holidays, we have teamed up with our guides in Thailand. We are very pleased to offer you this unique chance of fishing for lots of different species from different lakes around the magnificent city of Bangkok. One day you could be fishing for 140kg Arapaima, the next Alligator Gar to 30kg.

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Average Customer Satisfaction Score 94%

Frequently Asked Questions

Thailand Fishing Resorts

The fishing resorts in Thailand are generally luxury human-made lakes and resorts set up and stocked with all manner of exotic species, providing the travelling angler with the chance to fish and catch them without having to trek through the jungle.

However, don’t be fooled, as at these resorts, there’s still a tremendous sense of mystery; you’ll still be fishing amongst Jurassic looking landscapes, surrounded by deep green flora and fauna with towering mountains in view.

Whether you’re at Gillhams Fishing Resort, Predator or IT lake, or the world-famous Bung Sam Lan complex, Thailand is truly an exotic destination where your freshwater fishing dreams come true.

The Fishing In Thailand

Depending on what species you’re fishing for or what resort you’re visiting, the fishing varies. If you’re at Gillhams, then the fishing style is very much like that of UK carp fishing, where your rigs will either be method feeders or bolt rigs fished static on alarms. Many different tactics work, and solid PVA bags with small pop-ups on a hair rig are very effective.

If you’re fishing at the Predator or IT lake, then live-baits or dead baits fished close to the surface work very well. These venues, especially Predator lake, is also ideal for fly fishing and lure fishing, and you can enjoy some explosive action from some of the hard fighting inhabitants.

What Species Can You Catch

When thinking about fishing holidays to Thailand and the species you can catch, it’s more of a case of what species can’t you catch. Just taking Gillhams as one example, it holds a vast array of fish, with over 52 different inhabitants, with many world-record sizes.

There are six different species in the lake that exceed 100lbs. These being; Arapaima 500lb+, Chao Phraya Catfish 160lb+, Mekong Catfish 300lb+, Siamese Carp 200lb+ and Wallago Leeri 150lb+. There are also several other species in the lake that are fast approaching the magical 100lb mark. These include the Redtail catfish, which is a very sought after specimen.

The IT and Predator lakes are no different either, with more Arapaima, Siamese carp, Juliens Carp, Big Head Carp, Arowana, Red-Tailed Catfish and Alligator Gar.

All the lakes in Thailand will have you wondering what that next bite will bring; it could be one of the many smaller species or a truly colossal monster that will pull you all over the lake.

Fishing Tackle

With all our Thailand fishing trips, the tackle is all included. Whether it’s rods, reels, alarms, lures or bait, it’s all supplied free of charge. However, if you do have your favourite rig, lure or fly, then you’re more than welcome to take it with you and try it out. The guides are always on hand to help you rig up or offer advice on what will or won’t work.

Peak Season

The fishing in Thailand is good all year round, so it depends on how you like your weather and what fish you want to catch. The better fishing months are April through to January and the best sunbathing months are January to April.

Thailand has a tropical climate, so it is generally sweltering, particularly between March and May, with April being the hottest month. The monsoon season runs from May/June to October when the climate is still hot and humid but with the chance of torrential rain.

Tailormade Fishing Holiday Packages Thailand

One of the great things about our all-inclusive fishing holidays in Thailand is that they can be tailored to suit your needs. Whether you’re travelling solo, with non-angling partners or with the family, we can put together a trip for you. If you want extra days in bustling Bangkok or days to explore the sandy beaches and stunning Krabi shoreline, we can arrange it.

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