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Andaman Islands Fishing Popper & Jig Fishing Paradise

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Saltwater Fishing Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands is an archipelago situated in the northeastern Indian Ocean, a collection of hundreds of volcanic islands located in the Bay of Bengal. The islands offer a vast array of un-spoilt landscapes, made up of deciduous forest, extensive mangroves and intricate reef systems. This vast, rugged landscape above and below the water creates an exciting environment for all manner of different species.

The waters around the Andaman Islands are rich and diverse, offering some unbelievable saltwater fishing opportunities. A vast array of formidable fighting predators inhabit the seas, with substantial Giant Trevally, Monster Dogtooth Tunas, Black and Blue Marlin, large Sailfish, Groupers and Sharks all present.

The fishing on the Andaman Islands has often been referred to as “Total Hard-core Saltwater Fishing At Its Best” and is highly addictive. Popper fishing, bait fishing and verticle jigging amongst the jagged reef edges and savages drop-offs is exhilarating and explosive. Thanks to the Andaman islands catch-release policy, the fish population is thriving, and many of the species you target will often exceed 40 kilos in weight. They will undoubtedly test your tackle and fishing ability to the max; the giant fish will certainly win there fair share of battles against the angler.

Fishing Adventures Andaman Islands

Andaman Island fishing offers a huge variety of species and all are only a short boat ride from the mainland. Exclusive to Sportquest Holidays we have put together this remarkable fully guided fishing adventure. This exciting destination is located in the Bay of Bengal on some of the most stunning tropical islands the world has to offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get To The Andaman Islands?

The Andaman Islands are an archipelago located in the Bay of Bengal that is part of the Indian Ocean. There are over 570 islands clustered together, many of which are inhabited. A number of these inhabited Islands are strictly off-limits to visitors due to the sensitive nature of the tribal inhabitants, showing just how fishing in the Andaman Islands is a real adventure for the travelling angler to experience.

This remote location is accessible by air, either from Chennai (formerly Madras) or Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) in India. The most straight forward route is from London to Chennai, then an internal flight from Chennai to Port Blair. The accommodation location is in Haddo, a small village in Port Blair, South Andaman.

Where Do You Fish?

The best fishing is from Port Blair, the capital. From here, you can easily access and explore the 6,400 square kilometres of clear blue water and untouched reefs, which makes up the Andaman Islands. There are 570 islands clustered together, spanning 467 kilometres with an average width of 24 kilometres. Fishing is also famous from the Nicobar Islands, which sit slightly to the east of the Andaman sea.

Best Fishing Season On The Andaman Islands?

With the climate being similar to most tropical islands, the best time to visit the Andaman Islands follows the southwest monsoon season. Typically, the temperamental monsoons can start anywhere in May, June or July, and the fishing season begins in October; however, weather permitting, we are available to fish all year round. If you’re fishing in tropical climates, why not read our blog on Protective clothing for fishing in the sun. 

What Species Can You Catch?

If you ask any anglers from around the world about the Andamans, they will automatically talk about the explosive GT fishing that this part of the world is so famous for; however, this is just one of the many species which thrive in the rich waters. Other species you can target include Almaco Jack, Bluefin Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna, Golden Trevally, Great Barracuda, Green Jobfish, several different Groupers, Blue and Black Marlin, mentioning a few. Many of these species grow to monstrous sizes, and fish to over 100lb are not uncommon.

What Should I Expect From The Fishing?

The fishing is exciting and exhilarating. The majority of the fishing is with poppers. You can experience some explosive surface fishing action as you chug a popper across the surface of the water, trying to entice one of the monsters from the depths. Why not read our blog on the top ten tips for successful Popper Fishing. As well as popper fishing, vertical jigs and trolling is also very popular.

The majority of the fishing will be performed from a custom-built 38ft monohull FRP vessel, designed to explore and fish these tropical waters. The large open deck and low gunnels make it the ultimate popping and jigging platform. Many of the best fishing spots are within 30 minutes to an hours boat journey from the jetty; however, you will catch fish slightly closer to home.

Is The Fishing Physically Demanding?

Continuously throwing heavy lures on strong tackle and doing battle with monsters from the deep can be strenuous, so you must be relatively fit. Previous experience of boat fishing is also advantageous, as you’ll be on the open ocean casting and fishing from a boat for 6-8 hours per day.

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