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Papua New Guinea is a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean; it’s the worlds third-largest island country and covers over 462,000 square kilometres. It’s part of the humid tropics and is mainly mountainous, covered with thick tropical rain forest; it also has several volcanoes and is situated along the Pacific Ring of Fire.

It has an extensive coastline of over 5,000 kilometres, dotted with stunning outlying islands and atolls; it’s often referred to as the Scandinavia of the Pacific. It’s spectacular enough above the water but truly magical under it, with a vast array of rich coral reef systems, sand flats and underwater channels. Many of which are virtually untouched.

Over the last decade, Papua New Guinea has become increasingly popular with travelling anglers, and it’s been a destination on the lips of every keen lure angler across the globe. The atolls and reef systems are a haven for small baitfish and, in turn, a whole host of toothy predators. The most famous of all reef systems is the Wari Long Reef, part of the Trobriand Islands, found in the Milne Bay region. This system boasts many pristine reefs and islands that houses famous sportfish like Dogtooth Tuna, Giant Trevallies and Napoleon Wrasse. These offer some explosive sport popper and lure fishing right on the reef edges.

Popper & Jig Fishing Papua New Guinea

Every lure angler across the globe has heard of the phenomenal fishing opportunities that Papua New Guinea (PNG) has to offer. From the amazing surface popper action for huge Giant Trevally to the deeper reef edges for patrolling Dogtooth Tuna and the wonderfully coloured Wrasse. PNG offers an abundance of world-class fishing opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Fishing

Papua New Guinea is a world-class popper and jig fishing destination where you can catch some serious fish. It attracts anglers from all around the globe and is right at the top of many bucket lists. The Pacific Ocean’s rich waters offer some fantastic fishing opportunities. The areas, especially around the Solomon Islands and neighbouring atolls, are a haven for all manner of hard fighting toothy critters.

The fishing is predominately popper, lure and jig fishing, depending on what fish you want to target. If it’s the giant GT’s you’re after, then PNG offers some of the best topwater action anywhere in the world. The fantastic colourful Napoleon Wrasse is a draw for many lure anglers, and these brutes of the flats will end up chewing up any lure thrown at them and, once hooked, give surprisingly good battles on heavy popping rods.

Fishing on the outer atolls in the deeper marks will see you in with a great chance of the mighty Dogtooth Tuna as they patrol these waters looking for food. Once you hook one of these, you will be in for a huge battle.

If you’ve never been popper fishing for GT’s before, why not read our blog Tips on Popper Fishing For Giant Trevally.

What Species Can I Catch

Papua New Guinea fishing will see you targeting a whole host of different species. The travelling angler’s primary targets are often the hard fighting Giant Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna and colourful Napoleon Wrasse. When fishing the healthy reef systems, there’s also an abundance of other species you’ll encounter along the way, from many different types of Snapper and Barracuda. If you speak with your captain each day and tell them what you would like to target, they will plan around your species of choice.


During your time in Papua New Guinea, you’ll stay on a liveaboard boat, the K20 mother ship. The ship is very spacious and far from basic. There are four main bedrooms with two staterooms. The entertaining lounge is fully airconditioned and is a great place to chat about the days fishing. Outside you will find a large decked area where you can enjoy food, drink and soak up the sun.

The fishing is then performed from two 28ft centre console boats and two smaller pangas to take advantage of everything the reef systems offer.

All the guides and crew speak excellent English, and their knowledge and passion for all fishing styles will show through from the moment you meet them. It isn’t just the fishing guides that make this one of the best operations; it’s the people in the background, from the chef on the K20 who will freshly prepare food and drinks to the guys that maintain the mothership and service the boats.


The climate in Papua New Guinea is tropical. The coastal plains average around 28°Cs, and the inland mountains around 26°Cs; humidity is often remarkably high. Rainfall, rather than temperature, is the determinant of the season and is governed by two wind systems, the southeast trade wind and the northwesterly turbulence zone. Rather than creating the traditional four seasons, these winds create just the two; the rainy season, from December to March, and the dry season May to October.

Best Time Of Year To Fish

Papua New Guinea fishing is best during the dry season, avoiding the months from December to May and the strong southeast trade winds. Late May or early June through to October are the best months to visit, there is less chance of rain, and average temperatures may be slightly more relaxed – think mid to high 20°Cs rather than low 30°Cs.

How To Get There

The UK’s best route is a flight to Singapore, then from Singapore to Port Moresby, the capital, where you will then overnight. The next day it’s a small flight from Port Moresby to Alotau, where a representative from Sportfishing PNG will then transfer you to the marina where you will board the mother ship.

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