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Greenland Fishing Holidays A Dream Fly Fishing Destination

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Wild & Remote Fly Fishing

Located between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, Greenland is the largest island globally but has the lowest population density. Made up of two ecoregions, Kalaallit Nunaat high and low artic Tundra, it’s home to some wild landscapes of icebergs, mountains, rivers and spectacular fjords. Its clean air, crystal clear waters, and unspoilt ecosystem is unlike anywhere on earth.

Home to over 260 species of fish from over 80 different families, the waters in and around Greenland are rich and diverse; almost all are marine, with only a few in freshwater, notably the Atlantic Salmon and Arctic Char. It’s the Arctic Char that grabs the angler’s attention and attracts thousands of travelling fly fishermen year after year.

Millions of sea-run Arctic Char migrate around the start of June, and many of Greenland’s rivers are teeming with this beautiful, hard fighting fish. On the west coast around Sisimiut, Maniitsoq, and Kangerlussuaq, there are dozens on rivers teeming with Char. The hidden gem amongst all of these is the Kaniga River, with its cut-banks, rapids, slow and deep stretches, waterfalls, and its tidally influenced delta; it’s perfect for fly fishing.

The Kangia is widely known for its huge run of fish, and unlike other rivers in the region, its fantastic average size. The Char weigh in at over 2kg on average, and fish to 3-4kg are not uncommon.

Kangia River Lodge Greenland

A fly fishing dream in stunning scenery where you can cast a line in crystal clear streams that are full of fresh, aggressive Arctic Char. Kangia River is a river truly made for fly anglers, with cut-banks, rapids, slow and deep stretches, waterfalls, and pocket-water all the way down to the tidally influenced delta.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kaniga River Lodge

The Kangia River Lodge is located on a plateau at the majestic river’s delta and comes with a spectacular view overlooking the sea pool and sheltered bay where the river meets the Atlantic ocean.

The main Lodge can accommodate up to 12 anglers at once. The Sleeping quarters offer a bunk bed system with a total of 6 rooms with two people sharing each room. It features two toilets, showers, a fully equipped kitchen, a brand new bar and lounge area, and a spacious dining area overlooking the river.

The Lodge comes with a big veranda where you can catch every minute of the sun during the day. The front part overlooks the river mouth and valley and the perfect place to enjoy an after-fishing drink and share some good stories about the one that got away.

As well as the main Lodge, there is a smaller satellite camp located 2,7 km upriver. This is the perfect starting point for those wanting to fish in the mid and upper sections and can be used as a base to leave waders and fishing gear, allowing for a tranquil walk from the main Lodge.

The Fishing

The Arctic Char fishing in Greenland is possibly the best on the planet, and the Kangia Fjord and its rivers and creeks are an exception for the region, both for numbers and average size.

It’s not unusual in many peak weeks to catch between 2,000 and 3,000 fish between the 12 rods, and anglers can expect around 150 fish each.

They average over 2kg in weight, but 3-4kg fish are standard too. Each year larger fish of over 7kg are caught, and even larger specimens get regularly hooked and lost.

Best Time To Fish

The summer is the season of the midnight sun and is a great time to experience Greenland.

In the summer months, from June onwards, the climate is generally mild, and the weather settled. The longer days and warmer weather herald the start of the sea-run Arctic Char’s reproduction cycle, who then migrate along the coastline and ultimately into the river of their birth to spawn close to the place they hatched years ago. These migratory fish fill the rivers and offer fly fishermen a fantastic chance to catch them.

Our fishing operation opens its gates on the second weekend of July and runs through the first week of September. The short but intense season guarantees the best possible results.

The Tackle

The tackle you will need for fly fishing in Greenland is mainly single-handed rods with a rating between five and seven weight, rigged with floating lines to match. Additional sink tip lines in similar sizes will see you covered for all imaginable occasions and sections of the Kangia River.

The Lodge has a basic range of fishing tackle available to support customers if any luggage gets lost or damaged.

How Physically Demanding Is It?

Fly Fishing in Greenland can be hectic, and fishing all day and catching so many fish can take its toll on your energy. Our advice is to take it at a pace you feel comfortable with; the fish are always there in front of you, and there is no rush. The same comments apply to walking to the best spot or pool.

How Do You Get There?

The best way to get to Greenland when travelling from the UK is to fly to Copenhagen, stay overnight before flying the next day to Kangerlussuaq. From Kangerlussuaq, you can then fly to Maniitsoq; it’s here where you’ll catch a boat and travel the rest of the way to the Kaniga River Lodge.

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