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Rodrigues Island Fishing Holidays The Sport Fishermen’s Dream

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Serious Jig Fishing Action

In the Indian Ocean, around 800 kilometres east of Reunion Islands and Situated 560 kilometres east of Mauritius, Rodrigues Island is part of the Mascarene Islands. It covers a land area of 109 square kilometres and is volcanic in origin. A large fringing reef surrounds the island forming a lagoon within which lie eighteen small, uninhabited islets.

The island’s economy is mainly farming, handicraft, fishing, and a developing tourism sector. Over the past few years, the fishing and tourism sector has blossomed together, and Rodrigues Island is the name on all big game fishermen’s lips. It’s now considered one of the best places on earth for some serious jigging action and is truly one of the world’s best ‘multi fishing’ destinations.

Surrounded by a large continental plateau, covered with numerous spots and small underwater structures known as “coral mushrooms”, the underwater landscape is perfect for jigging, popper and bait fishing. Whether you are fishing the coastal waters around the island or taking the long steam out to the famous Hawkins Bank, expect a high intensity, pulse-racing experience doing battle with a variety of blue water and big game species. Dogtooth Tuna, Giant Trevally, Groupers, Wahoo, Kingfish, Marlin, Dorado, Sailfish, Sharks the list of species in these rich waters goes on and on.

Vertical Jig Fishing Rodrigues

This fishing adventure is like no others out there! Rodrigues Island in Mauritius offers anglers a unique opportunity to fish for some of the worlds most incredible species. The fishing style used is completely down to you and we can tailor the itinerary to suit how you wish to fish and the species you wish to target.

Hosted Rodrigues Island Mauritius

Due to the amazing fishing at Rodrigues Island, Sportquest Holidays decided to put on their very own hosted Jig fishing trip to the fish packed waters that surround Rodrigues Island in Mauritius. This trip is for the anglers out there who seek adventure and excitement with some pretty extreme fishing for fish that absolutely pull your arms off.

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Average Customer Satisfaction Score 90%

Frequently Asked Questions

Rodrigues Island Fishing

The fishing on Rodrigues Island is divided into two areas: the inshore fishing around the island and then the offshore fishing to the famous Voyeykov and Hawkins Bank.

The inshore fishing, found only a few minutes from the marina, is a productive area for GT’s with vast numbers of fish, ranging between 10kg and 40kg, ready to crush any popper thrown at them. You’ll also find the hard fighting Dogtooth Tuna in these areas, although the general size of these is smaller than those you’ll find offshore.

Offshore fishing is an experience of a lifetime and something we’d recommend. The East Bank, Voyeykov, is fished overnight on the game boat, and the West Bank, Hawkins, is fished on a four or five-day excursion, again on the big game boat. These fishing grounds are over 100 nautical miles away but offer some of the best fishing on the planet.

The Hawkins Bank

Standing up against natural currents, the Hawkins bank is an underwater mountain that creates a fantastic upwelling current forcing the nutrients to rise towards the water’s surface.

It’s situated 85miles off the coast of Rodrigues island and is 400 square kilometres in size, four times that of Rodrigues itself. The depth’s fluctuation is crazy, decreasing from 500m to 50m on one side and from 2000m to 50m on the other three sides.

Another famous bank similar to Hawkins is the Eastern bank known as Voyeykov; this is situated 55 nautical miles off Rodrigues Island and is about 100 square kilometres in size. Here the depth decreased from around 2000m to about 50m.

Passing up and over these underwater structures, currents accelerate helps water to be better oxygenated. They are home to almost all the big game fishing and bluewater species.

The Species

The list of species is enormous, and it very much depends on what you would like to catch and how you want to fish. There are colossal GT’s, Black and Blue Marlin, massive Yellowfin Tuna, Sharks of various species, lots of different Groupers, the biggest Wahoo you will ever see, big Bull Dorado and the most exciting of species – the Dogtooth Tuna.

Peak Season

Rodrigues Island Fishing is good all year round, and it doesn’t tend to get affected by the rainy season. However, the peak time for most of the species which inhabit the waters is November to May.

How Physically Demanding Is The Trip?

The fishing methods are pretty demanding, and you must be pretty fit to jig and popper fish for any length of time. Constantly casting and retrieving heavy lures can be hard work. However, if you’d like a rest or break the day up, the captain will troll. The best methods for catching the most amount of fish is jigging and popper fishing, though.

You can expect some serious action and extreme fishing, and it’s often said that Rodrigues Island Fishing will test your strength and stamina to its limit; then, once you’re broken, it will push you some more.

If you’ve never jig fished before, why not read our blog on Top Tips On Speed Jigging.

Getting There

The best route to get to Rodrigues from the UK is London Heathrow to Mauritius, then take the short flight to Rodrigues Island.

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